Top 10 Celebrities Who Got The Last Laugh On Their Cheating Ex
Trivia Top 10 Celebrities Who Got The Last Laugh On Their Cheating Ex



Top 10 Celebrities Who Got The Last Laugh On Their Cheating Ex

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Nobody likes a cheater, and these situations were some of the biggest celebrity cheating scandals ever! Know what everyone does love? A little bit of revenge, and that's exactly what these scorned lovers got on their exes! Everyone knows the situation involving Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. But, did you hear about Arnold Schwarzenegger's love-child with his maid, or how Gwen Stefani ain't no Hollaback Girl and dropped Gavin Rossdale one he'd cheated? We have a lot to cover in this one!

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Top 10 Celebrities Who Got The Last Laugh On Their Cheating Ex

With pain comes pleasure, at least for these heartbroken celebrities. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Celebs Who Got the Last Laugh on Their Cheatin’ Exes.
For this list, we’re focusing on pop culture personalities who persevered in the public eye upon a nasty divorce or break-up that was allegedly or reportedly the result of an affair or multiple ones.

#10: Reese Witherspoon

In the late ‘90s, this emerging starlet had just a handful of screen credits to her name, yet “Freeway” and even “Fear” kept her progressing forward. Around this time, Reese Witherspoon met Ryan Philippe, two years her senior and also a rising Hollywood talent in Hollywood. About half a dozen years after their 1999 marriage and co-starring roles in “Cruel Intentions”, Ryan allegedly got a little friendly with “Stop-Loss” actress Abbie Cornish, which precipitated an immediate divorce in 2006. Afterwards, Ryan and Cornish split in 2010 and his career digressed into direct to home video titles, while Reese made the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2010 and earned her second Oscar nomination for 2015’s “Wild.”

#9: Sophia Bush

Back in 2004, this “One Tree Hill” actress said “yes” to co-star Chad Michael Murray. But their 2005 marriage dissolved after only five months, as Chad reportedly cheated on Sophia Bush with a young socialite named Paris Hilton. During his WB run, Chad earned plenty of Hollywood cred, so much that he quickly paired up with “One Tree Hill” extra Kenzie Dalton. Over the years, Sophia has maintained a successful television career, most notably as Erin Lindsay on “Chicago P.D.” On the flipside, Chad stayed busy too, but his work has been sporadic at best.

#8: Maria Shriver

If you didn’t’ already know, this American journalist is the niece of the late John F. Kennedy and obviously Robert F. Kennedy, too. To put it lightly, she’s also the woman that Arnold Schwarzenegger cheated on with the family housekeeper. After a quarter-century of marriage, which began shortly after Arnold starred in 1985’s “Commando,” the pair separated about a week before the scandal went public. And so, California’s former governor admitted to his transgressions, while Maria moved on, literally setting up shop a few miles away in a 10-million dollar pad and going back to working for NBC News.

#7: Elin Nordegren

Perhaps you’re familiar with the name “Tiger Woods,” a golfer who used to rule over the PGA. Well, Tiger experienced a rough year in 2009, largely for the infamous scandal that revealed he had not had one affair but rather over a dozen, with some sources alleging the number to be up to 120. Obviously, the embarrassment set Tiger back a bit, and the psychological damage had a horrific impact on his career that still lingers to this day. Elin rose above the fiasco, though, as she first received a $100 million dollar divorce settlement and later earned a psychology degree in 2014 from Florida’s Rollins College.

#6: Halle Berry

For the early part of her career, this Cleveland native was known for her exquisite beauty and natural on-screen chemistry. Halle Berry also became the first African-American woman to win a Best Actress Oscar for her revealing performance in 2001’s “Monster Ball.” Not long after, husband Eric Benet received treatment for sex addiction, which preceded the couple’s 2003 separation and eventual 2005 divorce. Halle later married actor Oliver Martinez in 2013, yet he also allegedly cheated. While Halle could have easily drifted from the public eye or disappeared entirely, she’s maintained her A-list status throughout while looking better than ever.

#5: Jennifer Aniston

During her iconic run as Rachel Green on “Friends,” this American actress hooked up with Hollywood A-lister Brad Pitt. The press obviously enjoyed the love affair, and had a field day when speculation arose that Pitt had cheated on his wife with “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” co-star Angelina Jolie. Suddenly, America’s sweetheart became a secondary player to the sexy pairing. While Brangelina seemed destined to last forever, they too abruptly split in 2016, with Pitt being linked in the tabloids to “Allied” co-star Marion Cotillard – though parenting differences were cited as the official reason for Jolie’s divorce filing. By this time, Jennifer had not only moved on to bigger and better things, but also re-married actor Justin Theroux, and she seems to be doing quite fine given her continued success in mainstream cinema.

#4: Gwen Stefani

Since the mid-‘90s, this No Doubt singer has long been a central component of pop culture. During her rise to fame, Gwen Stefani hooked up when Bush singer Gavin Rossdale, with the two marrying in September 2002. But in 2015, Gwen learned of her beau’s long-time love affair with the family nanny, which unfortunately called for a divorce filing a year and a half after the birth of the couple’s third child. While Gavin continues on with his band, Gwen remains a highly influential artist while also serving as a judge on NBC’s “The Voice.” Oh, and she also began dating country music superstar and television associate, Blake Shelton.

#3: Beyoncé

There are always consequences for disrespecting a woman like Beyoncé. With that being said, the Internet was none too pleased to learn that Jay-Z allegedly messed around on perhaps the world’s most beloved pop icon. When Beyoncé released the visual album “Lemonade” in 2016, it raised a few eyebrows due its personal nature and telling lyrics. Of course, the Interweb picked up on various details, ultimately connecting the dots to designer Rachel Roy. Truth be told, a mogul like JayZ will likely survive any scandal, at least financially, yet Beyoncé’s popularity only increased during the drama, as she used creativity to exposeand inspire.

#2: Shania Twain

For years upon years, this Canadian superstar ruled over the country and pop charts. Behind her numerous crossover hits was none other than Robert “Mutt” Lange, a well-known producer and also Shania’s husband. From an outsider’s perspective, the two seemed to be living the good life in Switzerland. But after a lengthy marriage, Shania stepped away upon learning that husband Mutt had been snooping around with his wife’s best friend. Unsurprisingly, the couple divorced in 2010 after separating two years earlier, and Shania actually married the ex-husband of her cheatin’ best friend, which surely made for many late-night laughs – along with the multiple awards and honors she’s received for her music.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Christie Brinkley

Eva Longoria

Ali Landry

#1: Sandra Bullock

In Hollywood, there are some actresses that make audiences melt, and Sandra Bullock is one of them. When she married reality TV star Jesse James in 2005, many scratched their heads, but the important thing was that Sandra found happiness. Unfortunately, a rather public scandal commenced in 2010, with Jesse being linked to various women, and he quickly moved on with fellow reality star Kat von D. Fortunately, Sandra has moved on with her life, especially given her 2010 Oscar win for Best Actress. Meanwhile, James and Kat struggled mightily and experienced their own chaotic heartbreak, which only made the public love Sandra even more.

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