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Top 10 Signs You're Obsessed with Christmas

VO: Emily Brayton
Script written by Alex Crilly-Mckean Top 10 Signs You're Obsessed with Christmas Subscribe: What are the signs you're completely obsessed with Christmas? Here's a list. For one, your whole wardrobe consists of ugly Christmas sweaters, you try and jam in all the Christmas puns you can in your conversations, you start buying Christmas gifts for your loved ones way in advance, you actually look forward to the snow, you spread holiday cheer no matter who enjoys it, and lastly you've enrolled yourself in a baking boot camp. MsMojo's Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat:

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Top 10 Signs You’re Obsessed With Christmas

The leaves have started to fall: you know what that means. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 Signs You’re Obsessed With Christmas.
For this list, we’re looking at those hints, symbols, actions, so on and so forth that demonstrate you’re more than a little into Christmas. In other words, it’s dedicated to those of you who already had a wreath on your door on November 1st. Your fridge is already equipped with eggnog and your house is going to smell like peppermint until January. Some people may roll their eyes or get frustrated, but you’ve been waiting since Halloween to spread that holly, jolly cheer.

#10: You’re a Freestyle Wrapper

While we enjoy seeing the smiles on our loved ones’ faces when they get that perfect gift, wrapping it is another story... unless you’re one of those talented individuals who has perfected the art of wrapping presents. You have a closet full of festive wrapping paper and you aren’t afraid to use it - in fact, it’s probably theme-based on who the gift is for. You have no problem pulling off some crisp folds and damn near invisible taping . Your gift is the one that’s wrapped so brilliantly that we almost don’t want to open it... almost.

#9: You Wish Your Loved Ones a Merry Pun-Mas

It’s like a switch goes off in your head, and soon, you’re adding Christmas lingo to everyday conversation. You may be the kind of person who normally hates puns, but when those sleigh bells are ringin’, everything is mistletotally awesome. While the people around you may not see the charm in your holly, jolly, dialect, you choose to shine brighter than Rudolph’s nose. After all, it’s not your fault there’s a lump of coal in their stockings. Or maybe they’re just jealous, because your holiday slang is on poinsettia.

#8: You’ve Made a Gift List for Loved Ones (and Have Checked It Twice)

Let’s be honest: even the most skeptical Scrooge loves having this kind of person in his or her circle. Sure, he or she may give you a hard time for starting your Christmas shopping in September, and he or she definitely raises an eyebrow at the number of ads you have saved for Black Friday, but having that one person in his or her life who treats Christmas shopping like an Olympic sport is wonderful. So here’s to those who go the extra mile when it comes to getting that perfect gift this holiday season... or rather, thanks Santa! Couldn’t do it without ya!

#7: You Enter a Baking Boot Camp

Here’s another member of the Christmas squad we all secretly love... assuming he or she is good at it. If waking up before the sun to catch a sale isn’t your forte, then providing holiday eats works just as well. However, this is an obsessed list for a reason. These aren’t normal cookies and cakes: they’re shaped like trees and snowmen, making us feel a little bit guilty for biting into Frosty’s delicious snow tummy. This kind of baking can take an entire day or two, but you do it with a smile... and a healthy supply of eggnog. Don’t worry, your loved ones will happily eat your hard work right out of the bowl.

#6: Your Netflix Queue Is Red and Green

Thank goodness for streaming video services, otherwise, you’d have to wait until after Thanksgiving to see the Christmas-themed episodes of your favorite TV shows. That doesn’t mean you aren’t marking your calendar for ABC Family’s “25 Days of Christmas” while getting ready to cry for the millionth time over those claymation holiday movies, but why wait until December to see Charlie Brown’s sad little Christmas tree when you can binge watch holiday movies right now? Whether it’s your own collection or your Netflix queue, you’re ready to bundle up with a warm blanket, hot cocoa, and hours -- or days -- of holiday cheer.

#5: You “DECK” Your Halls

Admit it: you had Christmas lights in your bushes before Thanksgiving, and no, we don’t mean the Wednesday before... we mean November 1st. As soon as the Trick-or-Treaters were gone, you ran to Hallmark for this year’s ornaments. You already know where to get your real Christmas tree and can’t wait for the living room to smell of fresh pine. There’s space on the kitchen table for a Christmas village and on your counter tops for candles. There’s a Santa rug in your bathroom. Even your bed is a festive red and green so you can snuggle in Christmas cheer. Your house is the place to be this Christmas.

#4: You Actually Look Forward to the Snow

When we were children, we had no concept of how inconvenient the snow could be. Back then, it was fun to play in, and if there was too much of it we got to miss school. Now? It makes the commute to work longer and it’s a bitch to shovel. However, if you’re one of those people who eat and breathe Christmas, you’re not only looking forward to the snow... you complain when there isn’t enough of it. In fact, you envy anyone who gets more than a foot of it and are near tears if you don’t get a white Christmas.

#3: Your Playlist Is a Rockin’ Winter Wonderland

A major complaint with the holidays is how early Christmas music kicks in. Radio stations. Malls. Department stores. Restaurants. Our nights aren’t so silent when the holidays roll around, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, you take it one step further. You’ve been listening to Christmasmusic since October... maaaaaybe even September. Your playlist is full of classic hits, whether it’s “Frosty the Snowman” or that Mariah Carey song we all secretly sing along to when we think no one’s around. All you want for Christmas is more holiday music.

#2: Your Clothing Default Is “Ugly” Christmas Sweaters

“Ugly” is such a harsh word… after all, who doesn’t love that charming “Hotline Bling” Christmas sweater? These days, Christmas Sweaters have become a bit of an art form and have transcended the standard bells, wreaths, and snowflake designs. But you were into these wondrous clothing items before they were cool. You’re the person in the family who has an entire Christmas wardrobe lining the inside of your closet. The sweaters. The Santa hats. The elf shoes. That’s all you. And guess what? You got a sweater for your loved ones, too! You suppose they can wait to wear theirs until the first snowfall...

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#1: You’re Spreading Holiday Cheer - Whether We Like It or Not

Everything on this list has led up to our number one pick. This isn’t a solo act, cheer like yours is meant to be shared, and that’s exactly what you’re gonna do. Unbeknownst to the people around you, they have no say in the matter. You’re decking out your work cubicle. Your house is the most decorated one on the block and it’s killing your electricity bill. You’re giving your friends rides to the airport with “Jingle Bells” blaring from your car. You’re dressing up your pets. It’s Christmas, and everyone is gonna love it.
Do you agree with our list? What’s a tell-tale sign of being a bit too fond of Christmas?

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