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Top 10 Franchises That Should Get The Pokémon Go Treatment

VO: Dan Paradis

What other franchises should get an app just like Pokemon Go? Which other IPs would work well as an augmented reality mobile phone game? Join us as we let our imaginations run wild and explore which series, intellectual properties, games, shows and/or books would make a good Pokemon Go style game!

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Top 10 Franchises That Should Get The Pokemon Go Treatment

Why stop at capturing Pokemon? Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten franchises that should get the Pokemon Go treatment.

For this list, we’ll be looking at video games, films and other mediums that would translate well into the Pokemon Go format. This can mean by use or AR display, making use of real world locations, an excuse to go for walks or all of the above.

#10: “Where’s Waldo?” (1987-) a.k.a. “Where’s Wally?”

How many times in our childhoods did we pick up these colourful puzzle books, only to spend an unhealthy amount of time seeking out an elusive man in a red and white sweater among a huge crowd. Taking Martin Handford’s rather timeless creation into the digital age, players could try searching for Waldo in their own towns and across all terrains. It would definitely be aimed at a younger audience, but could prove to be quite the challenge should you try hunting him down during a heavily populated area.

#9: “Pac-Man” (1980-)

The poster boy for retro gaming has gone through many phases and incarnations over the years, but given his original style of gameplay, leaping on the Pokemon Go bandwagon is a logical step. Players could take the form of the titular yellow sphere and gather coins on a varying scales, whether it’s contained within one room or expanded to a city-wide scale. On the other hand it also opens up the possibility to play as one of the four ghosts, pursuing and consequently fleeing from Pac-Man, though should that be an option make sure you’re not in a crowd.

#8: “World of Warcraft” (2004-)

To this day, this MMORPG towers over its competitors with its addictive nature, vast fantastical landscapes and abundance of content. While WOW Go wouldn’t have the same bite as its much more lore driven counterpart, there’s little doubt it could provide a great addition for fans. Exploring your local area in order find loot, battling all manner of enemies and overall acting like an extensive fetch quest, or possibly meeting up with other people at real world landmarks to start raids. The real selling point however would be the ability to link player accounts to the main game through Battle.Net meaning that your time in Azeroth is just as valuable as in the real world.

#7: “The Da Vinci Code” (2006)

Fancy yourself as a master detective who can break codes thousands of years old? Then take up the mantle of Robert Langdon and take on history’s most fantastical and deadly conspiracies. While it could easily follow in the footsteps of Dan Brown’s novels and focus on the secrets hidden in the likes of Da Vinci’s work, using the Pokemon Go system opens up the option of exploring mysteries in player’s home towns. Imagine hunting down clues that exist in local monuments and landmarks, creating a unique experience for each user.

#6: “Yu-Gi-Oh” (2000-)

Not only was the adventures of Yugi Moto and company a huge hit with the anime community, but it also breathed new life into a card game that still thriving to this day. While we certainly have an abundance of turn-based Yu-Gi-Oh video games out there, giving it the Pokemon Go treatment wouldn’t just allow for online duels, but the incentive to travel in order to collect rare cards would be a huge draw; guaranteed if a Blue Eyes White Dragon presented itself, fans would come running at a chance to add it to their decks. Hearthstone (xref) would also be a good candidate, but Warcraft already made the list, so the Duelists take the honor.

#5: “Yo-Kai Watch” (2015-)

Its popularity has already spawned its own anime series, and the premise is just dying to follow in Pokemon Go’s footsteps. Definitely on the cuter side of the spectrum, players would find themselves hunting down the titular Yo-Kai, adorable little ghosts using a mechanic known as the Yo-Kai Lens, where you scan objects in the real world looking for said Yo-Kai. While battling hostile ghosts would also come as part of the packaged deal, the real joy would come from finding and tending to the most weird and wonderful of anime phantoms. While Yo-Kai Watch isn’t a big of a title as the rest of the entries on this list, its one of the few games where very little would be lost in transitioning to a real world AR game.

#4: “Slenderman” (2012-)

He petrified the likes of gamers everywhere with the Eight Pages and haunted the darkest corners of their minds with The Arrival, but putting the infamous Slender in your IOS device would be the scariest thing of them all. From a gameplay standpoint the mechanics of tracking down eight pages within a specific amount of space would definitely suffice, the only thing that the developers would need to nail is their approach to the monster himself. Should players have the guts to play it at night in a smaller vicinity, having to run from Slenderman would make this not only entertaining but absolutely terrifying.

#3: “Harry Potter” (2001-11)

The video game adaptations of The Boy Who Lived haven’t exactly been a hit with critics, but years after the books and films have ended, the source material is still bursting at the seams with content to be drawn from. Whether taking up magical classes in your living room, turning your phone into wands, hunting down Dark Wizards, getting your own owls and learning a variety of spells, there are numerous directions a game of this nature could take. Hey, as long as we get to engage in wizard duels and can get our hands on a Firebolt, we’re good!

#2: “Fatal Frame” (2001-14)

If there ever was a franchise that is just begging to revisited, it would be this survival horror series that made players terrified to look through the lens of a camera. Translated to a Pokemon Go style of gameplay, it would turn every household into a living nightmare, and it would be awesome. Players would end up taking on a swarm of vicious ghosts as well as some chilling yet creative boss fights, all the while gathering equipment to upgrade the IOS version of the Camera Obscura for a better chance at survival.

Before we reveal our number one pick, here are a few honourable mentions.

“Watch Dogs” (2014)

“The Walking Dead” (2010-)

“They Live!” (1988)

#1: “Ghostbusters” (1984-)

What is there to say? Ghosts and Pokemon Go seem to go hand in hand, and nowhere is that better emphasised than with the franchise that didn’t make capturing ghosts a nerve-wracking experience, it made it awesome! Turning every player into an honorary Ghostbuster and every phone into a Proton Pack, users would find themselves hailing the call to engage and capture a variety of paranormal beings popping up everywhere, which could range in difficulty and offering various rewards upon completion. The option to upgrade and alternate Proton Packs with every successful capture, take on creatures the size of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, the reasons go on and on. Make it happen developers!

Do you agree with this list? Which franchise do you think should get the Pokemon Go treatment? With new top tens published everyday be sure to subscribe to

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