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Top 10 Most Hated Comedians

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Just cause they’re famous doesn’t mean they’re popular. Sometimes, stand-up comedians walk a fine line between love and hate with their audiences, and sometimes they cross so far over the line they incite tons of hate. What makes them cross that line can vary; they may be too rude, too crude, steal too many jokes or worse. But for some reason, there are a few comedians who draw the ire worse than anyone else. In this video, counts down our picks for the top 10 most hated comedians. For this list, we’ve decided to pick comedians who are ragged on all the time. We’re not saying we hate them – although, in some cases, we understand why people do.

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Top 10 Most Hates Comedians

Just cause they’re famous doesn’t mean they’re popular. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 most hated comedians.

For this list, we’ve decided to pick comedians who are ragged on all the time. We’re not saying we hate them – although, in some cases, we understand why people do.

#10 – Sarah Silverman

We’re not here to argue about whether or not women can be funny – all we’re saying is, there’s a contingent of people who think that a) Silverman is too crude for her own good, b) she relies on her hotness and c) she slept her way to the top. For Silverman, she’s hated because she’s so popular. And she’s popular cause of those punchlines you don’t see coming.

#9 – Pauly Shore

Some would say that classifying The Weasel as a comedian is an insult to the profession. True or not, even all two of his fans must admit he’s one-note in the acting department: whether we’re talking “Bio-Dome,” “Encino Man” or – uh, does he have other movies? And that means that “playing dumb” thing only Adam Sandler can pull off, plus lotsa surfer-speak.

#8 – Jeff Dunham

Dunham and his posse of un-PC puppets do have a significant fan following. However, he’s the guy who resuscitated ventriloquism, and for that we say: why? Dummies are creepy. But more than that, critics claim his comedy is forced and not groundbreaking. Fiercer critics call him racist and homophobic – or at least, the puppets are. Sorry to say, but we can see your lips moving, dude.

#7 – Jay Leno

When was the last time anyone ever said, “Did you catch Leno last night? It was hilarious!” Answers may range between “the OJ trial” and “never.” That’s cause Jay is everything people – specifically TV critics – hate about comedians: he’s cursed for dumbed-down jokes, called a hack, lazy, and plain unfunny, and heavily criticized for screwing over Conan O’Brien. Even so, Leno does still kill in the ratings. Go figure.

#6 – Larry the Cable Guy

We’re impressed we’ve even heard of this redneck and his insufferable catchphrase. Beside the rest of his Blue Collar Comedy cadre, Larry pokes fun at life in “real America.” Some find him funny cause of the racist routines and fart jokes; others think he’s brilliantly satirizing American anti-intellectualism. But those who hate him – and there are many – are just sick of a multimillionaire acting like a hillbilly.

#5 – Kathy Griffin

She admits to living life on the D-list. How she’d even make it that far with this voice? By bashing celebrities. Opponents say mean comedy is too easy, and that this fiery redhead’s loud, obnoxious and trying too hard to pretend she doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Some people even wonder aloud if she’s actually a gay man, and it’s stunts like this that make those questions fairly compelling.

#4 – Gallagher

We’ll give him this: it takes talent to become famous for smashing watermelons. Gallagher was one of the first to succeed with prop comedy, so thanks to him we have guys like Carrot Top. But back to the melons: some challenge the Sledge-O-Matic as simply being dull, and even Johnny Carson disliked him. And they’re no kinder to him when he actually uses words to make jokes.

#3 – Carrot Top

His rivals say the props may be funny, but he’s not. In the ‘90s, Carrot was a weirdo ginger-kid with a trunk full of stuff. But that was before the ‘roid rage and facelifts. Now he’s a larger, tighter-faced ginger-kid with a trunk full of stuff. Carrot beats Gallagher in the most hated department since he’s taken something many already consider unfunny, and made it – by all accounts – worse.

#2 – Carlos Mencia

What do comedians despise more than anything? Joke-stealing. And Mencia has been accused of that on multiple occasions by multiple people. Not only that, but many complain that Mencia plays the race card so often and with such relish that it borders on unimaginative. And racist. The fact that critics still debate whether or not he’s actually even Mexican is worst of all.

#1 – Dane Cook

That joke-stealing thing goes triple for him. Rumors about his thievery have swirled for a while – only Cook’s got the success and name recognition a guy like Carlos Mencia lacks. What’s his deal? Detractors say his observations are overly obvious and stale. Many people – mostly hipsters – find that his hyper style, meandering storytelling and douchebag persona wear thin pretty fast – unless you’re a 13-year-old boy. You be the judge.

Do you agree with our list? Which comedians do you hate the most? For more top 10s, about your favorite – and least favorite – celebrities, be sure to subscribe to

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