Batman VS. Superman
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Batman VS. Superman

VOICE OVER: Dan Paradis Script written by Max Lett.

An alien from a dead planet who's able to perform superhuman feats versus an orphan with some control issues. In this video, pits the Man of Steel against the Dark Knight to see which superhero comes out on top. On our Top 10 DC Superheroes list, Batman triumphed, while Superman, due to his iconic status, was our winner on our Top 10 Superheroes of all time list. For this showdown, we're evaluating these superheroes on specific categories to see how well they measure up.

Special thanks to our users ibriers 1, viliguns, Andrew A. Dennison, Mattyhull1 and Maher Monzer for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at WatchMojo.comsuggestread more...