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Top 10 Superhero Sidekicks

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Whether it's Marvel or DC, it seems that every superhero is open to the idea of having an understudy help them in their fight against evil. These super friends and partners range from dogs, to hockey mask wearing vigilantes, an accountant in a moth suit, drivers, little girls and circus orphans! Join as we count down the top 10 Superhero sidekicks.

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Top 10 Superhero Sidekicks

They may ride shotgun, but at least they’re always around to help save the day! Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down the top 10 Superhero sidekicks.

Just to keep things fair, we’re only including one sidekick per superhero, whether it is from the comics, movies or television. They also need to own a costume, even if they don’t have quote-on-quote “superpowers”.

#10- Krypto The Superdog “Superman”

If dog is truly man’s best friend, then super dog must be…well, you see where we’re going! A sidekick that’s been around since the 50s, this alien dog was used by Kal-El’s dad to test the escape pods before his planet went boom. Re-uniting with his master’s son on Earth, Krypto has all of Superman’s abilities, human-intelligence, an S-clad collar, his own snazzy red cape, and even a secret identity, posing as Skip the Kent family’s dog!

#9- Speedy (Roy Harper) “Green Arrow”

This ex-heroin addict was adopted by The Green Arrow after the death of his adoptive father, a Navajo medicine chief. An equally skilled archer with a wealth of trick arrows, you can’t confuse this teenage sidekick with his partner due to his distinctly red and yellow outfit. As a model partner in every sense of the word, this hero was eventually upgraded to working solo following a 50-year comic run.

#8- Casey Jones “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”

This hockey mask-wearing vigilante made a habit out of beating the crap out of common criminals with the sports gear he carries around in a golf bag. Though he usually works solo, he does assist the Turtles regularly. In the 1990 film he went so far as to save Splinter while his pals battled the Shredder, before literally squashing the villain. In the comics and 2007 flick, he is the sidekick to Raph’s Nightwatcher identity.

#7- Arthur “The Tick”

This kind-hearted accountant in a moth suit was chosen by the Tick to be his crime-fighting partner, since he already had his own costume and craved adventure. Often mistaken for a bunny, Arthur can fly and has night vision. While he may be a coward that is all but useless in a fight, he is the brains of the duo and the Tick’s always loyal friend.

#6- Kato “The Green Hornet”

Serving as Britt Reid’s valet, and the Green Hornet’s driver, enforcer and bodyguard- this sidekick proved to be the real muscle of the team. Best known as Bruce fricken’ Lee, Kato helps Reid fight crime in order to repay an honor dept. A human Swiss-army-knife, he is proficient in everything from mechanical engineering to martial arts.

#5- Abe Sapien “Hellboy”

Hellboy’s constant companion and best friend, this amnesic fish-man is a fellow member of the B.P.R.D. A field agent, his motivation for fighting supernatural threats is to uncover his own true identity. Perfectly complementing Hellboy’s rash and impulsive nature, Abe is the cautionary member of the team, and capable of using psychic abilities to help solve baffling mysteries. Not bad for a fish out of water!

#4- Hit Girl “Kickass”

This foul-mouthed little girl was raised by her ex-cop father to be the ultimate ass kicking machine from birth. Ironically, after his death this purple haired heroine ends up partnering with Kick Ass. A superhero assassin, she is a master of all weapons and is happy to spew obscenities as she spills blood.

#3- War Machine “Iron Man”

The best friend of Tony Stark and a lieutenant in the Marine Corps, Rhodes assists his pal with a suit of his own. Unlike Iron Man’s focus on style and pulse weaponry, War machine retained the steel look and outfitted his older version armor with heavy firepower. Occasionally, Rhodes has had to cover for his partner during bouts of alcohol addiction, but isn’t that what a friend is for?

#2- Bucky Barnes “Captain America”

This orphaned teenager grew up as an army base mascot following the death of his father, an American soldier. Befriending Steve Rogers, he accidentally discovered that his buddy was in fact Captain America, and as a result was trained to become his masked field partner throughout the Second World War. That makes him the only sidekick to ever kick Nazi ass…at least on a regular basis.

#1- Robin “Batman”

Taking the top spot is the quintessentially sidekick, also known as the boy wonder. Created to draw in younger audiences, he has remained a franchise staple since 1940. While there have been several incarnations, the most famous remains Dick Greyson, an adopted circus orphan, that was taught by Batman to fight, do detective work and serve as a brightly colored yellow, red and green colored distraction to draw away the bullets.

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