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Best Ways To Improve Streaming Quality

With the recent surge of staying in, and cold weather drawing near, there’s a high demand for streaming movies and television. Streaming on top of work or school from home may have hindered your Wi-Fi’s quality, resulting in slow loading rates or glitchy videos. If you are looking to enhance your network’s functionality, review these best ways to improve streaming quality.

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Upgrade Your Router

If a router reboot hasn’t enhanced your internet speed, start reviewing your options for an upgraded router. If you’re still using the one typically given for free at the start of using an internet provider, chances are the quality of your network isn’t getting better any time soon.

Putting money into a high-grade router will save you money down the line, curtailing the need to buy multiple malfunctioning routers. These typically offer a 5GHz range, in addition to the average 2.4GHz, to provide faster internet speed.

The type and cost of the necessary router will depend on the dimensions of your home. If you live in a larger home, opt for a router with a greater bandwidth. Smaller homes and apartments are usually content with “normal” broadcast systems.

Upgrade Your Internet Speed

This upgrade is labeled as one of the best ways to improve streaming quality and is perhaps the most obvious. Internet service providers are constantly updating their offerings. If it’s been a few years since you’ve checked in with your provider, ask what kind of upgrades they offer for returning patrons. Updating your internet speed is on way to drastically improve your network’s quality, letting you stream in peace.

Use Cables

Cables may sound daunting, but don’t be fooled. Ethernet and HDMI cables have undergone the same degree of advances as technology. Utilizing an Ethernet cable streamlines your device’s connection to your home’s network, minimizing buffering time. If your TV now uses Internet, too, there are many benefits to using HDMI cords with Ethernet. Going the “old-school” route can enhance your viewing experience by a landslide and make a worth investment to have around the home in times of network crisis.

Streaming our favorite shows has become a chosen source of comfort during these stay-at-home months. Having a reliable network is vital to the online streaming experience; troubleshooting your connection is essential. Get through that highly-anticipated series without hassle by using these tips to enhance your Wi-Fi’s quality.