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Top 4 Reasons to Buy a PS4 Pro – Gear UP

VO: Marc Saltzman

Script written by Marc Saltzman.

Should you buy the PlayStation 4 Pro – or shouldn’t you buy the PlayStation 4 Pro? If you’re in the market for a new video game console, and you like 4K graphics, more power, more storage and high dynamic range video, then maybe you need to buy the PS4 Pro (instead of an Xbox One or a Wii U). WatchMojo teams up with tech-spert Marc Saltzman to give you four reasons why the PS4 Pro is better than the consoles that came before it.

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Script written by Marc Saltzman.

Top 4 Reasons to Buy a PS4 Pro – Gear UP

What’s that? You’ve been holding off buying a PlayStation until it could deliver 4K graphics and faster frame rates on your new TV? You’re in luck. The PS4 Pro is now available.

Hey everyone, Welcome to Gear Up, the WatchMojo series that looks at the latest in tech trends. I’m Marc Saltzman, and in this video, we’ll cover 4 reasons why the PS4 Pro is a hot piece of hardware for gamers and entertainment lovers alike.

No. 1: 4K

Your new television has gone 4K so why isn’t your PlayStation? It is now.

Ultra HD or 4K TVs deliver four times the resolution of 1080p HD, so instead of 2 million little dots that make up the picture, they can handle up to 8 million, for a much more lifelike image.

PS4 Pro is capable of outputting 4K graphics for these new TVs, so all your PlayStation 4 games look much better, outputted by graphic rendering or up-scaled to 4K quality.

To be clear, there are no PS4 Pro-exclusive games. But older games will look better by upscaling 1080p HD games to near 4K quality, on a compatible TV. You can connect a PS4 Pro to a non-4K TV, mind you, but it’s really optimized for these new 4K televisions.

If you’re a game developer, you’re now getting an upgraded toolset to create even richer, more detailed game worlds. Developers are able to add PS4 Pro enhancements to previously released PS4 games, too, via a downloadable update, if they choose to.

No. 2: High Dynamic Range (HDR)

The second reason to pick up a PS4 Pro…HDR…or High Dynamic Range…

While 4K refers to the resolution of the television --- how many dots (or pixels) make up the picture – this isn’t the whole story. PS4 Pro also offers HDR, which reproduces a wider range of brightness levels, richer colors, and higher contrast levels, resulting in whiter whites and darker blacks.
When seen side by side with non-HDR content, HDR-enhanced video is incredibly bright and with vibrant colors, including some striking yellows and orange hues, such as a setting sun or crackling fire.

So PS4 Pro doesn’t just support 4K but HDR, too, which is the other side of the coin.

But remember, you need an HDR-enabled TV to experience this extra visual information.

Number 3 reason to buy a PS4 Pro? More power.

Quite simply, PS4 Pro is significantly more powerful than the standard PS4.

PS4 Pro’s advanced graphics processor unit incorporates many features from AMD’s latest “Polaris” architecture, as well as some fully custom hardware innovations, and is considerably more powerful than the GPU included in the standard PS4.

All in all, this increase in processing power enables developers to tap into far more demanding visual features for PS4 Pro owners, including smoother or more stable framerates, support for 4K rendering, as we talked about, advanced graphics features, and more.

PS4 Pro also offers faster Wi-Fi 802.11AC, and a third USB 3.1 Gen.1 port on the rear of the unit.

PS4 Pro’s more powerful hardware can also benefit PlayStation VR games, enhance streaming features such as Share Play and Remote Play, and enable higher resolution output for media captured using the Share button.

No. 4: More Storage

And finally, the fourth reason why PS4 Pro is a worthy investment? More storage.

PS4 Pro will come standard with a 1-terabytehard drive.

Considering you’re likely downloading more games and downloadable content, or DLC, than ever before, 500 gigabytes just isn’t enough. There’s nothing worse than having to remove content from your hard drive just to fit more content onto it – especially if you’re still playing them.

While the Blu-ray disc player built into PS4 Pro DOESN’T support 4K discs, the console DOES support the growing number of 4K streaming content via Netflix or YouTube.

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