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Top 10 YouTube Pranksters - TopX Ep.9

VO: Dan Paradis
Welcome to the ninth episode of TopX, the brand new show where we countdown the very best that YouTube has to offer! Today we're feeling mischievous and counting down the top 10 YouTube pranksters! We based our rank on a mix of subscriber numbers, views, votes from our users, personal preference and general impact on the YouTube community.

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Welcome to the ninth episode of TopX, the brand new show where we countdown the very best that YouTube has to offer! Today we're feeling mischievous and counting down the top 10 YouTube pranksters! For this list we're counting down those channels devoted to practical jokes and hidden cameras. While the channels in question don't have to be entirely devoted to pranks, prank videos have to be among their most popular. We ranked our picks based on a mix of subscriber numbers, votes from our users, personal preference and general impact on the Youtube community.

10– ComedyShortsGamer

- Out of all the channels we’ve seen yet, here we come to the first channel that’s not entirely devoted to Pranks. In fact, Deji Olatunji, who runs the channel, might actually be best known for his other channel, that focuses on videogame reviews.
- That’s not to say that the ComedyShortsGamer doesn’t do a lot of great pranks, simple though they may be. I say simple because while other channels like to use elaborate set ups and costumes and such, Deji barely ever leaves his house. How would your mom react if you told her you got your girlfriend pregnant?
- Actually, scanning through his videos, the stuff involving his family is often the very best. His poor parents are frequent victims, so much so that they’ve even tried to get him back (unsuccessfully).

9 – ViralBrothers

- The viral brothers are a duo from Prague that founded their channel in 2011.
- Definitely the best part about their channel is the “Spy Vs. Spy” kind of vibe going, where they often state that the upcoming prank is revenge for a previous prank. What’s fun about this, aside from the ‘one-up’ nature that keeps things escalating, is the fact it creates a kind of narrative thread tying the videos together. Its fun to check back to see if one subject got revenge on another, waiting in anticipation to see what form of vicious retaliation will unfold.
- To give you an example of just how far these revenge pranks go, their most popular and definitely most horrific is a double-prank video where one of the brothers in question tells his girlfriend he’s been having an affair, but she’s been clued in on it an then pretends to commit suicide by jumping out the window. Broken glass and a body double are used to great effect. If it was all staged, its very convincing.

8 – Edbassmaster

- Ed Bassmaster is all about pranking in character. A quick look at the banner on his website should give you a clue to this, but essentially his shtick is that he likes to dress up and do his pranks in character. Although these characters are relatively simple by ways of makeup and costumes, it’s his unflinching commitment to the “roles” that sells the whole channel, really.
- Ed does a lot of collaborations. Those of you who saw our “Top 10 Lifestyle Vloggers” videos will be familiar with the Shaytards and BFvsBF, where Ed has made a handful of appearances.
- Those of you that prefer your pranks to be more awkward than mean spirited will probably enjoy Ed’s channel more than others. In fact, one of his videos, which he did in collaboration with ABC, is essentially him just handing out bicycles to people for free. In character of course.

7 – RomanAtwood

- RomanAtwood has a channel you may be familiar with already, thanks to his infamous Anniversary Prank Backfires video. This clip, which has been seen a whopping 53 million times, shows his girlfriend giving him a taste of his own medicine.
- Say what you want about how smart Roman is for trying this kinda stuff, you can’t say that he doesn’t have balls. Some of these hidden camera pranks are so risky that we probably should have put him as an HM for our Top 10 Daredevils list and will probably find himself on WorldStar Hiphop sooner or later. His most popular videos are often him coming very close to bodily harm, as he pretends to pee on Ferraris, steal peoples tires or get caught syphoning gas. How did you think that guy was gonna react?
- It’s this element of danger that really ties the whole channel together. Those videos that are NOT specifically dangerous, reeeeally push the boundaries as to what qualifies as “going too far”, like one infamous video where he pretends to kill his son in front of his wife. Not for the faint of heart.

6 – MagicofRahat

- At #7 we have a guy who describes himself as “the magician prankster”. While you might think that would give you a good idea of what his most popular videos are like, his videos feature less of what I’d call magic, and more just elaborate set ups. Where as a hidden camera and a lack of self preservation are all that RomanAtwood ever seems to need, Rahat likes his props. Specifically, props that make it seem that he’s been horribly injured.
- Aside from pulling magic tricks and making himself look dismembered, there is one thing that Rahat is notorious for; his drive thru pranks.
- Now, these drive thru pranks are often very similar to his other pranks, in so much that they rely on convincing people that he’s in some sort of impossible or horrible state, except his victims are always drive thru workers. What makes these so dependably great is the dependable format: because the drive thru workers can never see him before he pulls up, the surprise is always guaranteed. One infamous clip that you may of come across is his “Invisible Driver” clip, which is exactly what you’d think.
- It’s these elaborate, creative set ups and the focus on surprising people, not angering them, that makes Rahat’s channel a welcome change from his competition.

5 – Remi Gaillard

- K, so I mentioned that Rahat likes his elaborate set ups, and Roman likes to annoy people and really push his luck. If you’re having trouble deciding which one you like more, you might wanna check out Remi Gaillard, who uses elaborate setups to annoy the hell out of people…often the cops.
- If you haven’t already guessed, Remi really likes to dress up for his pranks, and often the costume he’s wearing reflects the prank he’s pulling. For example, one insanely popular video has him dressed up as Mario, driving thru traffic in a go-kart throwing banana peels at cars.
- This love of dressing up and playing mischievous characters and animals is even reflected in his moto: “C’est en faisant m’importe quoi qu’on devient m’importe qui”, which translates roughly into “it’s in doing whatever that you become whoever”.
- This mix of mischief and pop culture references makes his videos a little bit more accessible than some of the edgier pranksters. Although people are definitely annoyed by his stunts, there’s a level of good-natured fun that definitely isn’t always present in some of the competition.

4 – DMPranksProductions

- We hope you got enough of the lighthearted stuff cuz DMPranksProductions is not that. No mischief, no annoying voices, just shit your pants scary stuff and very convincing props. How you feel about clowns?
- As you have just terrifyingly seen, their most popular videos are their Killer Clown Series, which convince hapless bystanders that they’re about to meet their end at the hands of a vicious circus performer. Their other popular stuff follows this vein as well: they have one with a vicious mutant mask, one involving a demonic little girl, one involving a psycho with a flamethrower…you get the idea…
- Now, these guys are from Italy, its noteworthy because I can say without exaggeration or hyperbole that if they were to try this shit in the states, they would DEFINITELY get shot. No question.
- What’s ironic about their channel is the other strong series they run is completely different. They have a number of videos that they call “social experiments”, which use hidden camera setups, like pranks, except are a bit more nuanced and less dependent on people losing their minds. Would you steal from the homeless? Or try to stop a mugging?

3 – FouseyTUBE

- Yousef Salef Erakakt, or Fousey for short, mixes a lot of the elements we’ve already seen today to great effect. Props, costumes, and hidden cameras are used frequently in his pranks.
- What sets his videos apart is an underlying level of good humor to his clips. While his victims certainly aren’t laughing AS their being pranked, often his videos show him breaking character, pointing to his hidden camera and laughing it off with whomever. This makes the whole thing just seem a lot more friendly and good-natured.
- While he still does scare the crap out of hundreds of people, this good natured attitude is most apparent in his most popular video: Spiderman in Real Life. This is an actually insanely cute video, and not so much of a prank, where he dresses up like Spiderman and recruits young kids to help him save the day.
- A lot of the channels we check out on TopX post at regular, dependable rates, but not so much for this episode. Whether it’s a lack of ideas, funding or simple availability, prank channels have a tough time delivering consistent content. FouseyTube is peerless in this regard as his channel updates on a dependable weekly basis, making it a great channel to check back on.

2 – PrankvsPrank

- If there’s one channel that definitely outdoes the ViralBrothers in terms of the Spy Vs. Spy theme, it’s PrankVsPrank, unsurprisingly I’m sure.
- Now, you may remember Jesse and Jeana from our Top 10 Lifestyle Vlog episode, for their channel, BfVsGf. While that channel is a bit more active, this one is their first channel and definitely the more popular of the two.
- Jesse and Jeana never disturb a soul when pulling their pranks. No, their only victims are each other. But victims they are…Their most popular video has Jeana setting up the apartment to convince Jesse that she’s been cheating on him…a set up that’s been tried by a number of the other pranksters on this list.
- Because Jesse and Jeana are a couple and actually don’t wish any ill upon each other, you’d think things wouldn’t get too mean. Well, they definitely push the line a little bit, like one episode where Jesse convinces Jeana that their cat fell out the window. She…she cries…

1 – VitalyzedTv

- Described as a Russia dude with a camera and some wonderful ideas, its of pranking eachother like some of the other channels we’ll see today, VitalyzedTv looks to the public for their unsuspecting victims.
- I hesitate to use the term mean spirited, but many of his pranks are downright nasty. One of his most popular videos is one that’s very similar to a DMPranksProduction video as its set in a parking garage, complete with what looks like an amputee and a very convincing looking chainsaw.
- A common theme in a lot of these videos is a mockery of the dating scene, or and the shallow nature thereof. For instance, one video that you may have already come across is him trying to pick up girls while leaning on a fancy car. Best to see for yourself…
- As you can see, when not actually scaring the crap out of people, the host is usually putting himself or his subjects in very awkward situations, often trying clearly trying to provoke a big reaction. This guy is the ultimate shit disturber, so those of you that are sad that Jackass is no longer on the air should feel right at home.


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