Top 10 Craziest Health Fads
Top 10 Craziest Health Fads

Top 10 Craziest Health Fads

VOICE OVER: Emily Brayton
Script written by Ty Richardson

Top 10 Craziest health Fads
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You swallowed a what in order to lose weight?! We've all heard of these crazy stories of how far people will go to lose weight. Some have gone so far as eating nothing but cotton balls and swallowing tape worms in order to get that bikini body they've always dreamed of. How far is too far though? Would you try diets such as “The Purple Diet?”, “Cotton Ball diet”, “Air Diet”, “Sleeping Beauty Diet, or even the “Babyfood Diet”? Have you tried any of them yourself?

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Top 10 Craziest Health Fads

Call it crazy, but it just might work... or not. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Craziest Health Fads.

For this list, we’ve chosen health fads conjured up by quack doctors or celebrity-snooping pop magazines, that have proven to be anything but effective.

#10: Cabbage Soup Diet

Now this is an interesting candidate for a set of “Would you rather” questions. Popularized around the 1980s, this fad requires the patient to eat cabbage soup for an entire week. But that’s not all! Aside from multiple helpings of soup a day, you can consume a very select few veggies and fruits. What the people behind the diet don’t tell you is how bloated and gassy you will feel, or how this meal is high in sodium and contains no protein in the slightest. Those who were fortunate to survive this dumb idea have since reported feeling queasy at the scent of the tasteless soup.

#9: Werewolf Diet

No, we haven’t found a way to become werewolves...yet. This fad’s catchy name is derived from the fact that the diet only takes effect during certain moon phases. There are various rules to consider when going through this diet, like you can’t eat after 6 p.m., for example. This whole diet is based on the belief that the moon affects the water in your body. However, there’s a lack of scientific proof that you can lose six pounds in a day, so the Werewolf diet is questionable for a lot of reasons. Fasting has never proven to be a great choice, let alone a weight loss solution, and it could evolve into binge eating and malnutrition.

#8: Five-Bite Diet

Eat anything you want for lunch and dinner? This is too good to be true! And in fact, yes. Yes, it is. The catch to this weird diet is you can only eat five bites before you toss your food away. Oh, and you can’t have breakfast. Jeez, ever heard of “waste not, want not”? To make matters worse, you’ll be susceptible to regaining your lost weight and then some because you’ve taken your metabolism for such a bumpy ride. Hey, nobody said you’d keep the weight off. In the end, the Five-Bite diet is just another crazy scheme to lose weight, but it causes more health problems than it solves. Plus, why only ten bites a day? That’s a little too outrageous.

#7: Baby Food Diet

The goop we feed our children doesn’t exactly have a spotless record: remember that time glass was found in the food? And, look, chowing down on green bean mush is all well and good for the infants it’s made for, but it's just not going to cut it for an adult. For 100 grams of the puree, baby food doesn’t even crack 400 calories, and since the average person needs about 2,000-2,500 calories a day to maintain weight, that ain’t gonna fly. Attempting to live off baby food for any length of time will only make you bored, hungry and cranky.

#6: Sauna Suits

Aww yeah! Sweat that fat away! Sauna suits feel good, right? Well, for a time. Sometimes, it can be easy to get carried away and not want to take it off. Wearing one can get you in the mood for exercise, but buyer beware of the effects. Sauna suits are designed to raise your body temperature and make you sweat in excess amounts. But should you wear one for too long, you can expect heat stroke and massive dehydration. Also, don’t go doing any extreme exercise routines or wearing one on a summer’s day. Plus, the “water weight” you’ve lost will likely come back once you actually have H20 again. It might be best to stick with a different type of hot pants. Right, James Brown?

#5: Purple Diet

Okay, this is taking things a little too far. Only eat foods that are purple? Let’s see, that’s eggplants, grapes, plums, and an assortment of other lilac-hued fruits and vegetables, but where exactly is the nutrition? Aside from the total lack of protein, food is color-coded for what benefits it yields, so limiting yourself to just one shade of the rainbow is a REALLY bad idea. As if the diet weren’t ridiculous enough, some have advertised it as the ultimate “cure” to preventing heart attacks, cardiac arrest, and even cancer. Yet, there’s no scientific evidence that this diet works for anyone other than the already malnourished. The antioxidants you get from kale can only do so much.

#4: Sleeping Beauty Diet

Scientists are constantly speaking about the benefits of sleep and the negative effects of not getting enough shut-eye. Something that often freaks people out is that a lack of sleep will lead to weight gain. So of course someone thought getting more sleep would have the effect of shedding those lbs. Behold the “Sleeping Beauty” diet, where all you do is sleep. The logic behind this diet? You can’t be hungry if you’re asleep. Basically any time your tummy growls, you get nice and sedated and go for a nap, then the hunger is magically supposed to disappear. This diet can be fatal since you’re just NOT eating. Not to mention, it’s pretty inconvenient for day-to-day life and poses a risk for pill addiction.

#3: Cotton Ball Diet

Sounds like something you’d hear about on “Strange Addictions,” but this is a real thing. The “cotton ball diet” is exactly what it sounds like; you eat nothing but bags of cotton balls. You can soak them in your favorite juice or smoothie for a flavor enhancement as well, because you can totally trick your brain into thinking that’s substantial. We didn’t think this needed to be spelled out, but eating cotton balls will put you at risk due to the various chemicals found in them. The cotton balls also will clog up your insides and potentially cause permanent damage to the intestines.

#2: Tapeworms

You had better believe tapeworms were a health fad, and it was not a pretty sight. People do get tapeworm infections accidentally, and although that is presumably gross, the side effect of not being hungry seemed to be appetizing to some people. Folks have been falling for this one since as early as the 19th century, when ads promoted so-called “sanitized” versions of these vermin that would help you combat fat. Tapeworms may trim your body, but they will only lead to starvation on top of other health issues in various areas. This is a parasite we’re talking about here, not a life-saving tool.

Before we wretch out our top pick, here are a few insane Dishonorable Mentions:
- Blood Type Diet
- Twinkie Diet
- Grapefruit Diet [aka Hollywood Diet]

#1: Air Diet

On this list, we’ve seen fads that promise to help you lose weight and even prevent life-threatening diseases. None has even come close to the danger that is the “Air diet.” No, you don’t filter-feed like SpongeBob or swallow air. Just go ahead, cook whatever food you like, be it pizza, a salad, or even cabbage soup, if you’re craving that sort of thing. Then when you sit down to eat, you… just don’t eat. You PRETEND you’re eating by placing your utensil close to your mouth or nose. This diet is designed to trick you into thinking you have eaten... except the brain isn't as stupid as it sometimes allows its owner to seem. In other words: it doesn’t work!

Do you agree with our list? What are some other fads you have found insane and dangerous? For more healthy videos published daily, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo!