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Top 10 Weirdest Celebrity Beauty Secrets

VO: Lisa Yang
Script written by Emily Southey Top 10 Weirdest Celebrity Beauty Secrets Subscribe: ‪ Placenta Facials, fish eggs, hemorrhoid cream, snail slime skincare, bee Stings, bird poop facials, blood facials, leech therapy and baby foreskin? What if we told you that some celebrities swear by these to keep them looking youthful? Gross right?! Oprah Winfrey has promoted baby foreskin cream on her show, while Gwyneth Paltrow promotes bee sting treatment for her youthful glow. Crazy to think how far certain celebrities would go to look beautiful! MsMojo's Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat:

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Top 10 Weirdest Celebrity Beauty Secrets

From blood-sucking leech therapy to bird poop facials, you have no idea just how far some celebrities have gone in the name of beauty. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 weirdest celebrity beauty secrets.
For this list, we’ve considered a range of beauty treatments and products allegedly used by celebrities that contain ingredients that most people would consider unconventional and even bizarre. Including materials seldom seen in the beauty world, each and every one of the beauty secrets listed below has been reportedly tried by an individual in the spotlight. And of course, we’re not promoting or condoning any of these treatments or methods and just here to inform and entertain; so be sure to do your research before you decide to undertake any of these on you or your loved ones.

#10: Snail Slime Skincare

Dawson’s Creek star and ex-wife of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes made waves in the beauty world following reports about her so-called favorite skincare product and the unusual ingredient it contains. Beneath her foundation and bronzer, it was said that Holmes had been using products with Helix Aspersa Muller Glycoconjugates, a viscous fluid that contains snail slime. Cosmetics products featuring snail slime are not unheard of, and in fact are said to fight wrinkles, reduce redness, eliminate scars, and smooth skin. Popular in Asian countries like Korea and certain regions of Africa, the sticky serum is now on the rise in the United States.

#9: Hemorrhoid Cream

It turns out hemorrhoid cream is actually multi-purpose. In addition to getting rid of those pesky tissues with veins, the cream can also be used to decrease inflammation. Don’t believe us? Sandra Bullock has said that she uses Preparation H hemorrhoid cream under her eyes to reduce puffiness. Though we can’t testify to the effectiveness of this treatment ourselves, it’s fair to say that the Miss Congeniality actress has some pretty flawless skin. And hey, if it works, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than your average women’s eye cream.

#8: Fish Eggs

Even the most beautiful woman in the world has a beauty secret up her sleeve. It’s been said that Angelina Jolie undergoes a skin treatment comprised of fish eggs. The fish eggs don’t come from your average salmon however. No sir, they are rumored to be those of a Baerii sturgeon from southern France. Said to nourish your skin, the $400 treatment allowed Jolie to be smothered in the skin caviar for as long as three hours. This fish egg extract is also believed to combat a lack of firmness in the skin, leading some media outlets to speculate that she had used it to reduce stretch marks after the birth of her children.

#7: Placenta Facials

Lancer Dermatology in Beverly Hills is known for their controversial beauty treatments, with their placenta facial likely being their most notable. Jennifer Lopez is one of several celebrities to swear by the world-famous anti-aging treatment. According to celebrity doctor Dr. Harold Lancer, the treatment encourages natural collagen and elastin production, which in turn revives the skin cells and promotes hydration. Facials are not the only treatment containing the circular organ, however. Nope, Eva Longoria is known for using placenta-based skin cream, while Alicia Silverstone and January Jones have even reportedly resorted consumed their own placenta in pill-form.

#6: Bee Stings

Gwyneth Paltrow may be known for attempting to be a lifestyle guru, but we bet you’ll still be surprised by her most recent venture into the beauty world: bee sting therapy. That’s right, Paltrow has experimented with a cosmetic treatment that uses bee venom. This extreme skincare regimen has a long history, and is said to reduce inflammation and scarring. Though not nearly enough is known about the effects of injecting bee venom, Paltrow underwent the treatment – also known as apitherapy - anyway, and had bees placed on tender areas of the body and then let them sting her.

#5: Cat Litter Exfoliation

Looks like there’s a reason to buy cat litter even if you don’t own a cat! Snooki aka Nicole Polizzi from Jersey Shore, confessed to this beauty secret in 2014. In an interview with Conan O’Brien, Polizzi stated that she uses cat litter in her skin regimen. Replicating the rocky texture of commercial exfoliators, kitty litter is what Polizzi claims is an inexpensive option for women who are after a natural exfoliant. Just like the original product, Snooki said this alternative keeps her skin clean and smooth. However, shortly after this interview popped up, several beauty experts advised against the technique, declaring that the material is much too large and coarse for the face, and that its use could in fact could lead to inflammation and make skin appear worse.

#4: Leech Therapy

How does Demi Moore stay looking young? It appears her biggest beauty secret is something she describes as leech therapy. While visiting David Letterman in 2008, Moore admitted to a new cutting age beauty treatment she had recently undergone in Austria. While visiting the country, the Charlie’s Angels actress endured a cleanse that included “medical” leeches being stuck to her body. Said to detoxify the blood, this treatment actually dates back to Ancient Egypt. Apparently, leeches have an enzyme that gets released into your blood when they bite you, helping to clean it.

#3: Blood or Vampire Facial

Kim Kardashian made headlines when she went to a spa in Miami and had a face treatment that contained her own blood. Want to know how it works? Well it’s quite simple actually. Kardashian’s face was punctured with tiny needles containing her own blood. Through a process that uses what’s called a Dermapen, the facial claims to stimulate collagen and elastin fibres that ultimately make the skin appear smoother and clearer. During the facial, Kim K couldn’t resist being her social media-obsessed self so she posted a picture to Instagram of her face covered in blood.

#2: Bird Poop Facials

Victoria Beckham is known for her gorgeous looks, football star husband, and awesome fashion sense, but we bet you didn’t know that she has quite the thing for bird poop facials. Otherwise known as uguisu no fun, a term that literally translates to “nightingale feces” in Japanese, this special spa treatment is comprised of excrement from a bush warbler, which is a bird found in Japan. Said to whiten the skin and balance out skin tones, these Geisha facials have reportedly had Beckham as a fan for several years. In fact, it was even rumored that her husband David also partook in this unique skincare treatment.
Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Snake Venom Facial or Eye Cream
Debra Messing

Bee Venom Mask
Kate Middleton [aka Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge]

#1: Baby Foreskin

Oprah Winfrey has endorsed a skincare product by SkinMedica called the TNS Recovery Complex, and claimed that it keeps her skin looking young. The key ingredient in this magical anti-aging cream? Infant foreskin. That’s right, this controversial cosmetic product contains foreskin fibroblast. However, the company actually maintains that no foreskins have been harvested in over 2 decades and that the final product only contains cells that are grown from one single foreskin sample of a circumcised human male. Owing to this particular ingredient, the TNS Recovery Complex retails at about $150 per ounce. That’s a lot of money to put foreskin on your face.

Do you agree with our list? What do you think are the weirdest celebrity beauty secrets? For more exciting Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.


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