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Top 10 Video Game Easter Eggs

VO: Dan
Video games are made up of massive fictional worlds. Within these, developers and programmers love to leave jokes behind, including countless secrets, both entertaining and shocking, that only the most devoted gamers could ever find. Join as we count down our Top 10 favorite Video Game Easter eggs.

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Top 10 Video Game Easter Eggs

These are silly and fun little extras that developers created for kicks, or thought no one would ever find. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our Top 10 favorite Video Game Easter eggs.

#10: Rings of Power – R-Rated Logo Screen

Kicking off our list is the secret title screen Easter egg that pre-empted the quote on quote “official” use of the Internet. This RPG game was created for for the Sega Mega Drive by Naughty Dog, an boy did its developer ever live up to its name by adding some secret 16 bit boobs! Psst …try it by holding down-right + A + B + C + Start at boot up. You owe us one….

#9: NBA Jam: Tournament Edition – Celebrity Guest Stars

In the 90s Bill Clinton was everywhere, and who knew that before he underwent troubles in the white house, he was slamming balls on the court? Check it out: Hilary won’t leave him alone with other the players for even a second! Whoa…Will Smith’s Fresh Prince is here too?! Wait…shouldn’t he be playing for Philadelphia?

#8: Wave Race: Blue Storm- Sarcastic Announcer

This rotten Easter egg was hidden away for years! Unearthed by activating a code, it transformed Nintendo’s pleasant sports commentator into a bored smack talker who disses everything you do. Dig abuse? Go to the audio menu waveform and tap Z repeatedly until it changes. Then on the D-Pad press: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, X, Z until given an audio cue.

#7- Goldeneye 007- Secret Island

Did you know that the one time greatest shooter console originally featured bigger levels? In the dam level, use the sniper rifle to look across the bay. There, you’ll see an island intended as an extra part of the level, which had to be cut due to cartridge space. However, they mainly just deleted the boat that ferries you there. To visit, you’ll need a game shark to activate “No clipping” to walk on the water….just like Jesus!

#6: Diablo 2&3- Cow Level

There is no cow level. Actually…yes there is. It is a secret world filled with bipedal cattle and their “Cow King”, or rainbows and sparkling happiness…depending which installment you’re playing… Yes, Blizzard has a strange way of making themselves “utterly” pleased…. Okay, let’s “moo-ve” along…

#5: GTA San Andreas: Hot Coffee Mod

2004 was a bad time to be a video game advocate or retailer…. Not only was Grand Theft Auto spurring the usual controversies on the surface, but Rockstar Games decided to include a seemingly inaccessible minigame... which was of course found when San Andreas arrive on PC! Dubbed after common not-so-subtle request to “come in for coffee”… it features CJ getting a lot more than coffee with his girlfriend. Yes, there was a shit storm on parliament hill, several lawsuits, and a complete recall.

#4: Batman Arkham Asylum- Arkham City Blueprints

The sign of a well thought out franchise is this discovery that its developer knew what they were doing the entire time. Despite all the trophy searches, most gamers missed finding what was inside of Warden Quincy Sharp’s secret room. There, you can clearly see blueprints laid out for Arkham City. This room never appeared on the map and could only be discovered in detective mode, and through several coats of explosive gell.

#3: Call of Duty Black Ops- Computer Terminal

This game’s menu screen ties you to a torture chair. However, looking down and moving left and right repeatedly frees you from your bindings. Walk around the interrogation room… see that computer? You can access it to play the text game Zork… and discover other fun little distractions…

#2: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past- The Houlinan Room

Back in the early 90s, a reader of Nintendo Power won a contest before the North American release of “The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.” His prize was to have an ultra secret room named after him. Dubbed the Chris Houlinan Room, there are five complex ways to enter…feel free to Google them… and inside you will find 45 Blue Rupees and a Telepathy Tile welcoming you. Interestingly, this room was created as a failsafe incase the game couldn’t figure out were to send Link.

#1: Doom II: Ego Trip

Taking the top spot is the most ego-filled Easter egg ever. John Romero, the face of Doom, created an extra room at the end of the game that is only accessible in “no clip” mode, which allows you to discover his severed head impaled on a stick. This showcased him as the true boss of the game…. If you reverse and slow down the demonic voice you hear, you can clearly make him out what he says.

What’s your favorite Easter egg? For more fun Top 10 lists visit us at

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