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5 Flyover States That Are Actually Worth a Visit

When people look for their next vacation, they often look at the most popular coastal towns or cities as their preferred destinations. Others simply travel internationally to celebrate time off. However, our country has 50 extraordinary states that all offer excellent experiences for a lower price tag. Overlooked areas are often called “flyover states,” but many of these areas contain hidden gems just for you and the family to discover! Check out these five flyover states that are actually worth a visit!


The Midwest is much more than Chicago, Detroit, and Milwaukee. Kansas is a sprawling paradise that features fantastic views and environments. Twelve scenic byways run across the state, and there’s even a collection of local landmarks known as the “eight wonders of Kansas.” Plus, towns like Kansas City and Manhattan are just as fun as their more famous, similarly named contemporaries.

North Dakota

North Dakota offers a smidge more in experiences than South Dakota of the Dakota’s. If you can, you should visit both states; however, the northern option features the world-famous Enchanted Highway. This rugged road cuts through breathtaking grasslands and features eccentric metal sculptures along the way. There are also plenty of wildlife refuges where you can discover the fantastic flora of North America.


Wyoming is most publicly known as the state with the fewest people, but if you ask the roughly 500,000 residents who live there, they’ll tell you about all the great activities their home offers for travelers. The main draw for Wyoming is the wide-open space and true sense of freedom. You can spend a week clearing your mind and taking in the serenity of this location. Wyoming also offers many of the best off-roading spots in the entire country!


Nebraska is definitely not a flyover state, and the area offers many experiences that are perfect for the whole family. You can visit the world’s largest indoor rainforest or venture out to nature to see spectacular rock formations and intriguing terrains. There’s also the largest rail-to-trail project in the entire country that’s worth a visit!


The South has more to offer than the beaches of Florida or the bars of Nashville. People often overlook Arkansas when planning a trip, but the area prides itself on its rich culture and beautiful landscape. Known as the Natural State, Arkansas lets you experience a genuinely captivating vacation at a great value. Arkansas has the nation’s only active diamond mine, the country’s first national park, and cozy hot springs.

These five flyover states that are actually worth a visit are only a few great options for your next domestic vacation. Research ahead of time and find the perfect destination for you and the family!

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