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Top 10 Reasons Bart Simpson Should Stop Pranking

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    1Sent Homer to the Hospital- So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show
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  • 2He almost got expelled after his grenade prank on the entire school- Better Off Ned suggested byMark Trane
    Of course, I wish Bart Simpson would age, stop being a troublemaker and a prankster who hates studying and get better and more mature, but no. Just no. He didn't. How dares he not want to be like his Sister. Since his father saved him, everything gets worse,. He had to be like his sister, but no. He deserve to expelled and he has to.
  • 3Went to Millitary School For His Megaphone Prank- The Secret War of Lisa Simpson
  • 4He was deported to France after his Cherry Bomb prank on Skinner's mother- The Crepes of Wrath suggested byMark Trane
  • 5Went To Jail For His Fake Wedding Prank- The Wandering Juvie
  • 6He caused the SWAT tank to destroy the Kwik E Mart by spraying Chief Wiggum- Much Apu about Something suggested byMark Trane
  • 7He caused his own mother to be a substitute teacher in his class - The PTA Disbands suggested byMark Trane
  • 8His prank on the school caused his own best friend to be suspended - The Good, the Sad, and the Drugly suggested byMark Trane
  • 9He got his teacher fired by getting her drunk- Bart gets a Z suggested byMark Trane
  • 10He was ordered to assist Skinner with Astronomy for his weather balloon prank- Bart's Comet suggested byMark Trane
  • 11He had to take Focusyn after he flooded the Gymnasium- Brother's Little Helper suggested byMark Trane
  • 12He cause a cruise ship to be stuck at sea indefinitely, after he pranked the crew and passengers with a movie - A Totally Fun Thing Bart Will Never Do Again suggested byMark Trane
  • 13His constant calls to Australia, caused him to apologize to the Australian Government - Bart vs. Australia suggested byMark Trane
  • 14His wedding prank got him sentenced to 6 months in Juvenile Hall - The Wandering Juvie suggested byMark Trane
  • 15The time Bart said that he saw Heaven, only made him feel guilty about it - Bart's Not Dead suggested byMark Trane
  • 16His "Down with Homework" shirt prank caused to school to start making the students wear uniforms - Team Homer suggested byMark Trane
  • 17He almost killed Martin with his artificial bone prank - Dial "N" for Nerder suggested byMark Trane
  • 18He broke up his parents by putting Marge's bra on Milhouse's parents bed- Milhouse of Sand and Fog suggested byMark Trane
  • 19His antics led Lisa to filing a restraining order against him - On a clear day I Can't See my Sister suggested byCatherine Ray
  • 20His prank phone call at the school fundraiser causes the school staff to be embarrassed in front of everyone, and the school fundraiser to be a failure - Bart Stops to Smell the Roosevelts suggested byMark Trane
  • 21His prank phone calls constantly put in Moe in distress - Various Episodes suggested byMark Trane


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