Top 20 Hilarious Big Bang Theory Bloopers

Top 20 Hilarious Big Bang Theory Bloopers

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Jesse Singer
These "Big Bang Theory" bloopers never get old. For this list, we'll be looking at all the times the amazing cast messed up, couldn't remember their lines and couldn't keep a straight face. Our countdown includes "Bite me," Al Pacino, I love science, and more!

Top 20 Hilarious Big Bang Theory Bloopers

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 20 Hilarious “Big Bang Theory” Bloopers.

For this list, we’ll be looking at all the times the amazing cast messed up, couldn’t remember their lines and couldn’t keep a straight face.

Which of these flubs still has you LOL’ing? Let us know in the comments.

#20: “Bite Me”
“The Consummation Deviation”

The continuity police might’ve had a problem with the casting of Kathy Bates as Amy’s mother in the later seasons after having a different actor play the part in Season 4. But, that aside, Bates is a great actor and we were sure happy to see her show up on the show. Her status as an acting icon doesn’t mean she’s immune from messing up her lines every now and then, however - or outright forgetting them. To the sweet delight of Jim Parsons, in fact, who follows up one of Bates’s misses with a hit of his own. And Bates hits right back.

#19: “Hello, Ramona”
“The Proposal Proposal”

After Ramona Nowitzki fails at her attempt to steal Sheldon away from Amy, Raj decides to give her another chance to go out with him, an opportunity she already rejected the episode prior. While the actual rejection scene is quite funny, the actors needed a few takes to get it right. The first time wasn’t the fault of anyone in the scene; instead the blame goes to someone off-camera. The second time though, that one’s on Kunal Nayyar, who made an unfortunate, but quite funny, acting choice in delivering his line. It’s made even funnier when he’s the one that calls himself out on it.

#18: Report? Letter? Paper?
“The Confirmation Polarization”

One of the biggest moments of the series happens when two scientists from Fermilab prove Sheldon and Amy’s theory of super-asymmetry. The confirmation puts Shamy on the path to a Nobel Prize, and it also leads actor Sean Astin down the road of a great blooper. In the scene, Dr. Pemberton and Dr. Campbell are explaining to Sheldon and Amy how their paper helped make sense out of their work that appeared to be a total failure. And “paper” is a key word here because it’s also the word that Astin just can’t seem to remember.

#17: Whose Line Is It Anyway?
“The Paintball Scattering”

Knowing your lines is an important part of being an actor. But maybe just as important is knowing when to say those lines. In this great blooper from Season 12, it’s that second thing that both Johnny Galecki and Mayim Bialik have problems with. Jim Parsons sets both of them up perfectly with his lines, but first Galecki and then Bialik appear to be waiting for someone else to speak when it’s in fact their turn to do so. For those wanting to blame the temporary memory loss on the champagne they’re drinking, Galecki bursts that bubble as well.

#16: Something About Kaon Decay
“The Confirmation Polarization”

Do you ever watch “The Big Bang Theory” and wonder in amazement how Jim Parsons is able to remember all of Sheldon’s lengthy monologues and technical jargon? Well, the truth is, sometimes he doesn’t! As is the case with this wonderful blooper from the final season where Sheldon tells the group about how their theory was just proven correct by the guys at Fermilab. Given the length of some of Sheldon’s diatribes, this one sentence should be a piece of cake for Parsons. But as you’ll see here, it hysterically isn’t. He doesn’t give up, though.

#15: Third Time Isn’t the Charm
“The Consummation Deviation”

Try saying “So, you’ve been using Sheldon” five times fast. Actually, just try saying it one time properly. It sure doesn’t feel like a tongue twister right? But unfortunately for Kaley Cuoco, on the day they filmed this episode, that’s exactly what it was. This rather simple sentence didn’t just trip her up once or twice either. Cuoco proved herself the exception to the “third times the charm” rule as well on that day, to her complete befuddlement as well as those of her cracking up co-stars in the scene.

#14: Harder
“The Scavenger Vortex”

We should start by saying that it’s almost never okay to hit someone. But if it’s for a scene and one has proper consent, we guess it’s okay. Such was the case with the violence laid on Johnny Galecki by Melissa Rauch in the “The Scavenger Vortex.” In the scene that made it to air, you can see that Rauch gives Galecki a nice punch right to his chest. But to get to that level of strength, she had to work her way up through a few preliminary takes. She started with an open-hand push, which led to the direction to go “harder” the next time.

#13: Sheldon. Stop Laughing
“The Discovery Dissipation”

Everyone knows that the secret to acting is reacting. So, when the actor across from you is laughing, it makes it that much more difficult to deliver your serious lines without also cracking up. Which is what happened to Kunal Nayyar in this scene with Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik. Parsons might be off-camera, but his breaking leads to Nayyar being unable to get his line out. To be fair, the wonderful way Nayyar delivers the line, we can’t keep a straight face either. And thankfully, we’re not supposed to.

#12: Too Angry to Talk
“The Locomotive Manipulation”

In Season 7, when Penny and Leonard are dog-sitting and they accidently allow Cinnamon to eat a bunch of chocolate, Raj is pissed! We’ve all been there. Something happens to make you so angry that you can’t even put your words together properly to express how irritated you are. Well, in this scene, Kunal Nayyar really got himself into the mindset of his character. So much so that, for at least a couple takes, he had a very hard time putting Raj’s words together in any kind of coherent way.

#11: Isn't it “BITcoin?”
“The Bitcoin Entanglement”

In Season 11, the guys remember that they’d mined a bunch of bitcoin years ago and spend an entire episode retracing their steps in the hopes of finding said bitcoin and striking it rich. Where the crypto currency is now and all the steps it takes to figure that out are super fun, but unimportant to this great blooper. The only important thing to remember here is that the currency is called BITcoin, not… Well, not what Kunal Nayyar accidently calls it in a very funny slip of the tongue.

#10: Raj & the Pickle
“The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation”

When the guys went to the North Pole, there were two big things that happened. First, Leonard, Raj and Howard faked the results of Sheldon’s experiment so as to make him stop being such a, to put it nicely, “Dictator.” And second, the night the heat went out, they all slept together naked. And although they agreed to never speak of it again, Raj mentions it once more over lunch in the cafeteria. However, in one of the takes that didn’t make it to air, Kunal Nayyar follows up his line with a way-too-intimate moment with a pickle. The best part is that, based on his reaction, it really looks like it was unintentionally sexual - which makes it even funnier. Don’t you think?

#9: Johnny Woke up Early
“The Gothowitz Deviation”

There are two parts to a blooper. There’s the mess-up itself, and then there’s the reaction to said mess-up. And in the case of this one on our list, it’s the latter that makes this one so good. In the scene, Penny is making French toast while Sheldon is informing her that it’s oatmeal day. Leonard is supposed to walk in after they get through their interaction. However, in this outtake, Johnny Galecki walks in before he’s supposed to, which gets a “Hello, Johnny” from actress Kaley Cuoco. This is fun, but it’s Johnny’s explaining the reason for his premature entrance that gets the biggest laugh from us.

#8: Crappy Cars
“The Scavenger Vortex”

Sometimes, it isn’t the actors’ fault when a scene goes wrong. Sometimes it’s the props, as was the case with two different car props during the filming of the great Season 7 episode, “The Scavenger Vortex.” As teams of two scour the city of Pasadena for clues, they usually go from one location to another in cars. But before they go anywhere, they have to put on their seatbelts. Safety first! This is usually a pretty simple task, but not always. And while Jim Parsons and Cuoco give up pretty easy, Galecki and Melissa Rauch give those seatbelts everything they have.

#7: Al Pacino

Actor Simon Helberg, who plays Howard Wolowitz, does some great impressions, and his skills are put on full display when he is the dungeon master for a game of Dungeons & Dragons. While Nic Cage and Christopher Walken also make appearances, in this particular scene it’s Al Pacino that takes over when Howard tells the girls they can join the game. In fact, he takes over so well that Simon just can’t make it through the speech before cracking himself - and the rest of the gang - up. You can see in the version that made it to air that he doesn’t pause quite as long before getting that last line in there.

#6: Not Easy to Lift
“The Matrimonial Momentum”

Leonard and Penny’s first wedding wasn’t exactly the joyous event that many fans had hoped for. Not only did they run off and get married in Vegas without any of their friends, but also on their way there Leonard admitted to having kissed another girl a couple years back - while they were together. Upon their return to Pasadena, the couple angrily go to their separate apartments. Or at least they’re supposed to be angry, especially after Leonard insults her. But in this outtake, Kaley Cuoco wasn’t able to make it into the apartment without laughing.

#5: Rubbing VapoRub on Amy
“The Fish Guts Displacement”

In the Season 6 episode “The Fish Guts Displacement,” Amy gets sick and Sheldon takes care of her by, among other things, rubbing VapoRub on her chest. While the act is purely practical, for Amy it has more sensual undertones as her reaction makes pretty obvious. However, you might have also noticed that the scene cuts away pretty quickly. One of the reasons for that may be because Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik had some problems getting through it with straight faces. In this great outtake, you can see Bialik winking at Parsons who tries, at first, to avoid eye contact so as not to crack up.

#4: Indiana Jones’s Love Child
“The Holographic Excitation”

“I was thinking of dressing up as Indiana Jones’s mocha-skinned love child, Indian Jones.” Try saying that five times fast. Or, in the case of Kunal Nayyar, just try saying it once correctly. And that’s only once they can get past the opening line of the scene about the fedora without Parsons or Helberg cracking up. We don’t know how many takes it took to get through the entire thing, but we’re glad they finally did because we have to admit it’s a funny line. And it made for a great blooper as well, so, two birds!

#3: I Love Science
“The Fermentation Bifurcation”

Penny’s ex-boyfriend Zack was the good-looking, kind-hearted, but not-too-bright guy that Penny often rebounded back to between her various breakups from Leonard. And over the years, we came to expect Zack’s mistakes when it came to science and his understanding of it. But not all mistakes are created equal as this outtake makes evident. You see, in this scene Zack is supposed to mess up Neil deGrasse Tyson’s name, but actor Brian Thomas Smith messes it up wrong. It’s still very funny, but not how the writers wanted it to be.

#2: Raj & Howard Singing
“The 2003 Approximation”

When Raj and Howard form their band Footprints on the Moon to perform at the Comic Book store, the first song they write together is the funny, and very catchy, “Thor & Dr. Jones.” And although we love it, their friends aren’t as fond of it… as you can see by their unimpressed looks during, and after, the guys’ performance. In this musical outtake, Howard and Raj try to add some high-pitched harmonies to the performance. And while no one can keep it together for that version, you can catch a shot of Penny laughing even during the performance that made it into the show.

#1: Spanking
“The Fish Guts Displacement”

In the original script, Sheldon spanking Amy was supposed to be done off-camera with the scene cutting away to shots of the monkey in her apartment. However, that was eventually changed and the punishment was moved on-screen. Spankings can cause different emotions and feelings, but let’s be honest here: laughter is usually not one of them - unless you’re Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik. As Parsons said, “It was one of the hardest things we ever had to do because I found it tremendously amusing!” As you can see from these amazing bloopers!