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Top 10 Bart Simpson Phone Pranks

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Written by Sean Harris These gags never get old. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Bart Simpson Phone Pranks. For this list, we’ve gathered the best pranks Bart ever pulled on the continually unsuspecting bartender, Moe Szyslak – as well as on other gullible victims. Special thanks to our users Steffi and wilfredy irizarry jr for suggesting this idea, check out the voting page at WatchMojo.comsuggest/Top+10+Bart+Simpson+Phone+Pranks

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These gags never get old. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Bart Simpson Phone Pranks.

For this list, we’ve gathered the best pranks Bart ever pulled on the continually unsuspecting bartender, Moe Szyslak – as well as on other gullible victims.

#10: Ivana Tinkle
“New Kid on the Block”

When the Simpsons’ new neighbor has Bart’s heart all aflutter, he tries his best to impress her. Not all of his efforts are successful, but this episode does end with Bart and his crush giggling on the phone together, annoying Moe to no end. We start with a rare prank that isn’t delivered by Bart himself, but he’s the brain behind the bogus name. With Bart whispering instructions to Laura Powers, his prank calling partner in crime, Moe’s embarrassment has the Tavern in raptures. Even Homer and the Sea Captain are able to put their ‘all you can eat’ troubles aside.

#9: Jacques Strap
“Moaning Lisa”

In one of the show’s first phone gags ever, Bart feigns a French acquaintance to leave the yellow-faced Moe red-faced. And while the joke fails to raise the moaning Lisa’s spirits, it’s impossible to watch Moe’s rage without laughing. Out of context, his threat to gut the prankster and drink their blood could quite easily come from a late night cop show, but it’s a classic reaction in an on-going feud. Moe’s rising anger is integral to these scenes, and this outburst is one of his best.

#8: Mike Rotch
“Blood Feud”

Though unimpressed last time out, Lisa is Bart’s accomplice for the next phone funny, which prompts Moe to send a sadistic promise to maim his foe with mountaineering tools. The bartender’s description of his own downstairs comes as Homer toils with a moral dilemma concerning Mr. Burns. Having fallen ill, the miserly millionaire was saved by a blood transfusion thanks to Bart, but Homer thinks his family should’ve been better rewarded, when all they received was a thank you card. Bart seems to have shaken off the disappointment, however, much to Moe’s frustration.

#7: Lee Keybum
“The Simpsons Guy”

As a way of buddying up with Stewie in 2014’s “Simpsons”/ “Family Guy” crossover, Bart teaches his new pal how to prank call. Or tries too, at least. Lee Keybum is especially hilarious because the first and last names are both believable. And it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that the Keybum family could make such an unfortunate oversight. The joke clearly gets Stewie’s approval, and the Griffin tot soon dials the Tavern himself, keen to make Moe suffer more. But his nuisance call turns very dark, very quickly.

#6: I’m a Stupid Moron…
“Treehouse of Horror II”

The second “Simpsons” Halloween special takes place partway through Season 3, and by now Moe should really know better. So, to highlight how easily Springfield’s server of Duff is duped, and under the guise of Bart’s dream scenario, the writers hit us with this. Moe’s “I’m a stupid moron” line is just the right side of ridiculous. In a matter of seconds, he knocks his own intelligence, questions his own attractiveness, and admits to using unexpected flexibility to get closer to his own rear end. Plus, he says the word “butt’” three times in as many sentences. What’s not to love?

#5: Al Coholic
“Some Enchanted Evening”

This episode was originally intended as the series premiere for the show’s first ever season, so this gag is actually one of Bart’s oldest and best. “Some Enchanted Evening” sees the Babysitter Bandit target the Simpson kids, but not before some fun is had at Moe’s expense. With Lisa laughing at his side and Maggie struggling to stay upright, Bart states the obvious, but Moe fails to see the fakery. With the likes of Barney Gumble on the other side of the bar, it’s a wonder there wasn’t a sudden show of hands.

#4: Homer Sexual
“Principal Charming”

It takes more than a trip to the principal’s office to stop Bart’s prolific prank calling. The ten-year-old’s troublemaking lands him in a spot of bother with Skinner, but when he’s ordered to phone his father, he finds the funny side instead. Moe responds with a typical tirade of abuse, only to mistakenly threaten the school head rather than his unknown antagonist. And judging by Skinner’s less than impressed tone, Moe was one more word away from joining Bart for detention at the opening credits blackboard!

#3: Hugh Jass
“Flaming Moe’s”

With the Tavern’s popularity transformed by a new and exciting cocktail (a recipe that Moe stole from Homer), the bartender’s at the mercy of a much bigger crowd for Bart’s next made-up name. But before the laughs set in, he’s saved by a well-spoken patron. “Hugh Jass” is comedy gold, but the gag goes wrong when someone actually takes the call. The irony is that the bearer of the butt to Bart’s joke reacts extremely calmly, compared to Moe’s usual rage. And he instantly uncovers the identity of the prankster, while Moe is still none the wiser.

#2: Seymour Butz
“One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish”

When a classic Bart setup leads Moe to reveal a desire for derrieres, the bartender sends an avalanche of anger down the phone line. His corkscrew threat is so poisonous it’s poetic, and “scum-sucking pus bucket” has to be one of the best insults in “Simpsons” history. According to one Reddit fan theory, Moe knows it’s Bart who routinely winds him up and is only playing along because he’s lonely, and wants to give the little guy a laugh. Believe what you will, but he certainly seems genuine here.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
- Maya Normusbutt / Drew P. Wiener / Olaf Myfriendsaregay

“Lost Verizon”

- Ahmed Adoudi

“24 Minutes”

- I. P. Freely

“Homer’s Odyssey”

#1: Amanda Hugginkiss
“New Kid on the Block”

We finish where we started, with the eighth episode of Season 4 – the one where Moe reaches a breaking point. Upset by Laura Powers’ preference for school bully Jimbo Jones, Bart frames his love rival as the Tavern’s prankster and the bartender goes knife-wielding crazy. Everything about “Amanda Hugginkiss” is awesome: Moe’s effeminate delivery, his quickness to believe an obvious setup, the fact that he has a rusty weapon stored waiting for this very moment. The joke leaves Jimbo traumatized, Bart satisfied, and Barney almost hospitalized. It’s prank perfection.

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