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Top 10 Space Stations from Movies and TV

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Script Written by Christopher Ulaski. Now this is how you truly live it up in space! Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 space stations in movies and television. For this list, we’re looking at fictional space stations portrayed on the big and small screens. This means we’re excluding any space station that is from real life such as Mir and the International Space Station. Special thanks to our users Veikko Miettinen, AL BAM and David Jovie Alama for submitting the idea on our Suggestion Tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Space Stations from Movies and TV

Now this is how you truly live it up in space! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 space stations in movies and television.

For this list, we’re looking at fictional space stations portrayed on the big and small screens. This means we’re excluding any space station that is from real life such as Mir and the International SpaceStation. We are also not including the Endurance from “Interstellar” as that technically serves as a ship more than a space station.

#10: Terra Venture
“Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy” (1999)

The Power Rangers have a rich history of spectacular robots and sleek vehicle transport. In “Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy,” their main base of operations is the gargantuan Terra Venture. This spacestation was created to transport a massive population to a new world to escape the frequent monster attacks. In addition to housing a massive city, this vessel also includes domes containing massive mountain landscapes and even oceans. This ship makes the old school zords look like go karts by comparison and is, without a doubt, just plain awesome.

#9: Solaris Station
“Solaris” (1972)

Solaris Station is a scientific research center suspended over the planet known as Solaris. Equipped with advanced technology and all the tools needed to examine this breathtaking discovery, this station is a breakthrough all unto itself. With a bulky design, Solaris Station might not be as sleek or fancy as some of the other stations on this list, but it doesn’t need to be. Its design truly serves its purpose and is most certainly one of the best looking space stations around.

#8: Battle School
“Ender’s Game” (2013)

With humanity fighting for survival against a menacing alien race, the military sends their prospective recruits to Battle School, a training academy in space that’s equipped with all the tools necessary to test their might and strategy. Though this vessel houses room for academic training, the main focus are its battle simulation capabilities. Divided into teams, the recruits can take on huge armies on a large scale, allowing their superiors to evaluate their performance and tactical strategy. Although this is only a training ground, Battle School is not to be taken lightly.

#7: Watchtower II
“Justice League Unlimited” (2004-06)

After the first Watchtower was destroyed during an alien invasion, Watchtower II was built as the new orbital base of operations for the Justice League. Far larger than the original, this station is designed to house an ever expanding team and a growing number of support personnel, and thus has all the goods. This is the absolute perfect location for the League to plan their next mission. Fit for heroes of all shapes and sizes, Watchtower II is just as much a superhero as the team itself.

#6: Gateway Station
“Aliens” (1986)

Despite having only a brief appearance in the film, Gateway Station left a lasting impression. Its unique layout is simplistic in approach, straying away from the typical bulky structures we often see. Meanwhile, its bare bones design tells us that the designers built it for practicality and didn’t waste materials and space if they didn’t have to and considering it was used mostly as a cargo loading station, that makes sense. Though the sci-fi action horror film doesn’t allow us to explore this station to a fuller extent, there are no limits to what our imagination can muster up with the taste we’ve been given so far.

#5: Elysium
“Elysium” (2013)

With Earth left ravaged from pollution and precious resources running low, the wealthy are given refuge on Elysium, an advanced space habitat that separates them from those left to suffer on a slowly dying planet. Equipped with all the resources one could possibly ask for and technology that can heal seemingly all diseases, Elysium is truly the ultimate paradise for those lucky enough to be included. A grand example of greed and corruption, it’s no surprise that the people of Earth rebelled and fought for what they felt should be shared.

#4: Deep Space Nine
“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” (1993-99)

The “Star Trek” universe is filled with some of the most awe-invoking space vessels in all of science fiction. Without question, one of the standouts is the Deep Space Nine space station, which was previously known as Terok Nor. Equally massive as it is beautiful, this station truly has it all. Originally built as a mining and refinery station, it became a central base for space exploration and a center for trade and travel. With its port harboring several colossal starships, this station is a significant outpost for Starfleet and the galaxy.

#3: Babylon 5
“Babylon 5” (1994-98)

Babylon 5 is a space station that makes your mouth drop as you gaze at its spectacular presence and grand design. Designed as a symbol for the “last, best hope for peace,” this station is five miles long and houses well over 250,000 individuals. Positioned in neutral territory, Babylon 5 is a focal point for commerce and political relations, designed to avert war by allowing humans and aliens to work together peacefully. This is truly a station built for the needs of the many rather than the few.

#2: Space Station V
“2001: A Space Odyssey” (1968)

Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” is one of greatest science fiction films in the history of cinema. The spacecraft design is some of the finest ever put to screen, with Space Station V being a prime example of this. By rotating its body, the station generates artificial gravity that equals that of the moon. A travel point between Earth’s orbit and the moon, some of its accommodations include a hotel, lounge area and a restaurant. Not quite such a bad rest stop, we would say!

Before we unveil our top pick, here a few honorable mentions:
- Satellite 5
“Doctor Who” (1963-89; 2005-)
- Legion’s Station
“Red Dwarf” (1988-99; 2009; 2012-)
- Satellite of Love
“Mystery Science Theater 3000” (1988-99)
- Montressor Spaceport
“Treasure Planet” (2002)
- Gargantua-2
“The Venture Bros.” (2004-)

#1: Death Star
“Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope” (1977)

Somehow you knew it would all come down to this bad boy. The planet-sized Death Star is the largest weapon ever built. Equipped with a super-laser that can destroy whole planets in the blink of an eye, its existence is enough to spread fear across the entire galaxy. Housing an army of evil and swarms of TIE Fighters, The Death Star is a threat beyond all imagination. Despite both versions being destroyed, one could only imagine the terror of what may be coming next.

Do you agree with our list? What’s your favorite movie or television space station. For more interstellar top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to

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