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Top 8 Most Exciting iPhone 8 Rumors - Gear UP^

VO: Marc Saltzman

Script written by Marc Saltzman.

If you’re wondering what to expect from the iPhone 8, there have been some rumors going around ahead of the iPhone 8’s 2017 release date. From potential wireless charging, to OLED screens, to better water resistance, to facial recognition, the iPhone 8 specifications are sure to be interesting. But unfortunately, the iPhone 8 may be more expensive than you expect. WatchMojo teams up with tech-spert Marc Saltzman to give you the latest and greatest iPhone 8 rumors to get you excited for Apple’s next iPhone update.

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Script written by Marc Saltzman.

Top 8 Most Exciting iPhone 8 Rumors - Gear UP

It’s the 10th anniversary of iPhone and so will Apple release something extraordinary this year? After all, Apple CEO Tim Cook has promised – and I quote “the best is yet to come.”

Hey everyone, Welcome to Gear Up, the WatchMojo series that looks at the latest in gadgets, gear and games. I’m Marc Saltzman, and in this video, we’ll share 8 rumours tied to the iPhone 8…or whatever it’ll be called. As we know Apple holds their cards very close to their chest, so all of this speculation is just that…speculation…some Internet mumblings that may or may not pan out.

Not listed in any particular order…

#1: An All-Glass Edge-to-Edge Display

One of the first rumors tied to the next iPhone – or iPhones, as they’ll likely be more than one – is an edge-to-edge bezel-free display, virtually doing away with that pesky top and bottom plastic and strips on the side. But where will the home button be? Or the camera and speaker? Rumor has it, the Home button and Touch ID sensor will be embedded on the front display. A recent patent filed by Apple, suggests a camera, speaker, and even a heads-up display build behind the edge-to-edge screen, perforations so small as to be imperceptible to the human eye.

#2: OLED Screens

Rather than LCD screens, Apple may be using OLED screens in its iPhone 8 for the first time. Like OLED TVs, organic light-emitting diode-based panels offers much better contrast ratios than LCD screens – so deeper blacks and whiter whites -- along with better brightness, more vivid colors, and because no backlighting is required, thinner panels, too, which we know Apple likes, and perhaps most importantly lower power consumption. We all know battery life is one of iPhone’s biggest issues. The display itself is said to be flexible plastic OLED, but not likely bendable, curved or rollable, though you’ll see some mock-ups online. As previously mentioned, it should have a glass body surrounding the OLED screen and built around an aluminum or stainless steel frame.

#3: New Screen Sizes

Rumored to be somewhere in between the current iPhone and iPhone Plus at about 5.2 inches, the iPhone 8 might split the difference between what’s available now. And perhaps there will be a larger model, too, let's call it the iPhone 8 Plus, speculated to be as large as 5.8 inches, making it the biggest phablet from Apple to date. Do you believe bigger is better? Would a jumbo iPhone 8 with edge-to-edge OLED screen do well? Some other sites with so-called “inside information” predict there might be two new lower cost iPhone models that use LCD panels instead of OLED screens. This might make sense to help iPhone get into emerging markets that can’t afford a top-tier iPhone.

#4: Wireless Charging

OK, this one is my favorite but it also seems the most far-fetched. According to BGR, the iPhone maker is looking into the possibility of long-range wireless charging that will truly do away with a wired connection to charge up. The key here is “long range” as we’re not talking about placing a smartphone onto a charging mat, which you can do today but rather, imagine you walk into your home or office and your iPhone immediately starts charging up while in your pocket. Apple is rumored to be working with Energous on the technology. This could be a game changer. We hope this one isn’t a rumor.

#5: Way More Power

According to multiple sources, Apple will unveil its A11 chip – the brains of the new iPhone – built on a 10-nanometer process. Once again, the speculation is Apple is working with TSMC -- Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company – to design this super small yet super powerful processor to be not only faster but more energy efficient. Last year’s A10 was Apple’s first quad-core 64-bit system on a chip that boasted 40 percent greater CPU performance and 50 percent greater graphics performance compared to its 2015 predecessor. So perhaps we can expect the same jump going from the A10 to the A11 chips. Mmmmmm chips….

#6: Facial Recognition

Other analysts are reporting iPhone 8 will be the first with multiple biometrics options – not just a fingerprint reader – and it will include facial recognition technology. The phone may utilize laser and infrared sensors located near the front-facing camera to identify you accurately. I say accurately as Android has tried this in the past but proven it could be fooled, and then handled better more recently with Microsoft’s Windows Hello biometrics logon using your face instead of a password. Other analysts suggest Apple will have facial detections AND iris recognition, and is said to be sourcing iris scanning chips from Taiwanese supplier Xintec.

#7: Better Water Resistance

Last year’s iPhone 7 was certified with an IP67 rating, which means that it is fully protected from dust and can also withstand being submerged in 1 meter or about 3.3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. Rumor has it iPhone 8 will be even more resistant to the elements, offering IP68 certification, which means it’s dust-proof and can withstand being even deeper in water – 1.5 meters – or just shy of 5 feet – for up to 30 minutes. This is an improvement for those who take their phone to the beach, near a pool or, yes, while you won’t admit it, on the toilet.

#8: Better Cameras

OK, so no shocker here as Apple announces this every year, but a KGI Securities analyst believes that the dual-lens camera will remain in the higher-end and larger phone only – let’s call it the iPhone 8 Plus – but all 2017 models will include optical image stabilization for both the wide-angle and telephoto lenses. In last year’s iPhone 7 Plus, only the wide-angle lens has optical image stabilization to prevent blurry shots. There’s also some online buzz about the iPhone 8 camera supporting 3D photography effects as the Cupertino-based tech giant is rumoured to be working with LG Innotek to develop a new camera module capable of snapping images from two rear-facing lenses at the same time and then fused to create the illusion of depth. Sounds cool but time will tell.

Hey Apple fans, thanks for taking a bite out of Gear Up. I'm Marc Saltzman. Let us know in the comments section what cool tech products you want us to get our hands on for future shows. For more tech-tastic lists, be sure to subscribe to

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