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Top 10 Mario Kart Games

VO: Dan Paradis

Script written by Shane O’Gorman

Mario Kart is the best! But…what’s the best Mario Kart game? Believe it or not, there are actually 10, so join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Mario Kart Games!

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Top 10 Mario Kart Games

Fasten your seat belts, rev up those engines and grab some power-ups, we’re in for a good time. Welcome to and today we will be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Mario Kart Games.

For this list, we took a look at the well received kart racer series from Nintendo and ranked them based upon their fun factor, level of innovation and replay value. And I know what you’re thinking: “Wasn’t Mario Kart 8 the latest release? How can there be 10 games?” Well observant and instinctive commenter let me answer that with our first two entries.

#10: “Mario Kart Arcade GP 2” (2007)

You didn’t think we’d forget about the arcade titles did you? It’s essentially what you’d expect as a Mario Kart game, but the arcade version has a few exclusive features that make it stand out. First off, rather than just using your standard controller, the arcade cabinet had a seat and steering wheel to help boost the level of immersion. Another noteworthy element is its robust cast of playable characters, as Namco was behind the development of this game they also gave us some of their mascots.. These included Pac-Man and Mametchi from the Tamagotchi franchise. For a couple’ a quarters, this is one arcade game that is definitely worth a look for fans of the series.

#9: “Mario Kart Arcade GP DX” (2013)

While Arcade GP 2 was undoubtedly a stellar arcade gaming experience, GP DX can be considered ‘the definitive edition’ of its predecessor. Building upon everything that made the prior game great, DX packed in even more content for us to burn all of our spare change on. This included ten completely remodeled race tracks, online functionality to race against the ghost data from other players as well as bringing in the hangglider and underwater carts from the previous release at the time, Mario Kart 7. The game even supported a co-op gameplay mode, with one serving as the driver and the other as a gunner, similar to what was seen in Mario Kart Double Dash.

#8: “Mario Kart Super Circuit” (2001)

Seeing how big of a success this series was, the big brains at Nintendo decided to bring the franchise its first portable outing on the Game Boy Advance for gamers craving their Mario Kart fix on the go. Being on a handheld didn’t seem to hinder the experience one bit, as Super Circuit was just as fast and fun as its console counterparts with all the expected game modes packed in such as time trials and grand prix. The game even had multiplayer support for up to four players on a single game pack which is a pretty sweet deal if you ask us. You could even unlock all twenty tracks from the original SNES game…speaking of which…

#7: “Super Mario Kart” (1992)

It all started here folks! Upon its release, Super Mario Kart was met with critical acclaim for its superb visuals and simple, albeit addicting gameplay. Although the game’s core mechanics were solid, it was the multiplayer modes that truly made this a home run for Nintendo. Friends huddled together around their Super Nintendo’s for hours playing the race and battle modes. Not only was this game responsible for being the launching point for one of gaming’s biggest franchises, but it also encouraged Nintendo to spin-off Mario into other genres opposed to just his standard platforming adventures. So let’s recap: a huge impact in console multiplayer, inspired other games, launched a franchise and was fun in its own right? Sounds like a classic to us.

#6: “Mario Kart Wii” (2008)

When the Wii launched, gamers everywhere knew that it was only a matter of time before Nintendo announced the next big Mario Kart game. The Motion controls were a mixed bag for players, here’s what I’d change for the last part, while cutting the top yellow for time., but Nintendo finely tuned some new bells and whistles into this thrill ride. Alongside the usual karts, players were now able to ride motorcycles and bumped up the number of competitors from 8 to 12. To further spice up the gameplay, there was an added ‘trick system’ that provided added speed boosts if said tricks were performed correctly. This Mario Kart also took full advantage of the Wii-Mote’s motion control capabilities, and yes this did divide fans as motion controls dumbed down the traditional controls. But it was still fun none the less.

#5: “Mario Kart 7” (2011)

When a video game series reaches its seventh entry, things usually start to get a little stale. We aren’t sure what sort video game steroids Nintendo pumps this franchise with, but Mario Kart 7 felt just as fresh and exciting as any other game in the series. The game retains that same frantic racing action that players have come to love with some cool new additions. Karts could now drive underwater or glide through the air along with being fully customizable, with players being able to tinker with a kart’s weight, frame, tires and glider. Want more? How about new characters like Wiggler, Metal Mario and Lakitu as well as the option to use the 3DS’s ‘gyroscope’ function to drive in first person.

#4: “Mario Kart DS” (2005)

Two words: online functionality. Mario Kart DS is recognized for being the first entry in this highly successful series to take the race online – not to mention Nintendo’s premiere First Party Online game. Sure, Nintendo’s “friend code” system made setting up an online match a needless hassle but once it was all set to go, oh boy. If you just wanted to play alone however, the game had you covered in that department as well as it was bursting at the seams with extra content for players to explore. Alongside the standard game modes, Mario Kart DS had a lengthy ‘mission mode’ that tasked the player with various objectives and increasing challenge. Whether individually or with others, Mario Kart DS remains to be one of the best ‘bang for you buck’.

#3: “Mario Kart: Double Dash” (2003)

Nintendo has been recognized for trying new things and taking risks with their franchises. Mario Kart Double Dash is perhaps one of their best examples of reinventing the wheel (pun intended). Instead of going solo, for the first time in series history Mario Kart could now be played co-operatively, henceforth the ‘double’ in Double Dash. With one character controlling the kart and the other in charge of items, it can make for a truly sensational time, having us work with our friends for a change instead of always tossing red shells their way. For more multiplayer mayhem, Double Dash was one of the few games for the system to include LAN support, where sixteen different players could partake in insane amounts of fun and carnage.

#2: “Mario Kart 64” (1996)

The first Mario Kart on Super Nintendo was a big hit, a success that Nintendo replicated a few years later with the next entry on Nintendo 64. At a first glance it seems to be mostly the same game as the original, with the biggest change being its jump from 2D to 3D. However, the true selling point for this Mario Kart was the smooth control that the analog stick brought forward, and providing some of the most memorable tracks in the series. Even more so however, was the N64’s capacity for four player split-screen racing action. It was a huge evolution in multiplayer gaming and helped defined the franchise as a go-to game for parties with friends. And the Watchmojo Office.

#1: “Mario Kart 8” (2014)

Sure the Wii U hasn’t exactly been a home run for Nintendo with its dwindling hardware sales and lack of third party support, so Nintendo went all out to make Mario Kart 8 the best it could be and boy is it oh so good. Combining nearly every positive element from its predecessors like the customizable karts, optional motion controls for steering as well as the biggest selection of tracks to race on, Mario Kart 8 proved to be the real deal. The game also showed off some absolutely stunning visuals with breathtaking vistas, along with a new challenge for hardcore fans of the series with 200cc. Oh and you can race Link down an F-Zero track, how awesome is that?

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