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Not Dead Yet: Luigi’s Mansion 3 Announced For The Nintendo Switch

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While he still remains in the shadow of his iconic brother, Luigi has nonetheless soared in popularity in recent years due to his own collection of highly-acclaimed spin-off games, not to mention a rather infamous death-glare that made him something of a viral sensation. As a result, the green-clad Mario Bro hasn’t only found himself competing in the latest entries in the Tennis and Smash franchises, but is also set to get his very own ghostly threequel next year on the Switch!

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According to an article on Gamespot

“Nintendo has announced it is developing a third entry in the Luigi’s Mansion for Nintendo Switch. The game made its debut at the very start of today’s Nintendo Direct presentation, where a very short teaser was shown, along with a 2019 release date. The name, Luigi’s Mansion 3, was listed as a working title. No further details were provided about the game.

The last Luigi’s Mansion title was Dark Moon, which was released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2013.

As the name suggests, the Luigi’s Mansion games star Mario’s perpetually on edge brother as he attempts to rid an area of spooky inhabitants by sucking them up using a vacuum. He’s effectively a Ghost Buster, except always terrified of everything. The games are usually a mix of exploration, puzzle solving, and a tug of war against spooky poltergeists.”

While it’s very unlikely that Luigi’s third visit to a haunted house will match the awe-inspiring entertainment found in Super Mario Odyssey, we’re at least hoping that the poor soul manages to get himself a Switch title that he can be proud of. After all, he’s been killed and brought back to life on numerous occasions by this point, he’s earned a little success!

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