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Top 10 Games That Deserve a Reboot Pt.2

VO: Dan Paradis

These are the video games that need a new entry, and fresh start, and brand new franchise. Some are long forgotten and some lost their way and fell out of favor, but all are deserving of a second (or sometimes third or fourth) lease on life.

We already did a list on this topic a while back, so be sure to check out our first video on the Top 10 Games That Deserve a Reboot:

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Another Top 10 Video Games that Deserve a Reboot

Here are ten more classics for your consideration. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for another top 10 Video Games that Deserve a Reboot.

With over 350 games suggested by you Mojoholics its clear that no everyone’s pick is going to make the list, because of this we decided to exclude games that already appeared on our Top 10 Most Wanted HD Remakes such as F-Zero. Also since this is our 2nd list on the topic, if you’re favorite wasn’t on here be sure to check back on our previous list to see if it made it there.

#10: “Advance Wars” (2001-08)

Western Players didn’t get a taste of Nintendo’s ‘Wars’ series until the Game Boy Advance, yet it quickly garnered a huge following and was one of the best games on the system. Still few gamers have experienced the surprisingly in-depth battle gameplay or the excellent multiplayer map editor function. Even though there is mounds of replayability, there was comparatively little lore to get your teeth stuck into, bar a few recurring elements like the Orange Star nation and the selection of commanding officers. Furthermore, the Turn-Based Strategy genre has seen a new age revival as of late thanks to the likes of X-Com’s own reboot and Nintendo’s other RTS series ‘Fire Emblem’, so this seems like a no brainer.

#9: “Jet Force Gemini” (1999)

Yet another gem fro Rare production line, this sci-fi third person shooter sadly never received a sequel, perhaps a result of selling only one million copies – a relatively small-fry figure for the developers of mammoth N64 successes like GoldenEye 007 and Banjo Kazooie. Even today its overworld seems enormous, and after your epic bug-blasting adventure is over, you’ll be sad to leave Juno, Vela, Lupus and the adorable Tribal behind. There’s still plenty of interest in the IP however: it was a part of Rare’s Replay collection and Microsoft still hold an active trademark, meaning an explosive return for our space-faring trio might not be too farfetched a dream.

#8: “Earthworm Jim” (1994-99)

This groovy worm might have drifted out of popularity since the turn of the century, yet the series’ trademark surrealist humor remains an asset ready for interpretation. Rumors about a fourth Jim title have swirled since 2008 and while Gameloft did grace us with a fantastic HD Remaster of the original game in 2010, we haven’t seen anything original emerge since Jim’s 3D disaster. If Gameloft can pull off a remaster imagine what they could do with more creative freedom? That’s not to say that the series works only as a platformer however: as the animated show demonstrates, this mighty fine fellow possesses as much flexibility as you would expect.

#7: “Bully” (2006)

Many say this open-world title from Rockstar is just GTA in a school: a fair enough criticism – Bully features the typical rise to power plot and plenty of violence – yet the Bullworth Academy setting is so distinct that it’s a tragedy it never received a sequel. School life produces a steady stream of relatable narratives and interesting mechanics that it’s unusual how few games have exploited such a common experience. Minor gameplay elements are one area where a Bully reboot could certainly improve – its mini-games were pretty repetitive – yet with Dan Houser still interested in the game’s compelling teenage tales, we might finally get those tweaks after more than a decade off school.

#6: “Dino Crisis” (1999-2003)

You would think you need just one simple equation to sell this series: survival horror + dinosaurs = profit, right? In the franchise’s early life that equation was working out perfectly, yet, similarly to the Resident Evil series the first game is so often compared to, Capcom veered the franchise towards an action orientation, much to its detriment. Dino Crisis 3’s notoriously terrible camera killed the series in 2003, but now with VR storming into mainstream gaming, the prospect of being stalked by Jurassic tormentors has never been so terrifying.

#5: “Jak & Daxter” (2001-09)

It wasn’t through a lack of effort from Naughty Dog that this popular platforming series went relatively dormant in the 2010s as various circumstances conspired to prevent them from taking their realistic concept art any further. The move to PS3 and Naughty Dog’s focus on mature games held the proposed reboot back, denying the fanbase a game that would likely be polarizing. Keeping everyone happy will be the challenge for any new Jak game: it’ll need to be faithful yet fresh, with a story that is as memorable as the previously established lore. It can be done – the Ratchet & Clank reboot has reinvigorated that series – it just needs a careful hand, or paw if you grasp our meaning…

#4: “Burnout” (2001-11)

As breathtakingly large as open-world racing games like The Crew undeniably are, they are often lacking in the thrills and exhilaration department. Even if you’re more inclined to a serious racing experience, you can’t deny Burnout’s status as the genre leader in competitive carnage. The series’ first entries – particularly Takedown – were a must have on the sixth generation of consoles, as the now legendary crash modes almost transformed it into an all-out vehicular combat title. Smashing your friends into oncoming traffic at 150mph is one of the best multiplayer experiences you can have – let’s hope Three Fields Entertainment’s long-touted spiritual successor gets us to where we need to go.

#3: “Spyro the Dragon” (1998-2008)

Before Skylanders turned the fearsome little purple dragon into a barely recognizable, frog-like abomination, Spyro was challenging Super Mario 64 as the best 3D platformer available. Even though the series’ quality deteriorated when Insomniac Games’ shifted their focus to Ratchet and Clank, fans have never given up hope of returning to the innocent essence of that trio of games. They didn’t innovate considerably in terms of gameplay, but instead added new characters like Hunter the Cheetah and Bianca to further develop Spyro’s story. For gamers of a certain era, the adorable dragon was there as you grew up, it’s time to show this generation what a real Spyro title looks like.

#2: “TimeSplitters” (2000-05)

It might not have been a big seller, but this GoldenEye-inspired FPS stuck long in the memory for those few lucky enough to pick it up. The cartoonish style and wacky sense of humor is so fondly remembered by one hardy group of fans that they’ve spent nearly four years developing their own version of the original game. Its time-travelling element affords a reboot an unlimited degree of freedom, meaning it could be entirely possible to play as a gingerbread man in Victorian England. It’s not all gimmicks and giggles however: features like the map editor and multiplayer AI add the kind of depth even the most hardcore shooter can definitely respect.

Before we reveal our top pick, let’s take a look at some honorable mentions.

“Perfect Dark” (2000-05)

“Legacy of Kain” (1996-2003)

“Bloody Roar” (1997-2003)

“Prince of Persia” (1989-2013)

“Command & Conquer” (1995-2012)

#1: “Crash Bandicoot” (1996)

We’re getting a remaster of the first three games, Crash is appearing in the upcoming Skylanders title and he’s even had a cameo in Uncharted 4, Surely the way is paved for a whole new platformer featuring our favorite marsupial right? While Skylanders isn’t the platform fans were hoping any original story would come on, Crash’s HD design looks promising and developers Vicarious Visions have said they’re working hard to recreate the way he moves and behaves. Anyone given the responsibility of bringing Sony’s spinning mascot back should follow Naughty Dog’s lead – their four games account for half of the 50 million units the series sold. Do that, and we’ll all be in for a wumping good time.

Do you agree with our list? Which series would you like to be reimagined from the ground up? For more gaming top 10s published every day, be sure to subscribe to

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