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Another Top 10 Internet Memes

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Script written by Peter Sotiriou.

This Internet subculture has taken over the online world enough for another list! Join as we count down our picks for another top 10 Internet memes. For this list, we've chosen the most memorable and famous Internet memes that helped create this interconnected subculture of fun references, videos and images.

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Script written by Peter Sotiriou.

Another Top10 Internet Memes

This Internet subculture has taken over the online world enough for another list! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for another top 10 Internet memes.

For this list, we’ve chosen the most memorable and famous Internet memes that helped create this interconnected subculture of fun references, videos and images.

#10: ‘60s Spider-Man

Kicking off the list is some retro goodness. The classic Spider-Man cartoon from the 1960s hasn’t aged too well: it’s filled with awkward and odd scenes that the Internet thankfully started picking apart in 2009, creating something hilarious with our immature 21st century eyes. Enter the ‘60s Spider-Man meme – or Spide-Meme – a series of shots from the show that place the webslinger in comical situations that feature ridiculous captions and thoughts from Spidey himself. Whether these posts give him cancer or weird erections, you can count on your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man to provide copious amounts of laughter.

#9: Hipster Ariel

Living under the sea is way too mainstream; that’s probably Hipster Ariel’s reason for leaving her underwater kingdom and bringing her self-righteous attitude to us land-dwellers. Created for the purpose of poking fun at hipster behavior, the mermaid with the thick frames she probably doesn’t even need was created by blogger Braden Graeber in 2011, who photoshopped some glasses on Ariel and made meme history. It’s become so popular that a YouTube web series was created featuring a real-life Hipster Ariel that gives advice and offers life lessons.

#8: First World Problems

Have you ever opened the fridge, seen only leftovers and thought, “there’s nothing to eat”? If so, you’re not alone. You are one of the millions of people suffering from First World Problems, a meme used to show how fortunate individuals living in wealthy countries have problems too. Or rather, to point a finger at how in a Third World country, “there’s nothing to eat” means something very different… The meme showcases the extreme severity of trivial inconveniences – all for comedic effect, of course. Its most popular representation is the image of a woman crying with her hand against her face as hilarious captions describe her not-so-problematic issues.

#7: Success Kid / I Hate Sandcastles

Nothing is greater than finding success when you least expect it. Just ask the Success Kid! Used to show a victory or a triumphant result, the meme features an image of a young toddler wielding his fist that spread like crazy on the Internet starting in 2011. Actually, the meme can also be referred to as “I hate sandcastles” because the picture was taken at the beach, with sand covering the little dude’s hands – and in that scenario, the meme is meant to express frustration. However, no sandcastle can top the sheer awesomeness of a winning fist-pump caused by unexpected success.

#6: Doge

Such Doge, much wow. That’s what the Internet’s favorite dog is thinking for this next entry. Doge is a hilarious meme focusing on the exploits and adventures of a simple-minded Shiba Inu (sheeba ee-new): pictures of the dog are captioned with his funny thoughts and internal monologues. The term “doge” is slang for dog, originating from the Homestar Runner puppet show. The original “doge” pictures, however, appeared in 2010 when a Japanese teacher posted pics of her newly rescued Shiba Inu. It’s become an Internet sensation, making its way to the gaming world with parodies of everything from Call of Duty to Minecraft.

#5: Rage Comics

This series of web comics is an Internet meme staple. Featuring famous characters like the FUUUUUUUU guy, the Troll and “Y U NO” guy, these comics relate real life stories with humorous outcomes. Initially drawn using Microsoft Paint most likely, their growing popularity led to the creation of “rage comic generators” for everyone to use and rage with freely. At its origins in 2008, the rage comic was used to show anger at a situation – as its name suggests. But, as its popularity grew, so did its cast of characters and situations.

#4: The Most Interesting Man in the World

We don’t always include Internet memes based on TV commercials, but when we do, it’s The Most Interesting Man in the World. Beginning in 2006, the advertising campaign for Dos Equis beer features a seasoned, ruggedly handsome man with stories aplenty that make the viewer want the product. The Internet had to have a slice of this pie, of course, spreading his image online with the phrasal template “I don’t always X, but when I do, I Y.” We always stay thirsty for this meme.

#3: Your Ecards /

Nothing’s warmer than receiving a loving e-card from someone you care about… unless it’s from SomeEcards. Plaguing our Facebook news feeds, this funny meme has become a mainstay in our everyday lives as we peruse through our social happenings. The SomeEcards website allows users to create their own witty, undoubtedly sarcastic e-cards by using black and white images of characters on a colored background with some text thrown in there for maximum effect. Although egotistical and mean in nature, these e-cards are very relatable, saying aloud what we dare not.

#2: Grumpy Cat

If ever you have doubted the influence of the Internet, look no further than the Grumpy Cat to witness its mighty power. This angry-looking snowshoe cat nicknamed Grumpy Cat – real name Tardar Sauce – rose to Internet prominence on Reddit in 2012. It lent its resting bitch face to a new meme with mean captions, hateful wishes and grumpy sentiments. The feline’s popularity blew up, not only becoming an Internet sensation but a television personality as well, making appearances on talk shows and… wrestling programs. The Grumpy Cat even had its own Christmas movie! All hail the power of the grump.

Before we reveal another number one Internet Meme, here’s a look at some honorable mentions:

- O RLY? Owl
- Pun Dog
- Forever Alone
- This Is Sparta!

#1: Ermahgerd

We’ve made it to our number one. Er. Mah. Gerd. We love Goosebumps just as much as the next person, but this girl’s excitement, with her retainer-ed mouth wide open, took the Internet by storm after her image was posted on Reddit in 2012. Mispronouncing “oh my God” and other words for comedic effect is one thing; what this meme encompasses is the sheer joy of owning or doing something and the ridiculous state it leaves us in. And frankly, we bask in it! Speech impediment, retainer lisp, whatever awkwardness it may be, know that you’re not alone.

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