Top 10 Sci-Fi Babes

We love to nerd out over laser beams, spaceships and aliens. However, nothing makes science fiction nearly as enjoyable as its inclusion of hot chicks that spout technobabble, kick ass, or wear golden bikinis. To celebrate, we've decided to count down the finest hotties the galaxy has to offer. Join as we countdown Sci-Fi's Top 10 Babes.
Top 10 Sci-Fi Babes

They’re the finest the galaxy has to offer. Join as we countdown Sci-Fi’s Top 10 Babes.

Number 10: Barbarella (Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy)

Kicking things off is the oldest character on our list, having once had a comic series, not that we’re holding that against her.

The year 40,000, and Barbarella is assigned by the president of Earth to find a mad scientist on a far off planet. Taking a page from the Captain Kirk school of fashion, she constantly finds ways to get her clothes ripped into skimpy shreds. She even floats around naked in zero gravity during the intro credits. Wait a second, that’s awesome, why isn’t she ranked higher on this list?

Number 9: Zev/Xev Bellringer (Lexx)

This babe with the Angelina-Jolie-like-lips was once placed in a body-altering machine to become a sex slave. While the machine changed her appearance and gave her a libido to match, the process was interrupted, preserving her will and giving her Lizard DNA, making her super strong and able to do, you know, lizardy-type stuff.

We like her obvious reasons.

Number 8: Aeryn Sun (Farscape)

A renegade intergalactic peacekeeper, Sun was stripped of her rank and marked for death. Afterwards, she became the protector and close friend of lost astronaut John Crichton.

A trained soldier since birth, she started off with little emotion or empathy, but became quite mischievous later on. Queue the tongue trick…

Number 7: LeeLoo (The Fifth Element)

Reconstructed from alien DNA, Leeloo is the perfect being. She’s sensitive, gorgeous and a terrific fighter. And the only hope for humanity…blah blah blah.

She also gets major man-points for having a good appetite!

Number 6: Saffron (Firefly)

You knew Firefly was making the list, but weren’t sure which of its ladies would make the cut? Well, we’ve decided to surprise by nominating Saffron. This crafty con artist is able to assume multiple identities to marry men and claim their wealth. Character traits aside, it’s Christina Hendricks, come on!

Number 5: Seven of Nine (Star Trek: Voyager)

When ratings were in free-fall, this Borg-turned human saved Voyager from cancellation. Some say it was due to introducing the theme of “humanity”, but they are wrong! We know the real reason it worked…. Some critics demanding more toned down attire, so she was given differently colored cat suits with lower cut collars instead…genius!

Number 4: Samantha Carter- (Stargate SG-1)

The only woman on our list to come from the present, she may ironically be one of the smartest, and we hope you aren’t surprised to find out that we find intelligence very sexy! How smart is she? Well, she’s an astrophysicist! Not convinced? Well she’s pretty good with machine guns and fighter jets. She’s cooler than you…

Number 3: Number 6 (Battlestar Galactica)

If there’s one woman that no one should mind having stuck in their head, its Number 6. Okay, she’s a Cylon and she’s responsible for the fall of the colonies, but she looks so good in red! Ah come on, you would have given up the earth defense codes if she had asked you to.

Number 2: Uhura (Star Trek)

We’re almost there, and couldn’t bring ourselves to neglect mentioning the communications officer on the U.S.S. Enterprise. Uhura is not only an integral part of the ships multinational crew, but one of Sci-Fi’s most groundbreaking ladies.

Sure, she became popular for opening contact with alien races in a mini-skirt, but her professionalism and sweetness made her endearing.

Although we’d still like to think that her dance from Star Trek V never really happened…

Number 1: Princess Leia Organa (Original Star Wars Trilogy)

Seeing as we began our list with a babe from the far future, it’s only fitting that we end with one from a long time ago.

Taking the top spot is Princess Leia. Sure, she got a bit incestuous with Luke, but nobody knew that at the time so it didn’t count.

Leia is easily the most iconic gal on this list, she’s got the buns, hair buns that is, can fire a blaster like a pro, and looks fantastic in a golden bikini. By the way, do you think Jabba…no, he couldn’t have…

With so many sci-fi babes, we’re sure we missed a few. Which is your favorite?
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