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Top 10 Plot Holes In Futurama You Never Noticed

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    1Benders 40 percent composition
    It could be argued that he was lying most of the time, given his nature...

  • 2Fry is amazed by Lrrrs palace even though he was there before
    Quite right, Spanish Fry was in the original 72 episodes, whilst T the Terrestrial was in the Revival Era.
    Spanish Fry aired before T the Terrestrial did
    T the terrestrial had fry head towards Lrrrs palace because he was amazed by it but the episode Spanish Fry showed that he not only saw it before but entered into it

  • 3Zoidbergs Wedding Album And Zindy
    In Benderama, Farnsworth shredded a wedding album of Zoidbergs wedding but the identiy Of The Wife was never revealed. 2 seasons later in stench and stenchibility, Zoidberg admitted that he had been dating a girl named Zindy for 4 years

  • 4The Orbital Status Of Mars
    A farewell to arms had the planet mars permanently going near the sun in an apolyptoc event for the planet rendering it uninhabitable yet a few episodes later in viva mars Vegas, it is shown back in its normal orbit and its terrain and casinos are perfectly okay

  • 5Cyanide Salad
    I meant this plot hole is found in The Tip Of The Zoidberg Episode
    From the top of the Zoidberg episode. Bender made a salad in that episode with sharp axes laced with cyanide and later on the Professor is seen eatingbthe salad and he does is okay

  • 6Roberto dies yet shows up alive
    In the six million dollar mon, he dies and his brain chip containing his consciousness is permanently destroyed but in stench and stenchibility he shows up again and tries to rob Zoidberg and Marianne

  • 7Amy called Kif her husband after the fon fon ru ceremony but later states that she and Kif are not married Make Your Case
  • 8Seymour growing old while waiting for Fry in the end of Jurassic Bark, but was with Fry/Lars when he got fossilized in Bender's Big Score suggested byRichard Smith Make Your Case
  • 9Bender pastes a tatoo On Frys butt yet it did not show up when he mooned Momcorp Make Your Case
  • 10Nixon's Head gains a Large Mech Body when becoming Earth's President, a Position he has for the Rest of the Series but without the Large Mech Body and has Agnew suggested byCuriousUserX90 Make Your Case

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