Top 10 Male Anime Perverts



Top 10 Male Anime Perverts

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Script written by Briana Lawrence

And you thought Japan was all about propriety. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Male Anime Perverts. For this list, we'll be looking at male anime characters who do more than just keep a few dirty magazine hidden under their beds.

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Script written by Briana Lawrence

Top 10 Male Anime Perverts

And you thought Japan was all about propriety. Welcome to! Today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Male Anime Perverts.

For this list, we’ll be looking at male anime characters who do more than just keep a few dirty magazine hidden under their beds. We’ll be checking out the professional gropers, peepers, and creepers you probably want to stay far away from. While this is a male only list, don’t think the ladies are getting off easy, we also have a list of top 10 female anime perverts.

#10: Ataru Moroboshi
“Urusei Yatsura” (1981-86)

Ataru is your average anime perv who has a thing for pretty girls... even if he’s got a girlfriend. But when aliens invade our planet, he bravely... dismisses it, even if he’s the chosen candidate in a game that will decide the fate of the world. His girlfriend agrees to marry him if he manages to save the day so thank goodness the alien he has to catch has breasts. Guess it wasn’t enough for all of civilization to be depending on him as his 2nd head is a lot more dependable than his 1st. In the end, Ataru catches the alien princess by... pulling off her top. Whatever works, we guess?

#9: Sanji
“One Piece” (1999-)

Don’t let his stylish suit and cool demeanor fool you, this guy is one badass cook whose only got one thing on his mind. And it’s not food, trust us, we’ve seen the inside of his mind. Yep, Sanji’s a perv, but he’s more than just your average perv. He’s chivalrous in his views toward women... if you can get over the whole nose erupting into a fountain of blood thing. Classic. He’s vowed to never let them be insulted or hurt, and unlike some perverts, this isn’t in exchange for groping a girl’s chest or worshipping her behind. That’s great and all... except for when a woman is trying to kill him!

#8: Sakurai Tomoki
“Heaven’s Lost Property” (2009-10)

What happens when a pervert gets to have his lecherous wishes granted? Well first, he gets his wishes granted by a big breasted Angeloid. Then, he runs around naked, gropes his best friend, steals panties, reads dirty magazines, which... causes all of human life to disappear. Oops. After realizing the dangers of making such requests, Tomoki wants a life of peace, quiet, and the ability to prevent his best friend from wearing panties. He also wants to start a rock band to jam about his nipples. Oh, AND transforming into a girl to get into the girl’s locker room and hot springs. Like we said: peace and quiet.

#7: Aikuro Mikisugi
“Kill la Kill” (2013-14)

You will never meet an anime character more proud of his own nipples. Of course then they glow like they do it is hard not to be in awe. It takes a lot of talent, and probably years of practice, to remove your clothes without even touching them, and he’s more than happy to flaunt his body in smooth poses as he... explains important plot points? He is the leader of a rebel group known as the Nudist Beach after all. In a world where clothing is sentient, this group actually makes a lot of sense. He may be one of the few entries on this list that can tell people to strip and have it be a plot point. It’s not fan service OK, it’s a central to the story!

#6: Spirit Albarn
“Soul Eater” (2008-09)

Why don’t and of these men face any real repercussions for their actions? Sure, there’s the occasional slap to the face... unless the girl -- or girls -- are secretly in love with him. But this is anime, where flirty men like Spirit Albarn surround themselves with gorgeous gals and... oh, his wife left him? And his daughter despises him because of his boorish nature? Talk about a plot twist. Try as he might he can’t win his daughters approval, but he also can’t stop wearing his perversion on his sleeve so it’s just a no win situation all around.

#5: Issei (ee-say)
“High School DxD” (2012)

We understand that sometimes it can be hard to get a date, however, we’re not sure if it’s worth dying for. Issei doesn’t have the best reputation -- probably because he’s a pervert, so he’s excited about being asked out on a date. But, word of advice: if your date asks if you’ll die for her and transforms into a winged creature, you should probably thank her for the evening and GTFO. Fortunately, he’s given a second chance at life, but becomes the enemy of all women when he takes on the power of clothes-eating slimes. Atta-boy!

#4: Hisoka
“Hunter x Hunter” (1999-2001)

We’re convinced that sayings like “bad touch” and “I need an adult” stem from this character. While most of the pervs on this list will go away after a slap to the face or too much blood loss after seeing a pair of breasts, Hisoka gets off on the fight. The stronger the opponent, the more enamored he is, because he takes pleasure in spilling the blood of powerful fighters. The creepiest part -- besides the fact that he’s unpredictable as all hell -- is that there is no limit to his tastes. Even young characters such as lead protagonist, Gon, are worthy of Hisoka’s affections.

#3: Jiraiya
“Naruto” franchise (2002-)

This man We weren’t surprised to learn that Jiraiya was a dirty old man -- or “ero-sennin” as Naruto calls him -- but he does get style points for being the author of Kakashi’s beloved adult book series (0:35). And then there’s the fact that Naruto convinces him to train by transforming into a naked woman. This... sounds kind of creepy, especially for a teacher. He does realize that this is an illusion created by a kid, right? Eh, he is a self proclaimed ‘super pervert’ and proud of it.

#2: Happosai
“Ranma 1/2” (1989-92)

We don’t like to make assumptions based on appearance, but... Happosai looks like the tiny old pervert that you try and keep away from the women in your family. Sure, he’s a respectable martial arts master, but he frequently goes on panty raids. We guess it’s not his fault. It’s an addiction, really, one so great that he can’t live without touching a woman. We wish we were making that up, but there is actually a point in the series where he nearly dies in Ranma’s arms from not having any female contact. Good thing it rains and Ranma turns into a girl.

Before we declare our number one male pervert, let’s check out what’s in the sock drawer for these honorable mentions:
“Inuyasha” (2000-04)
“Hetalia” (2009-)
Ginei Morioka
“Rosario + Vampire” (2008)
Shigure Sohma
“Fruits Basket” (2001)
“Bleach” (2004-12)

#1: Master Roshi
“Dragonball” franchise (1986-)

The one and only, Master Roshi taught an entire generation what perversion really is. From asking a teenage Bulma to show him her panties, to groping deadly women like Launch and 18... wait, isn’t 18 Krillin’s wife? Does he seriously have no issue with groping his own student’s wife? Guess not, since he’s still trying to find reasons to rub his face against Chi-Chi’s rear end. No woman is safe from his advances, even if she’s married to the strongest warrior on Earth. Creepy as he is wise, there is no character in anime more deserving of our number 1 spot.
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