Top 10 Amazing Avengers: Age of Ultron Facts
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Top 10 Amazing Avengers: Age of Ultron Facts

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Script written by Sean Harris.

The 'Age of Ultron' is almost upon us! Join as we count down the top 10 "Avengers: Age of Ultron" facts! For this list, we've looked at the upcoming Avengers sequel, "Avengers: Age of Ultron". We've scoured through all the information surrounding the release, and ranked the most interesting, exciting and curious items out there! So sit back, relax, and learn more about the superhero team for the ages.

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Script written by Sean Harris.

Top 10 "Avengers: Age of Ultron" Facts

The 'Age of Ultron' is almost upon us! Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down the top 10 "Avengers: Age of Ultron" facts!
For this list, we've looked at the upcoming Avengers sequel, "Avengers: Age of Ultron". We've scoured through all the information surrounding the release, and ranked the most interesting, exciting and curious items out there!

#10: More VFX than the MCU has ever seen

Tech.-wise, "Age of Ultron" is unlike any Marvel movie to date. It will employ over 3000 VFX shots; more than any previous Marvel Comics Universe film to Date. With a $250 million mega-budget behind him, director Joss Whedon has spent some considerable coin on a brand new ILM capture system, known as Muse. A system that makes it easier to combine different takes into a single scene. Whedon's also splashed serious cash on hiring a champion drone flyer and remote car racer, using their skills to achieve never-before-seen camera angles. Excited yet?

#9: ScarJo was pregnant during filming

Scarlett Johanssons’s character Black Widow is one of the main Avengers, but the majority of her scenes had to be shot as early as possible. Why? Because the actress was pregnant during filming! While wonderful news for ScarJo herself, a baby bump would have left her skin-tight suit a little stretched. A potential set-back overcome with little difficulty, according to the cast and crew. A mixture of body-doubles and CGI were used to make everything A-OK! Congrats again Scarlett.

#8: Gadgets! Gadgets! Gadgets!

They're the world's best superhero team, so they need the world's best equipment in their arsenal! There will be numerous new inventions and upgrades in "Age of Ultron", mostly regarding various weaponry! Black Widow wields new, super-charged batons, Captain America's shield will have installed an 'Iron Man-esque' call back feature, and Hawkeye will hold a new, all-encompassing selection of arrow-tips, perfect for any situation! Finally, Hulk will be given some super-stretchy pants - a wardrobe upgrade that he's clearly needed for a long time!

#7: Drawing Inspiration from "The Godfather"

Director Joss Whedon has revealed that while making his movie, he got some inspiration from another great sequel; "The Godfather: Part II"! Possibly the most universally respected sequel ever made, Whedon is clearly setting the bar high with this one in terms of storyline, aesthetic and, well, just about everything else. Direct comparisons between Francis Ford Coppola's epic and Whedon's summer blockbuster are sparse, but the latter is acknowledging that a lot has happened since the Avengers last assembled. The new movie is about creating something new, with the foundation of something we already love.

#6: How to solve a problem like the Hulk?

Bruce Banner is as unpredictable as they come, and when the Hulk is in full, furious swing he almost unstoppable! But, according to the "Age of Ultron" trailer, Iron Man will at some point be attempting to do just that! Of all the sneak-peeks so far, the big and beautiful 'Hulkbuster' armour has caused the biggest of cinematic stirs! An apparent add-on to traditional Iron Man apparel, it's shown during a Hulk/Iron Man stand-off, the cause of which is unclear... Whatever the reason, it looks awesome!

#5: Epic movie - Epic trailer!

Any uncertainty as to the anticipation levels for the next Avengers film were stamped out within 24 hours of the first trailer’s release. A teaser was initially leaked online before the first trailer officially dropped, taking over the Internet in record-breaking fashion! The clip was viewed over 34 million times during its first day - which is a rate of hits never seen before! If you haven't seen it by now, then where have you been exactly??

#4: A "Kick-Ass" couple

As if the MCU isn't inter-woven enough on its own, "Age of Ultron" provides another acting link through the character Quicksilver, and the 'D.I.Y. superhero' movie "Kick-Ass". Reportedly it took Joss Whedon a year to convince Aaron Taylor-Johnson to take the role in "Avengers", during which time the actor might've sought advice from "Kick-Ass" co-star Even Peters, who also played Quicksilver in 20th Century Fox’s "X-Men: Days of Future Past". This isn’t the same version of Quicksilver however. Two silver-screen versions of the character exist as result of a loophole due to Quicksilver’s status as both an Avenger and Mutant. Therefore this new Quicksilver should be as fresh as he is fast!

#3: We have a 'Vision'

On to another new character, whose image has been closely guarded during the run-up to "Age of Ultron"s May 1st release date! The Vision adds even more colour to "The Avengers" colossal character list, as British actor Paul Bettany breathes life into the artificial creation, of an artificial creation... Conceived and created by Ultron himself, The Vision is essentially Frankenstein's monster's monster! - at least in theory... Bettany has provided the voice of J.A.R.V.I.S. until now, so speculate on the significance of that at your leisure!

#2: Tony Stark creates Ultron - Not Ant-Man

As per the "Age of Ultron" trailer, and many Whedon interviews, the infamous Ultron is Tony Stark's creation! A move that makes masses of cinematic sense, it may be the biggest detraction from Marvel Comic’s canon in the entire film series... Originally Hank Pym, A.K.A. Ant-Man, played father to the catastrophic creation, but Whedon has said that because Hank will not appear in "Age of Ultron", Ultron’s origin had to be juked to fit the franchise. Ant-Man's debut will come later in 2015 with his own, self-titled summer blockbuster!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

They built a brand new Avengers Tower!

James Spader was applauded off set on his first day of filming

Ultron is ever-evolving

#1: Ultron 'got no strings'

Of the many great things about the trailer, the eerie "I've Got No Strings" rendition has really stuck in our minds! With key lyrics spoken by Ultron himself, the "Pinocchio" parallels are clear. Stark looks likely to stand-in for Gepetto, which is interesting enough seeing as Robert Downey Jr.'s set to play the character on another project, in the not-too-distant future, and the titular bad guy has the 'puppet-turned-real boy' role... But will the pair end "Age of Ultron" united? Divided? Or somewhere in between? Our curiosity is matched only by our excitement! Not to mention, without Disney owning Marvel, there would probably be no strings between the franchises.

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