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Top 10 Once Upon A Time Moments

VO: Lisa Yang
Script written by Angelia Mercier Top 10 Once Upon A Time Moments Subscribe: There are many memorable Once Upon a Time moments, but which ones deserve a Top 10 spot? This ABC fantasy-drama show never ceases to shock us. Will it be when Prince Charming Awakens Snow White, Emma Swan Becomes the Dark One, or when Belle Makes Rumple Leave Town? Some sad moments had us crying non stop like Sheriff Graham’s Death, when Emma & Henry Have to Leave Storybrooke and when Snow White Kills Cora. Special thanks to our users Sing_your_heart_out and David Wilt for submitting the idea on our Interactive Suggestion Tool at MsMojo's Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat:

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Top 10 Once Upon a Time moments

Happy ending or not, these are the most magical moments in Storybrooke. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for Top 10 Once Upon a Time moments.

For this list, we’ve compiled a mix of Once Upon a Time’s most memorable, shocking, heart-warming and heart-wrenching scenes. Fair warning: there will be spoilers!

#10: Prince Charming Awakens Snow White

These two sure have come a long way from carriage ambushes and wild goose chases! While this true love’s kiss is one of the most iconic of moments in all of storytelling history, this rendition between Charming and Snow couldn’t have captured our hearts more. The unlikely pair have fought beside each other as well as against each other, giving them the sense of humor only true partners could share. Even though they didn’t meet under the most romantic of circumstances, this true love is nonetheless genuine and real. Watching the pair fall in love on screen–as well as off– makes this classic scene a truly memorable moment.

#9: Pan Is Revealed to Be Rumple's Father

Delving into Rumplestiltskin’s past to see exactly how he came to be the man he is was a really thrilling adventure, to say the least! Nothing was more shocking than to discover his own father was Peter Pan himself, the boy who never wanted to grow up. In fact, not even the cast members were aware of Pan’s true identity until the show aired! And, when it comes down to it, we can see that Rumple’s self-destruction and mad chasing after power started long before he had lost his son, Baelfire. Like Ginnifer Goodwin has said, “Each generation is caught in a cycle of sacrificing family for power.” Peter Pan as Rumple’s father can only make sense.

#8: Belle Makes Rumple Leave Town

From the instant she swoops into the clock tower, to the moment she has Rumple take them both to the town line, this is a pivotal moment for Belle. So much so that this scene has to be one of the most heart-wrenching the show has to date. One of the bigger themes of the show is hope, so it’s devastating–but at the same time strangely satisfying– to see Belle finally lose hers, when she forces Rumple over the town line, making him lose his powers and unable to ever come back to Storybrooke. Even more agonizing to watch is the Dark One on his knees just over the town line with Belle finally and completely out of sight.

#7: Emma and Hook Kisses

Killian may be a pirate with a “take-whatever-I-want-whenever-I-want” attitude, but when it comes to Emma Swan, he is putty. While there’s nothing quite like the first kiss, being on a mission to destroy a powerful, pre-adolescent maniac can shadow things a bit. The kiss between them at Granny’s diner, however, is truly where the relationship between Emma and Hook begins. You have to hand it to Hook: every kiss seems to precede an act of great heroism on his part, whether it’s saving Baelfire or racing against a curse to find Emma. The man did give up his ship for her, after all!

#6: Emma Swan Becomes the Dark One

With the Darkness loose on the town, Emma has to think fast in order to save Regina and anyone else from being taken over as the next Dark One. Out of all the obstacles the people of Storybrooke have had to face, nothing quite takes us aback like the Savior herself becoming one with darkness. In order to keep the promise she made of giving everyone their happy endings, self-sacrifice is a hefty and unexpected price to pay. In this scene, being your own worst enemy takes on an entirely different meaning.

#5: Rumple Loses Baelfire to the Land Without Magic

There are two shockers in this scene: not only does Baelfire show the courage that his father and grandfather never could, but it is also the only time Rumplestiltskin ever goes back on a deal. Holding onto the land of magic with one hand, the Dark One lets his son fall into the portal alone. The moment is forever seared in our minds as Rumple immediately regrets his decision and desperately digs at the ground, calling out for his son. Who would have guessed that almost thirty years later, Neal who Emma falls in love with and is Henry’s father is also Rumple’s long lost son, Bae!

#4: Emma & Henry Have to Leave Storybrooke

It’s one thing for Regina to give up the thing she loves the most in her son Henry in order to break Peter Pan’s curse. It is quite another thing for that sacrifice to require Emma and Henry’s complete separation from the family they’ve so desperately fought to restore. Regina does give them one last parting gift, and that is, ironically enough, to erase any knowledge the two have of Storybrooke and their family, replacing it with memories of each other. Watching the little yellow bug drive away from the enchanted town with everyone watching them leave was an emotional, unforgettable moment for viewers.

#3: Regina Finds True Love

From finally letting go of her first love, Daniel, to fleeing a bar where her other soulmate awaits her, Regina has come a long way to finding her happy ending. When the evil queen we love to hate finds true love, you can't help but be happy for her. Between her troubled past and some outrageous decisions that can only reflect her nature as a true baddy, it's nice to finally see Regina on the side of true love. Funnily enough, her first encounter with Robin Hood in Storybrooke is when he tries to shoot her with a crossbow. From then on, things only get more heated, not to mention tangled between the two.

#2: Emma Kills Hook

Killing the very person you love is a tragic twist of fate–for everyone involved. Especially after the strenuous work Hook had gone through to finally have Emma open her heart up to him. Come on, the moment where he tells Emma that she’s his happy ending is what fairy tales are made– that alone melted the hearts of viewers everywhere. But, in order to destroy the Darkness forever and die a hero, Hook has to be stabbed by Emma with Excalibur. In fairy tales, there usually is another way, but with the Darkness trapped only for a brief moment, this shocker of a scene is the only choice they have.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

The Evil Queen Ruins Snow & Charming’s Wedding

Rumple & Belle Dance

Snow White Kills Cora

Sheriff Graham’s Death

Ruby & Dorothy Kiss

Emma Watches Her Parents Fall in Love

#1: Emma Awakens Her Son Henry

There couldn’t be anything more endearing than Henry waking up from true love’s kiss courtesy of his mom. There’s no shame in admitting you shed some tears! While love has conquered all since the dawn of storytelling, it is still a happy surprise to have Emma's kiss for her son break the curse, starting them off on a real loving relationship. This true love’s kiss isn’t exactly what we were expecting but it did fit quite perfectly. It was also beautiful to see everyone remember themselves and each other, not to mention humorous to see Emma meet her parents essentially for the first time.

Do you agree with our list? Which Once Upon A Time moments simply thrilled you? For more endearing and surprising Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.

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