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Top 30 Funniest RuPaul's Drag Race Quotes

Top 30 Funniest RuPaul's Drag Race Quotes
VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Arianna Wechter
These "Drag Race" quotes are now part of our everyday conversations. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the most hilarious and quotable lines from queens on “RuPaul's Drag Race.” Our countdown includes Party! Look over there!, a sensible 74, and more!

#30: That’s a Lot of Emotion for Safe
Trixie Mattel, All Stars 3

Many of the queens have likened the competition to a pressure cooker, and it’s clear to see why. The desire to win can be stressful, which can make the contestants emotional at times. Usually, their tears are met with sympathy– but there are some situations where they are viewed not so favorably. After Milk was declared safe on the “Divas Lip Sync Live” episode of All Stars 3, she was so disappointed that she ended up shedding tears backstage. Eventual winner Trixie Mattel was less than impressed– and she made that clear in a confessional, deeming the reaction overdramatic. Trixie said what everyone had been thinking, and effectively gathered Milk in just a few words.

#29: Get Those Nuts Away from My Face!
Latrice Royale, Season 4

The acting challenges may not be known for their stellar writing, but there are usually a few lines each season that resonate with fans for years. Season 4’s jail-based sketch was filled with plenty of silly puns, but it was Latrice Royale who ended up getting the biggest laugh. While portraying a no-nonsense guard, she had to deliver a slightly suggestive double entendre about nuts. The sassy delivery was fantastic enough on its own, but the true cherry on top was her looking into the camera as she said it. It immediately became the stand-out moment in the entire skit and established Latrice as an underrated comedy queen.

#28: Look Over There!
Jaida Essence Hall, Season 12

The political-themed challenges are some of the best the show has to offer. They require everyone to show off their improv skills and general knowledge on politics. During Season 12’s mock debate, Jaida Essence Hall demonstrated her wit by responding to questions she couldn’t answer in a clever way— playfully redirecting attention elsewhere. It was a simple distraction, but quickly proved to be a smart choice. What made it funnier was the fact that it always worked on the moderators, especially Jeff Goldblum. Jaida’s quick thinking not only helped her win that week, it also produced her signature phrase, which she cleverly incorporated throughout the season without it becoming stale— even during her own coronation.

#27: Party!
Adore Delano, Season 6

Short and to the point— what more could an iconic quote need? It may not seem like much, but this word has the ability to convey countless emotions, depending on the tone. Adore Delano originated it on her first run, establishing it as the perfect reaction to any situation. Whether it was used earnestly or sarcastically, it always seemed to just make sense. It perfectly encapsulated her vibe as a performer and person, and became her brand on and off the program. Years later, it hit its true meme potential when Katya used it to effortlessly shut Alaska down. It’s clear that the word has more power than anyone could’ve imagined— no matter who’s saying it.

#26: What Do You Do Successfully? Quickly
Bianca Del Rio, Season 6

Bianca Del Rio is the master of snarky one liners. One of her most underrated comes from “Untucked,” during a seemingly normal conversation about their recent task. Trinity K. Bonet had been venting about feeling out of her element in the previous challenges. While most people would’ve been more empathetic, Bianca kept things real. She flat out asked Trinity what she did well, leaving her— and the audience watching— completely speechless. It was a harsh, but fair response that showcased her acerbic personality perfectly. Had any other contestant said that, it would've been considered rude— but Bianca’s delivery was so perfect that it was impossible not to laugh out loud.

#25: Delusion– Convince Yourself
Jinkx Monsoon, Season 5

Jinkx Monsoon has always been an expert in comedy, even during her first shot at the crown. Her hilarious perfume commercial was the ultimate proof of this. Her scent, “Delusion,” centered around someone trying to convince themselves they had it all, when in reality, they were just caught in self-delusion. It was an instant hit with audiences, quickly becoming a beloved way to playfully tease overconfident contestants. More than a decade has passed since the episode aired, and Jinkx’s perfume is still being regularly referenced by the fandom. Its enduring popularity is a testament to her comedic genius, and is just one of many reasons why she truly deserves the title of ‘Queen of All Queens’.

#24: Rigga Morris
Alyssa Edwards, All Stars 2

Some people are funny without even having to try. Alyssa Edwards fits this bill to a T, particularly with her naturally entertaining way of talking. Even when she misspeaks, she’s so charming, it instantly becomes hysterical. One of the most well-known cases occurred during All Stars 2, when everyone learned that they’d be eliminating each other. Alyssa went on to say that if she went home, then it would be [rigga morris]. She uttered it in such a sincere manner that almost made it sound legitimate, until Detox swooped in to correct her, saying it’s actually “rigor mortis.” This simple slip of the tongue perfectly showcases why Alyssa is beloved by so many.

#23: Who Said? Jesus
Mo Heart & Monét X Change, All Stars 4

This is proof that you never know what will make an impact amongst the viewers. During the club challenge on All Stars 4, Mo Heart and Monét X Change went about creating their makeshift room. All was going well until Mo asked if she should move the roller vertically or horizontally while painting. Despite being told to go up and down, she was still skeptical, leading her to ask who made the rule. Without even missing a beat, Monét replied with a hilarious quip, showing off her elite sense of humor. Even after everything, Mo proceeded to paint the way she wanted to anyways, creating a sitcom level scene that fans found priceless.

#22: Mama, Kudos for Saying That. For Spilling
Plane Jane, Season 16

Who would’ve thought that Plane Jane would be the meme queen of Season 16? While the queens prepared for their corporate presentations, Q opened up to Plane about her journey living with HIV. Normally, such revelations are completely somber, and no one would think of even cracking a smile. However, Plane’s use of terms like ‘mama’ and ‘spilling’ made it hard not to. Despite her genuine sincerity, the bizarre choice of words initially made her heartfelt support almost seem plastic. This response went viral immediately, and even reshaped her reputation among fans. What’s even better is that Q has embraced the joke, expressing her gratitude for Plane’s support– no matter what form it came in.

#21: A Sensible 74
Jujubee, All Stars 5

If there’s one thing Jujubee will always bring to her appearances on “Drag Race”, it’s memorable quotes. While her moments on the first “All Stars” season were beloved— particularly the ones mentioning fried chicken — she hit new heights during her run on the fifth season. During the Snatch Game, Jujubee portrayed famed actress Eartha Kitt. When asked how she would keep a prospective suitor warm at night, she gave a very sensible response. Witty and incredible on its own, but coupled with her impression of the actress’s voice, this answer reached a whole new level of hilarity. It helped place her in the top that week and proves why she keeps getting invited back time and again.

#20: After a Long Night of Hookin'
Kennedy Davenport, Season 7

One wouldn’t normally think of Kennedy Davenport as comedic. However, she had one of the most unexpectedly comical runways in the entire franchise. While presenting her “Death Becomes Her” look— wherein she sported a fabulous, bedazzled chicken ensemble— she shared a backstory that left everyone gasping for air. Kennedy explained that she had been slain by a romantic partner who was unsatisfied with their tryst— but instead of staying dead, she resurrected even more fabulous than before. The explanation was so dramatic compared to what she was serving, and the juxtaposition between the two was undeniably funny— even though that wasn’t her intention at all.

#19: Absolutely
Gia Gunn, Season 6

How is she though? Gia Gunn, that is. The sassy season 6 queen was silly and sometimes even a little ditzy -- she asked “What’s a Tony?” before the Tony Awards runway. Honestly, it creates some laugh-inducing moments, especially in the confessionals where it feels like she’s actually talking to the viewer. Her signature saying “Absolutely!” can be used as a response to...well, anything really. Even on the runway after receiving critiques, Gia still uses her iconic line. Whether intentional or not, it’s pretty funny when you realize just how much she says it. Gia just wants to feel her oats, let her feel her oats!

#18: Water Off a Duck’s Back
Jinkx Monsoon, Season 5

The Season 5 winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race came off as genuinely kind, silly, and above all else, a talented queen. It was kind of a no-brainer that she did so well, since she was incredibly well-rounded and unique. One thing she’s known for is the personal mantra she has for herself. Jinkx said, “When you’re dealing with people judging what you do, you just have to let it roll off like water off a duck’s back.” During the competition, she repeated this phrase so often that it became equally funny and endearing.

#17: No Tea, No Shade...
Jasmine Masters, Season 7

She is Jasmine Masters and she’s got something to say! Even though her time on season 7 was short, she certainly stayed long enough to create some quotable moments that many people, whether fans of the show or not, have probably heard in some capacity. One of the best and probably most well known is “No T, no shade, no pink lemonade.” Ever heard of spilling the T? Well, with Miss Masters, it may be more accurate to say you’re spilling the lemonade! Spilling the T is a historic saying mainly used in the drag community, but with the addition of pink lemonade, Jasmine made it her own silly saying and helped bring it to everyone’s lingo.

#16: Henny
Stacy Layne Matthews, Season 3

Stacy Layne Matthews, a contestant of the 3rd RuPaul’s Drag Race season, was overflowing with all the Southern sass she could possess. One of her sayings is “Honey” when referencing other queens, but her drawl makes it sound like “Henny”. This charming twang has permeated into the community, and many queens and fans alike say it like she does. Even Mama Ru herself uses it! It seems a Southern accent can add some charm to anything, doesn’t it? The Stacy Layne Matthews quote from Season 3 was so great that it was incorporated into a main challenge of All Stars Season 4!

#15: Choices
Tatianna, All Stars 2

Arguably one of the most improved queens from her original Season 2 debut to her iconic appearance on All Stars Season 2, Tatianna definitely made an impact on the culture of the show. She had memorable catch phrases, like “thank you” and “Tyra is a complete bitch”, but her All Stars catchphrase of “Choices” takes the cake as the funniest. She even made a commercial during one of the challenges using the phrase to her advantage. Her calm, matter of fact attitude makes it all the better. Let’s just say she made some pretty good choices on the show.

#14: How Orange You Look
Alyssa Edwards, Season 5

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without some Alyssa Edwards, right? Naturally, most of her quotes are directed at her then ex-friend Coco Montrese, who swiped the Miss Gay America crown from her, quote “backstabbing [her] behind [her] back”. They had quite a few arguments throughout season 5, but one of the most infamous, and hilarious, is when they’re doing their makeup next to one another and start making shady comments. Obviously, the situation escalated quickly when Alyssa called Coco out for her distinctly orange mug. Not only do they both look a little ridiculous, it’s impossible not to laugh at the entire scenario.

#13: Facts Are Facts
Mo Heart, Season 10

Miss Mo Heart, the brown cow, stunning queen from Season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, had hilarious quotes and moments galore. Often during the confessionals, she would talk directly to the audience, even addressing America when she was speaking. One of the funniest instances of this is when she asserts “facts are facts, America”, which sounds redundant, but is honestly just silly and true. The lovable queen kept it real throughout the season, which generally made for heartwarming and downright awesome moments. Undeniably, she was “very that” America, so take note.

#12: Sickening
Shangela, Season 3

This Untucked moment from Season 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race is infamously well known, and for good reason. Two contestants, Shangela and Mimi Imfurst, get into a heated debate about their drag, which results in personal attacks. Mimi, very absurdly, accuses Shangela of having a sugar daddy, which Shangela did not take lightly. The absolutely ridiculous behavior of Mimi followed by Shangela’s rant were pretty funny, but it’s near impossible not to laugh when Shangela throws her drink at Mimi. Moral of the story? Don’t falsely accuse someone of having a sugar daddy unless you’re ready for the backlash.

#11: Walking Children in Nature
Tammie Brown, Season 1

We’re not going to deny that Season 1 was...well, interesting to say the least. The show has definitely evolved since then and grown into what it is now. That being said, there were a few very entertaining individuals on the series’ premiere season, including Tammie Brown. Eccentric and a little weird, there’s no doubt she helped to make the season wild from start to finish. Specifically, at the reunion, Tammie Brown came for none other than the queen of drag queens herself, RuPaul. Even though it’s a bit tense, the comment is bizarrely hilarious, mostly due to the fact that it makes next to no sense. In addition, let us not forget her hilarious line on All Stars 1, “Come on Teletubby, teleport us to Mars”. You’ve got to admit, she’s a character.

#10: Your Tone Seems Very Pointed
Willam, Season 4

In an argument between Season 4 contestants Phi Phi O’Hara and Willam, Phi Phi mostly just yelled at Willam because she didn’t like her and thought she had no talent. Also, she didn’t take well to the fact that Willam called her out in front of the other queens. Safe to say, these two weren’t close, but it all came to a head when Willam delivered the line “Your tone seems very pointed right now.” This moment was hilarious, because Phi Phi was so fired up and impassioned, but Willam shot her down with her nonchalant aloofness.

#9: Very Attacked
Laganja Estranja, Season 6

Oh, Laganja. Miss Laganja Estranja of season 6 had some memorably hilarious moments for sure. Whether it was one of her various meltdowns or her entire comedy challenge, they’re hard to forget. She’s an intense individual, to say the least, and she was very quick to get upset on her season. The most hilarious in particular is when Adore Delano, who was friends with her before the season, said she was acting differently for the cameras. When the other queens agreed, Ganja blew up, screaming “I feel very attacked!” Her giant pink hairdo and intense demeanor really made the moment much funnier than it should’ve been.

#8: Go Back to Party City
Phi Phi O’Hara, Season 4

This classic line from Season 4 is on this list for just that reason -- it’s a classic! Every Drag Race fan knows it, since it’s pretty much gone down in infamy. The funny part about it is that Phi Phi meant for this comment to be shady towards Sharon Needles. Though, it’s kind of hard to argue with Sharon’s style, albeit quirky and spooky, since she ended up the winner of Season 4. Obviously, Phi Phi and Sharon didn’t have a great relationship, but this particular comment is funny because Phi Phi was trying to turn Sharon’s uniqueness into a bad thing. We all know that, along with charisma, nerve, and talent, uniqueness is essential to be crowned victorious.

#7: I Am from Chicago
Mystique Summers, Season 2

The fights between queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race almost always devolve into shouting matches, and this was certainly the case for the throwdown between Morgan McMichaels and Mystique Summers. Don’t come for a queen’s mug if she’s from Chicago! Right? Well, that’s what Mystique thought anyway. Morgan was critiquing her look, when Mystique finally snapped. It’s a funny moment because she says it with such conviction, you just have to appreciate it. A close second to this would be her “two-piece and a Biscuit” catchphrase that started during her casting.

#6: You Look Like Linda Evangelista
Aja, Season 9

On Season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the most notable moment is probably when Aja mocked Valentina, who wasn’t even coming for her! Frankly, it was pretty much a temper tantrum on her part, because she was pissed at the judges for always adoring Valentina’s looks. When another queen asks Valentina what her critiques were for the runway, Aja cut her off, mimicking the judges saying, “You’re perfect, you’re beautiful, you look like Linda Evangelista,” et cetera. While somewhat unwarranted -- Valentina didn’t do anything to Aja specifically -- it was silly considering how strongly Aja reacted.

#5: The Shade of It All
Latrice Royale, Season 4

Let’s face it -- Latrice Royale is one quotable queen, often using her humorous personality and wit to her advantage. Whether it be “Jesus is a biscuit” or what have you, she’s one fierce queen in competition and tongue. Another queen who rocks the confessionals, Latrice is great. One of our favorite comical moments is in the season 4 debut, when she whips out her fan and comments on “the shaaaaade of it all”. We knew right from the get-go that Miss Royale would not only be a strong contender, but also a funny one at that.

#4: Back Rolls?
Alyssa Edwards, Season 5

Naturally, Alyssa Edwards has to make another appearance on this list. Some may even say she’s the funniest queen of all time? Though that is subjective, it’s hard to deny that she had some seriously hilarious commentary on Season 5 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Whether it’s a result of her oblivion or incredulity, the way she says “Back rolls?,” after Jade Jolie comments on them is wildly funny. Needless to say, Alyssa Edwards is someone who is effortlessly funny, often making the audience laugh without specifically intending to do so.

#3: RuPaul’s Best Friend Race
Lashauwn Beyond, Season 4

We’ve all heard the old saying, “This is not RuPaul’s best friend race”. Well, that iconic line was coined by Season 4 contestant Lashauwn Beyond. When discussing makeup, sewing, and other skills essential to Drag Race, Lashauwn told Jiggly Caliente that it’s not a best friend race, so she didn’t mind telling other queens off. Needless to say, this created a bit of tension, though she made a good point in the moment. The quote she coined has been used time and time again, and is more often than not absolutely hilarious when queens bring it back.

#2: Not Today, Satan
Bianca Del Rio, Season 6

Bianca Del Rio? On this list? Duh! Her crass, borderline abrasive humor has been known to be dry and dark, making her a greatly entertaining contestant for the show. On Season 6, there were numerous examples of Bianca’s wit at work, including her knee-slapping impersonation of Judge Judy for the Snatch Game. But, one of the funniest and most memorable moments was when she said, “Not today, Satan. Not today.” in a confessional response to a comment from another queen. Obviously, she flourished after she took the crown of Season 6, naming her tour after the quote.

#1: Miss Vanjie
Vanessa Vanjie Mateo, Season 10

Come on, of course Miss Vanessa Vanjie Mateo would be our number one pick! Very rarely are exit lines much to sneeze at, due to the fact that a queen’s departure is generally sad. However, this was definitely not the case for the first queen eliminated on Season 10. After her lip sync, she repeated Miss Vanjie 3 times, leaving a hilarious impression on all the queens. The quote was used for the rest of the season, and even Mama RuPaul made a few jokes and doubled over in laughter because of the hilarious quote.

Which quote from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” makes you laugh the most? Let us know in the comments below.