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Top 10 Family Guy Plot Holes You Never Noticed

VO: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: William Regot
These plot holes make less sense than Peter fighting a giant chicken. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we’re counting down our picks for Top 10 Family Guy Plot Holes You Never Noticed. For this list, we’re looking at inconsistencies in “Family Guy” that, when you think about it, don’t add up. However, we’re not including cutaway gags.

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These plot holes make less sense than Peter fighting a giant chicken. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we’re counting down our picks for Top 10 Family Guy Plot Holes You Never Noticed.

For this list, we’re looking at inconsistencies in “Family Guy” that, when you think about it, don’t add up. However, we’re not including cutaway gags.

#10: Peter & Brian Don't Recognize Quagmire as the One Hooking Up with Loretta

“The Cleveland–Loretta Quagmire”

In the episode “The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire,” Peter and Brian rush into Cleveland’s house when they hear what they think is an emergency. What they find instead is Cleveland’s then-wife Loretta having sex with a man they couldn’t identify. Brian said it was a “skinny white guy,” which should have been a dead giveaway it was everybody’s favorite sex offender, Glenn Quagmire. What should have been even more of a giveaway was that the couch was right in front of Peter and Brian, so they should have been able to directly see who Loretta was having sex with? Couldn’t they tell by the chin?

#9: Lois' Accent

Various Episodes

A product of working class upbringing, Peter has a thick New England accent. However, Lois has an even thicker accent, despite having grown up in a wealthy household. No one from her family shares her accent. Her mother has a stuffy upper-class accent, while her father, brother, and sister don’t have any discernible accents whatsoever. Lois wouldn’t have picked it up from any of her social circles, so it makes no sense that Lois has the accent that she does. Where could she have picked up a blue collar, New England accent?

#8: Peter Defied the Law of Gravity

“Death Is a Bitch”

When Death is laid up in the Griffin household, he isn’t able to harvest souls, so the rules of death temporarily don’t apply. In typical fashion, Peter sees this as an opportunity to be more reckless than ever. He bets Cleveland and Quagmire 1000 bucks that he can jump off a building and survive, and when he lands on the ground, he’s completely unharmed. But just because the rules of death don’t apply, that doesn’t mean bad things still can’t happen. So, Peter should have been horribly disfigured from his fall, even if he wasn’t able to die. Also, the fact that Peter was able to land before his loogie violates simple physics.

#7: Lois' Parents Should Be Much Older

Various Episodes

In the episode “Welcome Back, Carter,” Lois’s mom, Barbara Pewterschmidt, tells the story of how she met her husband Carter. Though no specific time is set for when the flashback took place, it looks like the two met around the late 1930s. One major clue for this date was Carter introducing Babs to the song “Jeepers Creepers,” which came out in 1938. Since the episode took place in 2010, that would make Lois’s parents around 90 years old, which would have made them both 50 years old when Lois was born.

#6: Stewie's Parents Can't Understand Him, Even Though Most Adults Can

Various Episodes

“Family Guy” has been all over the place as to who can understand Stewie when he talks. The show has been upfront in pointing out how inconsistent the rules are from time to time, with Brian and Stewie debating whether Loretta is the kind of character who could understand him in “Love, Blactually.” In earlier seasons, Chris couldn’t understand Stewie, though now they regularly interact. However, this gets most confusing with Peter and Lois, who don’t understand what Stewie is saying most of the time, even though Lois in particular is way smarter than Chris.

#5: Peter Isn't Meg's Biological Father, But She Supposedly Looks Like Him

“Screwed the Pooch”

To show how good a family man Brian is in “Screwed the Pooch,” Peter had Brian answer questions about things only he knew about the Griffin family. This included the fact that Peter wasn’t Meg’s biological father, but rather a man named Stan Thompson. However, in “Not All Dogs Go to Heaven,” Brian tells Meg that life isn’t fair because she looks like Peter, thus implying that Peter is Meg’s biological father. While it’s possible that Brian was lying to psychologically abuse Meg, the simpler explanation is whoever wrote this scene screwed up.

#4: Stewie Contracted Herpes from Brian's Blood (Which Is Impossible)

“Herpe the Love Sore”

After watching a scene in “The Outlaw Josey Wales” where Clint Eastwood cuts his palm as part of blood oath ritual, Stewie wants to replicate the ritual with Brian. However, the next day after Stewie and Brian cut their palms and share their blood, Stewie wakes up with a herpes outbreak. It’s eventually revealed that Brian tricked Stewie into taking the blood oath as a way to spread herpes to the infant through his blood. The problem is that herpes is not a disease that can be transmitted through blood, so Brian’s plan isn’t scientifically possible.

#3: Brian Has a 13-Year-Old Son (Even Though He's Only 7)

“The Former Life of Brian”

In “The Former Life of Brian,” Brian reunites with an old flame who tells him that she’s been raising a 13-year-old son that he fathered named Dylan. The thing is - Brian is 7 years old, so fathering a 13-year-old would be mathematical impossibility. When Stewie asks how that’s possible, Brian explains that when you go by dog years, that would make Brian much older. Except that’s not how dog years work! Brian would still be 7 by human years, which would make Dylan older than he is. And let’s not get started on how a dog can father a human child.

#2: Quagmire Is 61, Yet Could Not Drink Alcohol Under the New Drinking Age Law

“Underage Peter”

When Quahog Mayor Adam West raised the town’s drinking age to 50, Peter and his friends found themselves unable to purchase alcohol. The only way they were able to drink was by hanging around Brian, who was over the legal age because he was 56 in dog years. However, it was revealed in the episode “Fox-y Lady” that Quagmire was 61 years old, and that he was able to retain a youthful appearance by ingesting carrots in various ways. Quagmire would have been old enough to drink under the new law, so he could have bought himself and his friends all the booze they wanted.

#1: Brian Met Jesus, But Is Still an Atheist

Various Episodes

When Peter brought Jesus over for dinner at the Griffin household in “I Dream of Jesus,” Brian asked for proof that the man really was Jesus. To honor the request, Jesus performed some miracles, producing ice cream sundaes and enlarging Lois’ breasts. The latter miracle was so impressive, it caused Brian’s jaw to drop to the table. In the episode, “Not All Dogs Go to Heaven,” Brian said that he’s an atheist, not having any good reason to believe in God. Except you do, Brian. You had dinner with Jesus, and he performed miracles in front of you that proved he was the real deal. That’s not something you’d expect someone to forget.


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