Top 5 Facts About Hentai

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Snuggle up with a body pillow of your blushing waifu or your seductive husbando. Now turn down the lights and make sure you've got your best anti-virus software going, because it's time we talk about some hot, tantalizing... facts! In today's segment we'll be discussing five steamy factoids about hentai that should be interesting to noobs and otaku alike. Considering the topic at hand, we'll be putting a "mature content" warning on this one.

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Top 5 Facts About Hentai: Japan’s Porno Cartoons

Snuggle up with a body pillow of your blushing waifu or your seductive husbando -- what, anime guys are hot, o.k.? Now turn down the lights and make sure you’ve got your best anti-virus software going, because it’s time we talk about some hot, tantalizing... facts! Welcome to WatchMojo’s Top 5 Facts, the series where we reveal five facts about a fascinating topic. In today’s segment we’ll be discussing five steamy factoids about hentai that should be interesting to noobs and otaku alike. Considering the topic at hand, we’ll be putting a “mature content” warning on this one.

#5: You Keep Using That Word, But We Don’t Think You Know What It Means...

The word hentai has become synonymous with “anime porn,” but that’s not the term used for risque animation in Japan. In Japan, terms like “18-kin” and “ero anime” are used instead of hentai. If “ero” sounds familiar, it’s probably because of a certain, frog summoning sensei So... what does hentai actually mean? Strange appearance. Now why would Westerners find Japan’s naughty animation strange? It’s not like sexy cartoons don’t exist in the U.S., right Tentacles, it’s got to be the tentacles. It probably didn’t help that the first licensed hentai anime in the U.S. was “Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend.” Introducing new genres is kind of like being on a blind date, and, trust me, tentacular violence is not a good icebreaker. 1990s America just wasn’t prepared for... that. Next time, try opening with a joke, Overfiend.

#4: You Can Actually Watch It For The Plot

It may be hard to believe if you’re used to thinking of mainstream pornography’s typically flimsy excuse for story, but hentai doesn’t shy away from having a plot, and adopting a variety of different genres. Fantasy, sci-fi, horror, action, you name it and hentai has done it. The bouncing breasts and various kinks are a damn good distraction, but those distractions sometimes serve as key story elements. Sometimes, sex is a tool to fight villains and save the world. This happens a lot with adult games, too, so gamers have more reason to play besides... you know. Take a look at the “Fate/Stay” franchise, or “Kanon” or “Air,” all hentai games that became anime with little to no questionable content... mostly.

#3: #MillennialsLoveHentai

Truthfully, everyone loves hentai – I mean, you clicked on this video for a reason. However, according to Pornhub, millennials are showing up the older generation. Despite the anime stereotype of the perverted old man who’s trying to get a peek at a girl’s panties, it turns out that people aged 34 and younger are the kings and queens of pervy anime viewing. While “hentai” was the 17th most searched term for the group with “cartoon” coming in 13th and “Japanese” coming in 8th millennial users were nearly three times more likely to search for hentai than people aged 35 and older As a category, hentai ranks at number 10 for the younger generation, and it’s viewed 144% more than the older generation

#2: Hentai is Apparently a Good Resume Builder

While people in the porn industry may have difficulty moving onto new creative endeavours in the west, many individuals involved with hentai in Japan have had incredibly successful careers after their animated sexcapades. Kouta Hirano started out doing hentai comics and moved on to make a little series called “Hellsing.” In fact, if you check out one of his previous hentai works, “The Legends of Vampire Hunter,” you’ll find early prototypes to Alucard and other Hellsing charactersThere’s also the all-female manga artist group, CLAMP, who started out drawing boys love fan comics from the anime series, “Saint Seiya. And then there’s the voice actors…[ That’s voice actor Akira Ishida, who now plays the very popular ninja character Gaara in Naruto.

#1: There’s a Pretty Good Reason Behind Tentacle Porn

Ah, the majestic tentacle, a historical piece of Japanese art that was later resurrected in the 80s. You see, this unusual sexual practice dates way back to the 1800s. So are hentai artists simply paying their respects to past depictions of sex? It’s actually a bit more justifiable than that. In the 1900s, censorship laws in Japan made the publication of obscene materials forbidden, hence the blurred images in hentai that fuzz out the good stuff. Fast-forward to the 1980s where manga artist Toshio Maeda came up with the perfect solution: tentacles It sounds like a bizarre loophole, but it’s true: tentacles, technically, weren’t genitalia, so it wasn’t breaking the law to show them. So tentacles... fight censorship in Japan? Well sometimes you just have to take a stand– be it on 2 legs, or 8.

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