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Top 3 Portable Games We Want an AAA Version Of

It’s Time to Make the Switch

PC, console players and gamers alike we’re not very pleased when Blizzard announced a new mobile version of the popular “Diablo” franchise during this year’s BlizzCon, “Diablo Immortal”. Fans were hoping for a long-awaited “Diablo 4” reveal instead, but we’re seemingly let down. Taking games on the go can give players new places and opportunities to play, but the weaker hardware can lead to some compromised experiences, hence the negative response. Luckily, consoles like the Switch are bridging this gap and bringing games like “Pokémon” to the big screen, but there are definitely more titles that need to make that same leap. Here are our top 3 picks for portable games we think need an AAA version:

#3: “Kid Icarus: Uprising” (2012)

It was perhaps the first real killer app on Nintendo’s 3D handheld device, and the fact that it’s still considered a masterpiece should tell you everything you need to know about it’s quality. This reboot invested a new generation into a character that’s been a mainstay in games like “Smash Bros.” but has otherwise remained inexplicably dormant. What happened? The writing is excellent with a witty sense of humor, and the gameplay is a dynamic and frantic mash-up of third-person boss fights and shoot ‘em up sections. A new version wouldn’t even require Nintendo to release a freaking stand just to make the game playable, so there’s no reason to keep putting it off.

#2: “Mario & Luigi” series (2003-)

While this series falls short of all-time classics such as “Paper Mario and “Super Mario RPG”, there’s no denying how fun these games can be, so it’s probably time for them to jump off strictly handhelds and make its way to bigger and better things. There are endless opportunities for stories since the games are always incorporating both new and old characters, and its combat that revolves around properly timed inputs to avoid enemy attacks adds skill and depth, making it more fun than the classic turn-based approach. The only things missing are better graphics and more expansive worlds.

#1: “Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII” (2008)

We’re just as excited as you are that “Final Fantasy VII” is finally getting its long-requested remake, but there’s a whole chunk of the narrative that still deserves some attention. Zack’s action focused prequel is radically different in style to the classic ATB system, sure, but it’s still got some masterful story-telling that really enhances that of the mainline game. Over 11 million copies of Cloud’s adventure were sold, and only about 3 million of Zack’s. That means there’s a huge percentage of players that deserve to have this title brought up to 2018 standards to complement the upcoming remake. Get cracking Square.

What portable game do you think needs an AAA update? Comment down below!

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