Top 5 Foods to Feed Each Other
Top 5 Foods to Feed Each Other

Top 5 Foods to Feed Each Other

Delicious and sexy. What better way to have a low-key sexy night with your date than to feed each other food! In this countdown we're taking a look at the Top 5 foods to feed each other. We've taken into account the messy factor or each food, how sexy it looks upon feeding each other and of course the fun factor of feeding each other these foods. We've included foods such as oysters, grapes, ice cream, whipped cream and of course fondue.

Top 5 Foods To Feed Each Other

Hungry? You will be. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down the Top 5 Foods To Feed Each Other.

For this list, we’ll be whetting your appetite with some delicious treats you can feed your significant other. Love is great. Food is awesome. Why not make some magic by combining the two?

#5: Tantalize Them with Oysters

If you and that special someone are seafood lovers, this delicacy makes for a perfect start to a sensual evening. Oysters have an elegant appearance. There’s just something about the curves of their shell, that you’ll notice, when helping your partner tip an oyster into their parted lips, makes for one sexy image. Oysters can be prepared in a number of ways, but many people eat them raw, fresh from the shell, with just a touch of lemon or shallot vinegar. Just be sure to take the proper precautions: oysters have to be eaten or cooked alive. That tidbit of information may turn your partner off, but considering oysters are an aphrodisiac, we’re sure they’ll come around.

#4: Pamper Them with Grapes

We’ve seen the image before: one person lounging as the other feeds them grapes -- generally, still on the vine, for optimal sophistication. You can indulge your lover by feeding them -- complete with creative role-play scenarios behind the luxurious activity -- or you can sit back and let them cater to your every desire. Feeling more silly than seductive? Switch gears and try tossing a grape into your significant other’s mouth instead. Grapes also work well when paired with other foods. Why not create an entire platter of fruit, cheese and crackers for a truly lavish experience. Just be sure to get seedless grapes. Seeds don’t exactly scream “sexy”.

#3: Share Spoonfuls of Ice Cream

Considering the fact that ice cream comes in convenient containers, it’s really easy to relax on the couch with two spoons and your sweetheart. Things get particularly interesting when you add fun toppings like chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and a cherry on top. If your night’s getting hot and heavy, you can use ice cream -- and its various toppings -- as a fun way to keep the body cool. This can get pretty messy though, so you’ll have to be attentive during cleanup. If you’re looking to heat things up with a cool treat, but wish to mitigate the mess factor, you can always grab a popsicle and give it a good lick...or that.

#2: Get Creative with Strawberries & Whipped Cream

When it comes to shared food items, strawberries are a classic. They’re tasty, a fantastic treat with which to teasingly caress your lover’s lips, and for even greater sensual effect, perfect for dipping in various devilishly delicious substances. Champagne for an extra touch of sophistication. Chocolate because, well... it’s chocolate. And, of course, whipped cream. Whipped cream can be a bit much to handle on its own, but strawberries are a perfect way to cut down the sweetness of the whipped cream and add subtle eroticism to the evening. Not a fan of strawberries? Thankfully, whipped cream pairs with pretty much any fruit.

#1: Split Some Fondue

There are certain foods that were meant to be shared with other people. Fondue is definitely one of those dishes. Generally made with melted cheese -- because really, is there anything better than ooey, gooey cheese? -- you and your partner can dip bits of bread into the pot and feed each other the tasty morsels. If, for some reason, cheese isn’t high on your list of melted foods, you can use chocolate and dip various fruits and pastries into it. You and your significant other can even use oil, and once it’s hot enough, dip pieces of meat into it for a… meatier fondue experience. Essentially, sit back, grab a long-stemmed fork, and get to dippin’!

Do you agree with our list? Which foods do you enjoy feeding to that special someone in your life? For more delectable Top 5s published everyday, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.