Top 5 Juicy Behind-the-Scenes Facts About Gossip Girl
Top 5 Juicy Behind-the-Scenes Facts About Gossip Girl

Top 5 Juicy Behind-the-Scenes Facts About Gossip Girl

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We've got some juicy behind the scenes facts about Gossip Girl for you! Did you know that Leighton Meester is a natural blonde and that she was originally going for Serena's role? The producers thought she'd be a better fit as Blair however and since Meester wanted the role so badly, she didn't hesitate to go over to the darkside. Now, it's almost impossible to separate her from the glossy chestnut colored 'do she sported throughout the series. Did you know that the show used their critiques to their advantage? Rather than getting down after some scathing reviews of the show, they used to it as marketing promo!

Top 5 Juicy Behind the Scenes Facts About Gossip Girl

Even the biggest fans might be unaware of this real life gossip. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 5 Juicy Behind the Scenes Facts About Gossip Girl.

For this list, we’re looking at some insider secrets about the cast of this steamy CW show.

#5: Leighton Meester is a Natural Blonde

If you happened to read the “Gossip Girl” books before the show came out, you’d know that Blair’s dark locks are as quintessential to her character as Serena’s blonde tresses are to hers. When Leighton Meester first auditioned for the show, it was actually for the role of Serena, so her naturally golden hair was a perfect fit. However, both she and the producers wound up feeling she’d be a better fit for Blair, and wanting the role, Meester didn’t hesitate to go over to the darkside of the hair color spectrum. Now, it’s almost impossible to separate her from the glossy chestnut colored ‘do she sported throughout the series.

#4: Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick Lived Together

You may think that being the star of a hit show like “Gossip Girl” is all glamour and penthouses, but for these two up and coming actors, sharing a flat was a logical choice. Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick, who play Nate and Chuck respectively, lived as roommates while the show was shooting. They lived in Manhattan where the show was mainly shot, sharing a two bedroom apartment in the Chelsea neighborhood. It was reported that Crawford eventually moved out because Westwick was too messy, but considering how much fun these two seem to have in interviews, we can only imagine that they mostly had a blast being roommates.

#3: The Show Used Their Critiques To Their Advantage

While “Gossip Girl” was on the air, it received a litany of positive reviews, praising it as one of the best teen dramas to hit our TV screens in years. The show still had its detractors though, with many calling out certain plotlines and characterizations as overly sexual and inappropriate. Rather than taking these criticisms to heart though, the “Gossip Girl” marketing team used them to their advantage. For the second season, they used quotes like “mind blowingly inappropriate”, “every parent’s nightmare” and “a nasty piece of work” from various publications, including the Parents Television Council, to cheekily promote the show.

#2: Blake Lively and Leighton Meester Got Along Just Fine

Considering the contentious relationship that their two characters have, it should come as no surprise that gossip magazines and paparazzi blogs wanted to do everything in their power to pit Blake Lively and Leighton Meester against one another. Of course, if they had a real feud it would make for great tabloid fodder, but all reports from the set say that the girls got along and were always professional together. No one’s claiming that they’re real life besties, but there’s no real animosity to be found between them.

#1: Blake Lively and Penn Badgley Were Good at Keeping Their Relationship Under Wraps

Did you know that Blake Lively and Penn Badgley didn’t actually meet on the set of “Gossip Girl”? The two were actually home schooled together as children, but rekindled their relationship when they were both cast on the show. Just like their characters, Serena and Dan, they started dating in real life but were always tight lipped about their relationship in the media. In fact, when the couple broke up a couple of years later, even the “Gossip Girl” crew didn’t realize anything had changed. One of the show’s producers, Joshua Safran, said they were consummate professionals and didn’t want their personal lives affecting their work.