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6 Ways To Have the Best Drive-in Movie Experience

With movies theaters closed due to COVID-19, in states like California, the only way you can catch a flick new and old, is by heading to a drive-in movie. With the renaissance of drive-in movie theaters, you might be tempted to make your first return trip since childhood or pack up the car for the first time ever. Here are some ways to have the best drive-in movie experience!

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Pack Your Own Food, Snacks, and Beverages

The great thing about going to a drive-in movie theater is that you no longer have to sneak in snacks to save money. Many drive-in movie theaters allow you to bring your own food, snacks, and beverages, so you could have a full dine-in experience if you wanted to. Prior to arriving at the drive-in, make sure to double-check and see if any items are prohibited, such as alcohol.

Be Comfortable

Sometimes, you might be heading to a drive-in movie theater for a double feature, so you will want to be comfortable for the hours you will spend there. Wearing comfortable clothes and bringing pillows and blankets is a great way to have the best drive-in movie experience possible.

Arrive Early

The next thing you will want to do is arrive early to get a good view. Parking spots can fill up fast, and the further back you are, the harder it can be to follow the show. Try to get to the drive-in theater at least 30 minutes before the show begins, or if possible, guarantee your spot online beforehand. Arriving early will also allow you enough time to set up your area before the show begins, since it can sometimes take a few minutes to get situated.

Put the Top Down

A drive-in movie experience is not only a safe alternative to seeing a movie in a theater, but it also allows you to enjoy the pleasant weather at night. If you own a vehicle like a Jeep Wrangler, what better way to enjoy the night than taking the top down on your car and watching a movie? Removing the top of your vehicle can also improve your view of the movie screen.

Bring Chairs

If you don’t feel like sitting in your car the entire time or if you don’t have enough space to get comfortable, bring some chairs. With foldable chairs at your disposal, you can set up a spot right in front of your vehicle and get an even better view of the screen. Plus, you’ll be more comfortable in the process.

Don’t Kill Your Car’s Battery

One thing to keep in mind that can hurt your drive-in moviegoing experience is a dead car battery. When you see a movie at a drive-in, you will have to rely on your radio to catch the film’s sound. The problem with this is that you could potentially drain your battery if you keep your car on for a long period of time. Some things you can do to try to avoid a dead battery include:

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