Top 10 Best Big Time Rush Songs

Top 10 Best Big Time Rush Songs

VOICE OVER: Elise Doucet WRITTEN BY: Joey Turner
These Big Time Rush songs will take you back.

Music sounds better with these Minnesotan dogs. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re
counting down our picks for the Top 10 Big Time Rush Songs.

For this list, we’re looking at the best jams by our favorite Nickelodeon boy band. While they have some amazing songs on their albums, we’ll only be covering the ones that were featured in their musical sitcom. Caution - a few of these tunes are actually tied into episode plots, so expect spoilers ahead.

#10: “Cover Girl”
“Big Time Double Date”

Kicking off this list is a song that Kendall himself says every girl needs to hear. Lucy has been trying to hide her true rocker self from her parents, but Kendall convinces her to showcase her talents –with the help of the rest of the boys and two acoustic guitars. Together, they grace our ears with a comforting, steady tune with a heartfelt, encouraging message. Kendall wrote this song about the girls he’s known who are always comparing themselves to other women; it’s his way of letting them know that they’re beautiful just the way they are.

#9: “24/Seven”
“Big Time Bonus”

At the halfway mark of the episode “Big Time Bonus”, we’re treated to a montage featuring the upbeat, catchy title song from the boys’ third major album, “24/Seven”. In addition to an infectious, optimistic beat, the track’s lyrics also carry a positive message – life is worth enjoying 24/7, so enjoy it as much as you can. Adding to the song’s appeal, the official music video for the tune actually represents the relationship between the four boys; they’re not just pals in the show, but also in real life. It’s hard to be in a bad mood after hearing this peppy number and recalling how its singers are practically brothers.

#8: “Boyfriend”
“Big Time Girlfriends”

An interesting fact about this mid-tempo pop song: they actually released three versions. The one we hear in the episode “Big Time Girlfriends” is solely sung by the boys during a trip to the carnival after a long, love-filled day. However, the other two mixes are collaborations featuring rap legend Snoop Dogg and the former hip-hop duo, New Boyz. Both guest artists get their own rap verses in their respective versions, but the theme of the song is always the same – with the boys telling a girl that they’re willing to be there for her. It’s a sweet hip-hop tune that highlights the talent of not just one, but three musical acts.

#7: “Paralyzed”
“Big Time Rocker”

Kendall has been trying to show Lucy that Big Time Rush rocks… but Gustavo’s new song “Pair of Eyes” isn’t exactly rocking. With a little fine-tuning, however, “Pair of Eyes” is transformed into a fast-paced, thunderous song simply titled “Paralyzed”. The song is appropriately titled since the lyrics talk about what happens when you come across someone who makes you freeze in your tracks –which, let’s be honest, has happened more than once. The song had a major impact by proving that BTR does indeed rock – plus, the boys actually caused a traffic jam to perform it.

#6: “Any Kind of Guy”
“Big Time Love Song”

Gustavo has been struggling to write a new love song – he’s got the lyrics, but the pacing isn’t right. However, when the boys try using the song to impress the then-new girl Jo, Gustavo finally figures it out. The song shouldn’t be a generic, slow-paced ballad, but an upbeat, fast-paced love song with a toe-tapping rhythm, and a chance for each of the guys’ singing chops to shine –especially Logan with those falsettos. On top of that, the lyrics are very touching – the boys boldly proclaim that they’ll do anything for the girl of their dreams, and that they’re willing to be any kind of guy she needs.

#5: “Music Sounds Better With U”
“Big Time Interview”

Big Time Rush even manage to make cover songs sounds like their very own. For example, “Music Sounds Better” is actually a re-imagining of the similarly named 1998 song by the short-lived French band, Stardust. The guys borrow the catchy hook from the original track, but otherwise essentially craft a new song. The lyrics breathe life new into the track as the boys serenade a girl, calling her their perfect muse when things get rough. With well-known rapper MANN adding an extra bit of flair, it’s hard to get this jam out of our heads and it shows that BTR really does have a knack for making music sound better.

#4: “Halfway There”
“Big Time Demos”

Three months after first arriving in L.A., it finally happens – Big Time Rush’s demo is picked up and they find themselves halfway towards becoming famous. To celebrate, the boys bust out an inspirational, fast-paced, synth-powered tune, appropriately named “Halfway There”. Not only is the tune infectious, but the lyrics also carry a message to anyone with a seemingly impossible goal. There are bound to be rough times ahead on your journey, and it won’t be easy; but if you keep pushing forward and never give up, you’re already halfway towards achieving your dreams. It’s hard to argue with the song’s message when our dogs are living proof.

#3: “‘Til I Forget About You”
“Welcome Back Big Time”

Kendall and Jo’s relationship has been on the rocks since she’s been cast in her new show, and she thinks that Kendall needs to just forget about her. When he invites her to his next concert to make amends, she initially doesn’t show up, so he has the band perform their new rhythmic electro-pop tune, “Til’ I Forget About You”. Not only does it have a great rhythm and some instrumentals, this song perfectly captures Kendall’s willingness to take steps to move forward from his heartbreak –after all, life doesn’t stop after a bad falling out. Fortunately, Kendall won’t have to forget about Jo as this story does have a happy ending – and we still get to enjoy this pumping, inspirational jam.

#2: “Big Time Rush”
Various Episodes

Of course, we have to include the theme song on this list! Four hockey players are given an amazing opportunity to become pop stars. Even if Gustavo is a “giant turd”, they won’t back down from the deal of a lifetime – no, they’re going in big time. That’s the whole meaning behind this pumping, 120 beats-per-minute anthem – if you have a dream and it’s within your grasp, you’ve got to go for it and give it all you’ve got. Not only is this song a thesis statement for the entire series, it also gives Gustavo a hit single that doesn’t have the word “girl” in the title.

Before we unveil our number one hit, here are a few Big Time honorable mentions.

“We Are”
“Big Time Dreams”

“The City is Ours”
“Big Time Video”

“Nothing Even Matters”
“Big Time Prom Kings”

“Like Nobody’s Around”
“Big Time Invasion”

Confetti Falling
“Big Time Pranks 2”

#1: “Worldwide”
“Big Time Break-Up”

Jo has been offered a movie deal in New Zealand, which unfortunately means she and Kendall need to take a break. After one last goodbye kiss in the airport, Kendall leads the boys to perform an electric pop ballad as they see Jo off. This tune tugs at several heartstrings for those in long-distance relationships, or anyone who’s been forced to watch a loved one leave. However, as their song “Worldwide” explains, goodbye doesn’t mean it’s the end. This ability to find a spark of hope in a melancholy, emotional track is but one of the many reasons to love Big Time Rush.