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Top 5 Makeup Trends of 2017

VO: Lisa Yang
Script written by Savannah Sher What’re the biggest trends in makeup this summer? Microblading has been around for some time, but now, more than ever more people are jumping on the trend for semi-permanent eyebrows. Pink/peachy tones are in for blush and eye shadow, glossy lips over matte and a healthy, natural glow is in, heavy contouring is out!

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Top 5 Makeup Trends of 2017

Want to know what’s next in the world of beauty? Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 5 Makeup Trends of 2017.
For this list, we’re looking at the hottest trends for makeup in the summer of 2017.

#5: Microblading

Bold brows were all the rage in 2016, and in 2017 people are taking it one step further and making the change a more semi-permanent one. Microblading has been all over the Internet lately, with impressive before and afters inspiring sparse-browed ladies to take the plunge. The technique is similar to tattooing but is a big upgrade from old school style “permanent makeup”. Another brow trend that’s on the rise is Korean-inspired straight brows, which offer a more youthful and undone look than the traditional Western arched look.

#4: Pink / Peach Tones

This trend, which started in the fashion world in 2016 and has since trickled down to the masses, is sure to be huge in 2017. What started as a trend in pink eye shadows and blushes has morphed to include peach shades as well. Since Too Faced launched their Sweet Peach collection, the style has further snowballed, with many opting for a monochromatic look using peach shades on the eyes, cheeks and lips. This one clearly isn’t dying down anytime soon, so it’s definitely not too late to jump on it if you haven’t already.

#3: Monochromatic

Of course, this look works with more than just peach makeup. One of the most prevalent trends this summer moving into fall is the monochromatic look, which involves using similarly colored products to create a cohesive full-face effect. Many brands are releasing multi-use products for just this purpose, so you don’t have to invest in multiple items to make it happen. One of the products fueling this trend is Bite Beauty’s Multistick, which does exactly what the name implies and works as a tint for your lip, cheeks or eyelids.

#2: Glossy Lids

This hot editorial trend is difficult to achieve for the everyday, but with the right products... you can totally pull it off. Many of the high gloss eye looks you see in magazines or on the runway only need to last for about an hour, so creasing, transferring and running aren’t big issues for the models. For real world applications however, go light with whatever gloss product you use and don’t fret if the end result is slightly messy. You’ll get it with practice. After several years of matte lipstick being the most desirable finish, shine is coming back in style for lips as well, so it may be time to reinvest in lip-gloss.

#1: Healthy / Glowy Skin

The number one trend in 2017 is a healthy glow that you can’t get through makeup alone. Skincare is becoming more and more important as people aim to achieve a flawless complexion that looks great with or without makeup. In years past, matte foundation has been on-trend, but as of 2017, more dewy and luminous skin is what people are aiming for. Extreme contouring is out, and using a subtle, natural looking highlight is in. But don’t worry, even if your skin isn’t totally perfect, you can still try this look out by going light on the foundation and concealer and letting your natural beauty shine.

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