Top 10 Body Positive Celebrity Role Models
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Top 10 Body Positive Celebrity Role Models

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Top 10 Body Positive Celebrity Role Models
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Being curvy is sexy! It's refreshing to see a celebrity love their body and celebrate different body types. Some of the most outspoken body positive celebrities include Amy Schumer, Kate Winslet, Mindy Kaling, Lena Dunham, Jennifer Lawrence, Demi Lovato, Ashley Graham, Adele and Kelly Clarkson. In this video, we take a look at the Top 10 Body Positive Celebrity Role Models!

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Top 10 Body Positive Celebrity Role Models

These celebrities kick body shamers to the curb! Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for top 10 body positive celebrity role models.

For this list, we’re looking at female celebrities who speak out against society’s strict beauty standards. These celebrities emphasize the importance of being healthy and being happy with who you are.

#10: Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy has been slaying us with her comedic roles in movies like “Bridesmaids,” “The Boss” and “Ghostbusters.” But she also slays it on the red carpet every chance she gets as a strong advocate for body positivity. McCarthy has been quick to shut down haters and shuns terms like “plus-size,” believing that as long as you’re healthy, you should embrace your body type. That’s a fact she considered when she designed her own clothing line, which ranges from size 2 to 28. After struggling to consistently find young, modern and fun clothes to wear herself, McCarthy says she wanted to provide every woman – regardless of size – with clothing that would make them comfortable in their own skin.

#9: Amy Schumer

She’s a successful comedian, actress, writer, and she’s 160 pounds. In 2015, Amy Schumer shamelessly told an entire audience her weight – and that she has no trouble getting dates – as a way to highlight Hollywood’s unrealistic standards of beauty. With her sharp sense of humor intact, Schumer’s told the world that in showbiz “no one’s just naturally thin, everyone’s starving.” Her role as a body positivity advocate took center stage when she got serious with Glamour magazine about the message they were sending young girls when they included her in a feature about plus-sized women – especially since she fluctuates between size 6-8, and plus-sized is 16-and-up. At any size, Schumer seems to be unstoppably fierce in everything she does.

#8: Kate Winslet

“Titanic” star Kate Winslet says she lacked a positive body image role model among the women in her family while she was growing up. That was especially difficult for the star, since she was bullied for her weight. So today, as a mother herself, she emphasizes to her daughter the importance of embracing yourself as you are. What’s more, Winslet has famously spoken out against the use of Photoshop and refuses to allow photos of her to be retouched, in the hopes that she’ll be able to help inspire a generation of strong young women. Whether she’s dolled up for a premiere, or out and about in jeans, Kate Winslet is dressing for herself.

#7: Mindy Kaling

What size is Mindy Kaling? Well, according to her, “Normal American Woman Size.” While she admits that she does care about standards of beauty and how she looks, Kaling does make clear that she doesn’t let that rule her life. When she’s not swamped with a heavy production schedule, Kaling says she tries to stay healthy by jogging 5-6 days a week – but not for her looks; because heart attacks run in her family. Whether it’s on Twitter, in interviews or in her books, Kaling never tries to hide who she is: just another girl who wishes she never had to wear Spanx again. So what’s the worst thing you could call Kaling? Not fat; unfunny.

#6: Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham is a bit different than many of the body positivity role models we’re used to: rather than claiming she doesn’t care what other people think, she’s very honest when it comes to her insecurities. While that can get her into trouble, it doesn’t seem to stop her from doing anything, whether it’s posting bikini selfies, posing for un-retouched lingerie photo shoots or appearing naked on “Girls.” Like many body positive celebs, Dunham’s been accused by critics of promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. But, love her or hate her, Dunham is constantly challenging beauty ideals with her writing and actions in an effort to create a new normal and empower her fans as best she can.

#5: Jennifer Lawrence

When it comes to J-Law, she has her cake and eats it too – literally. One of those celebrities who’s famous for being just like the rest of us, Lawrence hates the word diet or the idea of cutting calories just to look a certain way. Of course, she’s said she has no problem working out and getting stronger for a role, but she’ll never starve herself – especially for the sake of appearances. In fact, when she was cast as Katniss Everdeen, she made sure that she looked strong and healthy, rather than skinny and malnourished as casting directors had originally wanted. Why? Because Lawrence wanted to send a positive message to the teen girls that would look to her as a role model.

#4: Adele

Adele has made it clear that she has no interest in making it on the covers of Vogue or Playboy; she wants to be recognized as an artist – not for her figure. Like Jennifer Lawrence, part of Adele’s image as an artist is how accessible she seems to be, and she’s certainly not afraid to be open about her weight. Even when she adopted a health regimen to prep for a tour, Adele said her main concern was her health, not her dress size. Here’s some advice she offered to fans that look to her as a body positive role model: “be happy with yourself and appreciate your body—only then should you try to change things about yourself.”

#3: Kelly Clarkson

Though her size has been an issue since she first stepped into the spotlight, Kelly Clarkson is breaking away from all the hate thrown her way about her weight. After giving birth to her first child, the singer received a lot of criticism from some members of the media for not dropping the baby weight fast enough. While the American Idol has admitted to being hurt by the comments, she shrugs them off and admits that sometimes she’s just like anyone, in that she’d rather drink wine and chill than engage in a strenuous workout. But who Clarkson is really targeting with her body positive attitude are those fans that hear her called “fat” and then judge themselves in comparison.

#2: Demi Lovato

If any celebrity understands body image issues, it’s Demi Lovato. Like many girls, she compared herself to the skinny models she saw in magazines. She developed insecurities about her body at a young age, resulting in binge eating and self-harm. However, after checking into rehab at age 18, Lovato turned her life around: she’s now a spokesperson for youth with mental illnesses and promotes a positive body image. And it’s paying off: fans are constantly telling Lovato that she’s helped them with their own body image issues. With her newfound self-confidence, Lovato takes the stage in more revealing outfits – something she’d always been self-conscious of before. Hey, Lovato herself has pointed out: what’s wrong with being confident?

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

- Christina Hendricks
- Jessica Simpson
- Tyra Banks

#1: Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham isn’t a plus-sized model; she calls herself a ‘my-size’ model. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl goes against the media’s traditional standards, emphasizing the importance of loving yourself; she wants women to focus on their positive qualities and embrace their so-called flaws as part of what makes them unique – after all, this is a woman whose thighs were once called “cellulite city,” so she’s dealt with body-shaming firsthand. Aside from the fact that she’s bombshell beautiful, the lingerie model says a lot of her confidence comes from her mother, who taught her about inner beauty and to accept herself. That’s a message Graham wants to pass on to women everywhere – and she’s doing a pretty good job. Ladies, you are beautiful!

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i would say ariana grande too