Top 10 Holiday Gifts For Coworkers Under $25



Top 10 Holiday Gifts For Coworkers Under $25

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton
Script written by Sean Harris

What on Earth do you buy the people you work with?? Well, we have more than a few ideas, for only a few dollars! Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Co-Workers Under $25! For this list, we've looked at the Christmas gift market and selected the best and most suitable gift ideas for colleagues. If you're part of a 'Secret Santa' this year, then look no further!

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Top 10 Holiday Gifts For Coworkers Under $25

What on Earth do you buy the people you work with?? Well, we have more than a few ideas, for only a few dollars! Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Co-Workers Under $25!

For this list, we’ve looked at the Christmas gift market and selected the best and most suitable gift ideas for colleagues. If you’re part of a ‘Secret Santa’ this year, then look no further!

#10: Lay It On Me Smartphone Speaker

The ‘Lay It On Me’ speaker is simple and stylish enough to please most people. A gloriously compact gadget, it’s suitable for anyone with an Apple or Android smartphone – so essentially, it’s suitable for almost everyone. Described as requiring no cords, no ports, no software and no syncing, it also requires very little technological expertise. You don’t want your co-worker cursing your name every time they go to use their gift. With this there’s no fuss, just fun.

#9: Lemon Tea Infuser

The last thing anybody needs at work is a poorly brewed cup of tea; it’s a lunch-break ruin-er. But, buy someone you work with our next gift, and not only will his or her tea taste good, but it’ll look good as well. The Lemon Tea infuser from Urban Outfitters offers a sweet, novel design which allows the user to remove the ‘peel’ to reveal a vessel for their favorite leaves. Once the lemon’s loaded up just sit back, relax, and sip at your citrus-inspired taste sensation.

#8: Lasko #100 MyHeat Personal Ceramic Heater

Everyone values his or her personal space, not least when he or she is at work. Our next gift allows you control over the temperature within your own little world. The MyHeat Personal Heater is a low energy, portable device that’ll keep you and your surrounding area toasty, even if everyone else around you is cold. Just imagine the satisfaction when you’re rocking short-sleeves while the other side of the office is in thermal underwear. If you do buy this for a co-worker, make sure it’s a co-worker that sits close by.

#7: Mobile Phone Bike Mount

Ideal for any colleague that cycles to work, this simple cycling accessory is a must-have in the modern world. It allows the cyclist’s smartphone to be clearly visible at all times during a ride, negating the need to constantly zip, unzip and generally bother with pockets or backpacks. The phone is now within a finger’s distance, attached to the handlebars. Particularly brilliant for anybody using maps or satellite navigation, we should warn that this doesn’t mean watching movies while riding is OK. Because that’s just dangerous! Available from Urban Outfitters.

#6: Remote Controlled Helicopter

In terms of toys for adults, there are few trendier or more addictive than the remote controlled helicopter. You can get this gift from a variety of manufacturers and though some examples easily exceed our $25 budget, there are multiple propeller-powered products that fall within it. In an age where drones are becoming commonplace, this toy brings that technology into the home and office. However, flying them does take a lot of practice to perfect, so don’t show off to your boss right away.

#5: Café Du Monde Coffee and Beignet Mix Set

The coffee connoisseur is an ever-expanding breed, and this is the perfect gift for anyone who spends his or her spare time playing barista. Café Du Monde lays claims as a ‘New Orleans landmark’ and the ‘original French Market Coffee Stand’; if their reputation is anything to go by, then this set is sure to make a magnificent cup of chicory coffee. It also comes with one box of beignet mix, for those times when a treat on the side is needed too. Coffee lovers, we got you covered.

#4: The Official BS Button

An absolute necessity in most offices, and most work environments in general, with this on your desk you can politely hold your tongue, but make your feelings known as well. Gemmy’s BS button speaks for you in any situation when someone else really needs to shut up. It curtails any misplaced rant that you can’t be bothered to listen to, or passes accurate assessment on any misinformed thing that’s just been said, once the person who said it is out of earshot. Just try not to angrily break it to bits.

#3: BigMouth Inc Countdown Timer to My Retirement

It’s only the lure of retirement that gets a lot of us into work most days anyway, so with this gift that glorious date is forever in sight. It’s a straightforward design with a fishing trip theme, but even if angling isn’t your thing then it acts perfectly as that carrot on a string. A constant reminder to just keep working, and one day you will retire. We’d probably recommend gifting this to an older colleague though, as nobody really wants to watch forty years of their life slowly tick away.

#2: Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

We’ve shown you how to prep tea. We’ve given you a great blend of coffee. But all that counts for little if you’ve accidentally left your once-hot drink on the side, and it’s wound up warm, or even outright cold. A living nightmare that can ruin any workday, our second-placed gift sees the problem, and answers it. The Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer is like a mini stove custom-built for cups requiring a reheat. Just turn it on, and put your mug in place.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
Desktop Dogs
Treat Ball
‘Like a Boss’ Pencils
Selfie Stick
Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

#1: Cards Against Humanity

This gift is definitely ‘not suitable for work’, but it is suitable for certain workmates. An adults-only party game that retails at the top end of our budget, ‘Cards Against Humanity’ is about testing the boundaries between which jokes are acceptable, and which aren’t. Perhaps don’t enter into a round if you’re easily offended, and you probably shouldn’t get this for anyone without a sense of humor that’s at least a little warped. But, for the right person, it’s hours of outrageous, ‘I can’t believe you just said that’-style fun.

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