Top 10 Funniest Gossip Girl Bloopers
Top 10 Funniest Gossip Girl Bloopers

Top 10 Funniest Gossip Girl Bloopers

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Being such a dramatic show, you might be surprised by the funniest Gossip Girl bloopers. We're looking at goofy moments behind the scenes of Gossip Girl that have us cracking up. We're basing our choices on a blend of misspoken lines, playful antics and interruptions that ruin takes in hilarious ways. MsMojo ranks the funniest Gossip Girl bloopers. Which Gossip Girl blooper cracked you up? Let us know in the comments!

Acting fabulous isn't as easy as it looks. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Funniest Gossip Girl Bloopers.

For this list, we're looking at goofy moments behind the scenes of 'Gossip Girl' that have us cracking up. We're basing our choices on a blend of misspoken lines, playful antics and interruptions that ruin takes in hilarious ways.

#10: Knocking Through a Take

During this seemingly simple restaurant scene, Michael Boatman and Kelly Rutherford keep having a noise cutting into their lines. While both actors try to keep going, it becomes almost impossible to hear Rutherford. Boatman can barely keep it together with all the knocking in the background, and he begins to break character by laughing. With his composure lost, Michael knocks his chair over not once but twice as the scene wraps up. Boatman's baffled reaction is priceless as the doomed take goes from bad to worse. By the end, it’s a veritable comedy of errors, set to a soundtrack of persistent knocking in the background.

#9: Kelly Rutherford's Crying Baby

Kelly Rutherford appears on our list again with this serious scene in which she’s giving it her all when a child begins crying in the background. The distracting sound comically cuts through her entire line, completely wrecking the take. Not only does she keep a straight face, but Rutherford also says 'My child is crying' while in character. She eventually giggles, but Kelly's dramatic delivery is way funnier than the actual interruption. It's also hard not to laugh at Rutherford's deadpan emotion as she acknowledges the yells. Her scene partner, Matthew Settle, similarly tries to power through the moment, until Kelly breaks. Rutherford's unusual reaction thus turns a distraction into a hilarious blooper.

#8: Leighton Meester Can't Stop Goofing Off

In this take, we cut to a shot of Leighton Meester where she's laughing so hard that she's already covering her face. Meester starts making her co-star giggle, though she can't do the scene properly on her own either. The yells from the director strongly suggest that this is several attempts in for Leighton. When she simply flubs a line, Meester also has a habit of doing dumb person voices to make fun of herself. At least the voices are less bizarre than Leighton's goofy snores and faces before kiss scenes! Between Meester's demeanor and the frustrated screams, her bloopers certainly have a uniquely silly charm to them.

#7: Matthew Settle's Phone Ruins Takes

When his phone starts ringing loudly, Matthew Settle ends up cutting himself off during a shot. Settle is immediately baffled, as he claims his phone is supposed to be off. Someone hilariously lowers the boom mic into the shot, just to assure viewers that it's definitely Matthew's cell phone. The same ringtone chimes in during a shot with Armie Hammer, but Settle desperately insists that it's not his phone for once. Everyone is ridiculously quick to make fun of Matthew too, considering how unprofessional his mistake is. While it's probably a production headache, Settle's phone issues make it clear that this crew knows how to laugh when problems arise.

#6: Adjusting Glasses with the Boom Mic

In this blooper, the clapper loader is setting up a scene, when a boom microphone slowly lowers onto his head. Though he at first keeps a straight face, cracks up and grabs his sunglasses back after the mic starts to bump them. While the prank is funny enough to watch, the sound of them bumping his shades really sets this one apart. The loader also runs with the clapboard to start a biking scene, which helps the crew as much as the gag reel. He and Blake Lively even coordinate a flip-phone and clapper moment for fun. By injecting some playfulness into the production and messing with the cast, the 2nd AC has us chuckling every time he shows up.

#5: Penn Badgley Goofing Off

From what we can tell from the bloopers, it seems that the second a scene is over, Penn Badgley will break into dance or exaggerate all of his movements. If he ruins a take however, Badgley swears loudly or physically recoils at his poor acting. Penn seems so aware of himself that his overreactions are hysterical in and of themselves. He'll also say 'What am I doing' across multiple gag reels, since he keeps losing his place in scenes. Badgley will even shout right back at pedestrians who yell at the camera too. Though he stares into the lens enough times to laugh at himself, he also gets his co-stars giggling when he loudly knocks over a stool. While most of the cast mess up takes more subtly, Badgley always ruins them in a spectacularly comedic fashion.

#4: Leighton Meester Needs to Let Out a Sneeze

Right as Meester is delivering her lines, she sadly announces that she needs to sneeze. Chace Crawford tries to help by giving Meester a light to look at, but nothing seems to help. Her inability to sneeze only gets funnier the longer that it goes on, especially given how upset Leighton appears to be about it. Her distraught look gets Crawford cracking up, which inadvertently causes Meester to finally let out her sneeze. Considering how long she takes to get back to the scene though, her satisfied face is giggle-inducing. Meanwhile, all the confused expressions from Leighton turn her simple break into comedic gold.

#3: Saying Lines in a Goofy Voice

To get an alternate angle for a scene, Desmond Harrington has to repeat some lines for Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick. Rather than just getting through the dialogue normally, Harrington says all his words in a cartoonish high-pitched voice. Chace loses it upon hearing the child-like voice, especially considering that Desmond is talking about drugs. Ed is so baffled that he turns around to swear and ask him what he’s doing. The cross-cut between Crawford and Westwick's reactions is pretty hilarious as well. Harrington's goofy approach to the production process is ultimately too ridiculous not to laugh at.

#2: Horns & Engines Keep Ruining Shots

Shooting in New York City is so loud that most seasons of Gossip Girl feature a car in their blooper reel. Though Desmond Harrington makes plenty of jokes about the noise, he can't keep it together when a bus honks right through his lines. Dogs also bark through some takes, but Harrington makes a point of barking back. Horns cut off so much of Blake and Penn's dialogue in another scene that Kelly Rutherford starts talking like one. While the cast laugh it off as bad luck, it's hard not to smirk when airplanes and even brakes manage to kill their audio.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

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#1: Leighton Meester Can't Get Angry at Anyone

Leighton Meester keeps flubbing her lines as she attempts to rant about Blair's father, to the point that she can't even say the word 'Thanksgiving.' She trips up so many times that you can see Margaret Colin laughing through later takes too. Though the mess-ups are a little funny at first, it actually gets more comical the harder Meester tries. Leighton does get Margaret back later by finishing her lines in a gravelly voice. She also seemingly method acts way too well in a scene about Blair being flustered, since she ridiculously stumbles through her words. It's Meester's sense of humor and insistence on redoing lines that has us watching her bloopers so often.