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Top 10 American Dad! Plot Holes You Never Noticed

  • 10 0 1Stan has never killed anyone, even though he killed Jay Leno in Stan Of Arabia: Part 1, killed Jackson's Double in It's Good To Be Queen, accidentally disintegrates one of his co-workers in I Can't St
  • 8 0 2Roger has been here for 60 or 70 years?
  • 8 0 3Roger attempted to shave stand head but Stan has a toupee since childhood
  • 8 0 4Roger does not know that he has powers yet stated that his fingers can produce electric shocks
  • 6 0 5The shape of Hayleys face
  • 3 0 6Francine did not know her real parents yet got money from them
  • 2 0 7Jeff And Hayley Lost their memories on Jeffs space ordeal yet remember in in the episode where Roger gives birth to Jeff again
  • 2 2 8Stan and Francine had three kids instead of two
  • 1 0 9Stan states that he only kills to protect loved ones yet murdered clones to safeguard his job
  • 1 0 10The Smith Family calls Roger selfish even though he says he has to be to avoid death
  • 0 0 11Roger has done kind things before amd after he says that kindness is toxic to him
  • 0 0 12Jeff got skinned by Roger but by the next episode he appears in he has his skin intact and on him again
  • 0 3 13Not to mention having killed he husband of Francines best friend. Plus in one episode, he had a kill streak of 100 people

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