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Top 10 Crazy Celebrity Lawsuits

VO: Emily Brayton
Script written by Dan Deeprose These celebrities can’t lose with any dignity, and will sue someone for the most crazy reasons! The late, great Prince was known for having a legal team that will sue anyone and everyone, but do you know the true story of Michael Jackson and Billie Jean? Did you know that 50 Cent sued Taco Bell? And even innocent Zoey Deschanel isn’t free of a crazy lawsuit, as the New Girl actress was sued by a horse owner. Special thanks to our user governmentfree for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Dan Deeprose

Top 10 Crazy Celebrity Lawsuits

Let the record show that some very famous people have been involved in some absolutely ridiculous lawsuits. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 crazy celebrity lawsuits.

For this list, we’re looking at lawsuits by famous people that made the most outlandish and ridiculous claims, whether the plaintiffs won or not.

#10: Heckard v. Jordan and Heckard v. Nike

Everyone recognizes Michael Jordan. Unfortunately, some people misrecognise him. Allen Heckard looks so much like the Space Jammer that he was reportedly constantly harassed by fans asking for autographs. Apparently he couldn’t go out in public without being “recognised”, and this caused him “emotional duress”. Of course, he couldn’t just stop shaving his head, change his clothing style or stop wearing a gold earring just like Mike. Nope, instead he sued both Jordan and Nike for over $800M in damages. Luckily and before too long, even he realized how completely ridiculous this was, and he dropped the suit.

#9: Van Muyden v. Taylor

Willem Van Muyden worked for years as Elizabeth Taylor’s gardener. However, in addition to not being paid for 10 years of labor, Muyden alleges that he was expected to do far more than just water the garden—he was expected to sleep with Elizabeth’s butler Jean-Luc Lacquement! When Van Muyden refused, he said he was quickly fired. He then sued for upwards of $300 000. However, according to the lawsuit, Liz actually dismissed him for allegedly employing illegal immigrants. Curiouser and curiouser... Whatever the truth may be, we may never know the true amount that was exchanged as a settlement was reached out of court.

#8: Parker v. Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel isn’t just a talented and adorkable actress—she’s also abusive to horses... allegedly. At least what’s what Patty Parker, owner of show horse Literati, would have us believe. In 2013, Parker leased the horse to Zooey with a very detailed contract ensuring that the horse wouldn’t be overworked, including restrictions like no more than three jumping sessions per week. When Literati was returned, however, Parker claims he was “injured and unusable” and required immediate medical attention. And she wanted Zooey to pay up.

#7: Jackson v. Taco Bell

His stage name may be 50 Cent, but he’s worth a whole lot more than that! In an attempt to promote a value menu, Taco Bell sent a fake open letter to the press asking the rapper – real name Curtis Jackson - to change his name to “79 Cent,” “89 Cent” or “99 Cent”. The problem? They didn’t ask 50 Cent for permission first. When he found out, he didn’t think it was funny and neither did he appreciate fans thinking he sold out for ground beef. Rather than laughing, Fiddy instead accused the fast food chain of looking for free publicity and promptly sued for $4 million.

#6: Lohan v. E-Trade

An E-Trade commercial featuring babies got way less cute when Lindsay Lohan found out about it. LiLo claimed that one of the babies was modeled after her, because the baby’s name was Lindsay and was described as a “milkaholic”. Not only did she accuse the commercial of mocking LiLo's legal woes and slipping public image, but it also took advantage of her for free advertising. The result? A $100M suit from Lohan! That wasn’t the only time LiLo got embroiled with the law, either—she also claimed that a Grand Theft Auto game based a character on her likeness.

#5: Prince v. His Own Fans

Prince may once have ruled the world of music, but he really doesn’t understand social media. When internet users believed to be among his fans posted videos from old concerts on Facebook and other social media websites, Prince tried to sue 22 “bootleggers” for $1 million apiece. Some videos were from recent concerts, but others were from as long ago as 1983. Luckily, the artist came to his senses and dropped the case within a few days. And then, when asked about the issue, he reportedly replied that no one should sue their fans, and that “fans sharing music with each other, that's cool.” Something doesn’t add up here…

#4: Jackson v. Jackson

According to Billie Jean, she really WAS his lover! In 2008, a woman named “Billie Jean Jackson” claimed that Michael Jackson married her and that she is the birth mother of his youngest child. The King of Pop never identified the mother of the child, who was apparently born to a surrogate. Be that as it may, “Billie Jean” sued for £668 million, equivalent to $1 billion USD, joint custody and a say in Blanket’s education. It wasn’t hard to prove she was lying though... So no, Billie Jean was not his lover, but rather just a girl who claims that she is the one, but the kid is not her son...

#3: Karo v. Kunis
We know Mila as a kickass actress and as Ashton Kutcher’s baby mama, but once upon a time, she was a backstabbing chicken thief! Or at least that’s what her “childhood friend” Kristina Karo would have us believe. Karo claimed that when they were children in Ukraine, they shared a beloved pet chicken named Doggi - until Mila stole it. The loss of Doggie was so seriously traumatizing that it sent Karo into therapy, and the lingering emotional distress also got in the way of her singing career, so she sued for a- somewhat measly- finger licking five grand.

#2: Streisand v. Adelman

Barbra Streisand’s lawsuit is so notorious (and so ridiculous) that it coined the term “the Streisand Effect”—that is, when an attempt to censor something just draws more attention to it. In 2003, Streisand’s mansion appeared in a set of 12,000 photos of the California coastline. The photo set had nothing to do with the 1970s star, but according to Streisand, it was a violation of privacy worth $10 million. Unfortunately for Barbra, it was her own lawsuit that ended up violating her privacy. Because before the lawsuit, nobody knew about the website owned by photographer Kenneth Adelman, but afterwards ,everybody not only knew about it but also saw the very pictures she was trying to hide.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Barnes v. Millan
Ex-‘The Dog Whisperer’ Employee Trampled by Llama

Olson v. Cohen
Woman Who Runs Charity Bingo Game Allegedly Assaulted by ‘Bruno’ and Crew

Livingston v. Wikipedia Editor
Actor Ron Livingston Sues Anonymous User Who Kept Changing Profile to Claim He’s Gay

Carey v. Carey
Singer Mariah Carey Sues Porn Star-Turned-Politician Mary Carey From Trademarking Name

#1: Kim v. Cyrus

Miley is well-known for the silly faces she makes in photos, but one silly face wasn’t funny at all—at least not to Lucie J. Kim. In 2009, Miley and her friends decided to squint or pull their eyes to the side, which Kim interpreted as a derogatory imitation of Asians. In response, she decided to sue the singer on behalf of all Asian-Pacific Islanders living in L.A. county Kim wanted $4000 for each Pacific Islander, which added up to a whopping $4 billion. Miley, who was only 16 at the time, publicly apologized to anyone her photo may have insulted, and eventually the case disappeared.

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