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Birmingham, Alabama: Sports and Sport-Related Attractions

VO: Rebecca Brayton
If you\\\'re into sports, there\\\'s definitely plenty of things to see and do in Birmingham, Alabama. The city is home to the oldest baseball park in the U.S.A and one of world\\\'s the largest collections of vintage motorcycles. You can visit the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame to learn more about the state\\\'s athletes or do some of your own outdoor sports-related activities in Railroad Park. If you want to train or watch pros in action, there\\\'s also the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex and the Birmingham Crossplex. In this video, checks out some of the top sports and sports-related activities you can do in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Sports in Birmingham, Alabama

This city is home to the oldest baseball park in the United States. Welcome to, and today we’ll be learning more about sports in Birmingham, Alabama.

Rickwood Field

Even though Birmingham doesn’t have any major professional sports franchises, sports are very popular in the city. In fact, it is home to America’s oldest professional baseball park: Rickwood Field. Constructed in 1910, the park was once home to the Birmingham Barons and the Black Barons teams. Nowadays, amateur and semi-pro games are still held there on occasion.

Barber Motorsports Park and Museum

Motorsports are especially big in the city. In the eastern part of town, you’ll find the Barber Motorsports Park where numerous racing events are held. The facility houses a track that has hosted motorsport races such as the Grand-Am Sports Car Series, the AMA Superbike Championship and the IndyCar Series. In addition to the Porsche Driving School, the Park is also home to the Barber Vintage Motorsport Museum with its massive collection of motorcycles and race cars.

Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex

The Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex contains sports, conference and entertainment facilities. Boasting numerous halls and rooms, the complex also consists of a theater and an arena. In 2010, the stadium was host to the Fed Cup semifinals, which is the most significant international competition in women’s team tennis.

Alabama Sports Hall of Fame

Neighboring the complex is the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame. The state museum is a not-for-profit organization with thousands of sports artifacts on display.

Birmingham Crossplex

The Birmingham Crossplex is a multipurpose facility that meets the needs of many different athletes, while also allowing spectators to observe. In the stadium, sprinters and hurdlers can use the six-lane hydraulic track. Other track-and-field events, such as pole vault, long jump, high jump and shot put, can also be practiced. Moreover, swimmers and divers can train in the Crossplex’s indoor Olympic-sized pool.

Railroad Park

To do things at your own pace, you can venture outside for some walking, jogging or cycling at Railroad Park. The trees, flowers and lake offer a beautiful view and your kids can spend time at the playground or the skatepark.

Sports at Any Level

Whether you’re a spectator, professional athlete or an amateur, Birmingham is the place to be for sports.

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