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VOICE OVER: Ryan Wild WRITTEN BY: Holly Hoyt
South Park is a dangerous place! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we're looking at the most infuriating things that ever happened to Wendy Testaburger. Our countdown includes breast implants, getting dumped, becoming a zombie and more!

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re looking at the most infuriating things that ever happened to Wendy Testaburger. Poor Wendy! When do you feel she got it the worst? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

#10: Getting Detention

In Season 19, South Park tackled a number of pertinent issues, particularly in the realm of political correctness. While Wendy has long been known as one of the show’s more liberal characters, she draws the line when it comes to placating Cartman. When the infamously intolerant brat throws a tantrum after finding unkind comments on his social media post, PC Principal tries to get students to filter them out to spare Cartman’s feelings. While Butters agrees, Kyle and Wendy flat-out refuse. What’s their reward for standing up for what they believe in? Two weeks of detention, of course.

#9: Becoming a Zombie

In the series’ first Halloween special, Wendy is one of many South Park citizens to be zombified. It’s also one of the first instances we see her bond with Stan put to the test. The two had planned to dress up as Raggedy Ann and Andy, but Wendy shows up as Chewbacca at the last second, winning the costume contest and humiliating Stan. She asks for her boyfriend’s forgiveness, only to be rejected - and to have him wish death upon her. He more or less gets what he wants when she’s attacked by a zombie. Despite Cartman’s encouragement, Stan finds himself unable to slay his undead girlfriend, but thankfully, the curse is lifted by the end.

#8: Harassed by Cartman

Eric Cartman’s sociopathic behavior has earned him a lot of enemies, and Wendy Testaburger is among the most prominent. Since the earliest days of “South Park,” we’ve not only seen Cartman argue with Wendy, but heckle her on numerous occasions, as well. In “Breast Cancer Show Ever,” Wendy has had it with Cartman’s disrespect and decides to beat him up after school. At first, it seems like Cartman will weasel his way out of the fight. But being Cartman, he continues to push her and refuses to lay off. This culminates in one of the most satisfying endings in the history of the show: Cartman getting his ass handed to him by Wendy.

#7: Getting Dumped by Stan

A recurring plot point in “South Park” is Wendy’s on-again, off-again romance with Stan. Even though Wendy has been Stan’s primary love interest since the beginning of the show, they’ve broken up and rekindled several times throughout its run. We don’t see their breakup at the beginning of Season 18, but we certainly see the strain these events put on their relationship. Stan is said to have broken up with Wendy when he and his friends left school to form a startup company. When their plan crashes and burns, Stan wants Wendy back, but by this point, she’s moved on. Fortunately for Stendy fans, he shapes up by the end of the episode.

#6: Torment at the Hands of Ms. Ellen

Season 1 establishes Wendy as the sweet, smart, innocent girl who owns protagonist Stan Marsh’s heart. But when Garrison is temporarily replaced by the beautiful Ms. Ellen, the four main boys become smitten with the substitute, leading Stan to leave Wendy in the dust. Wendy spends the majority of the episode trying to win back Stan’s affections to no avail. She’s pushed closer and closer to the edge until she decides Ms. Ellen needs to be disposed of. So, naturally, she arranges to have the teacher framed for terrorism and blown up. While Wendy’s psychotic side has largely been phased out in recent seasons, we’ve sure learned something today: Don’t (bleep) with Wendy Testaburger!

#5: Defamation

Although Wendy is put through hell in Season 13’s “Dances with Smurfs,” this episode reminds us why we love her. When Cartman becomes the morning announcer at school, he immediately goes after Wendy, criticizing her role as student body president. His claims about her “communist agenda” grow increasingly ridiculous; he publishes a book full of vicious insults about her and even accuses her of wanting to kill Smurfs, which enrages many of the students. To her credit, Wendy handles this very maturely, and she’s able to turn the tables on Cartman (though she is forced to step down as student body president).

#4: Getting Breast Implants

When the fourth graders return to school after their teacher’s death, Wendy’s friend Bebe has… well, developed. This “blossoming” causes the boys in class - including Wendy’s boyfriend Stan - to become inexplicably drawn to Bebe. Things turn increasingly primal as the boys fawn over Bebe and spar for her attention. Being very clever, Wendy is the first to determine why Bebe is getting all this extra love - and resolves to get breast augmentation surgery. But by the time she’s ready to show her new physique off to the class, the boys have already gotten wise to the situation, and proceed to make fun of her implants instead.

#3: Falling Victim to ChatGPT

Season 26 finds Wendy wanting more communication from her boyfriend, who isn’t big on texting. After getting a tip from Clyde, Stan starts using ChatGPT to craft beautiful, involved text messages for Wendy, thoroughly enthralling her and making her feel closer to him than ever. There’s a particularly heart-wrenching scene where Wendy thanks Stan for their recent conversations, calling him the most “real” thing in her life. Far from coming clean at the end, Stan is implied to still be using ChatGPT when texting Wendy. Maybe ignorance is bliss, but come on. After all Wendy’s been through, she more than deserves an authentic connection with Stan.

#2: Getting Puked On

Although this hasn’t happened as much in recent seasons, one of “South Park’s” original running gags involved Stan vomiting in Wendy’s face. Historically, Stan - who’s been head-over-heels for Wendy since the series’ debut - is so nervous when he tries to start a conversation with his crush that he ends up projectile vomiting all over her, leading her to scream and run away in revulsion. Notably, however, being a human barf magnet isn’t enough to deter Wendy from Stan. In fact, their puppy love has remained sturdy for decades after the show’s premiere. Er, most of the time.

#1: Photoshopping Herself

This moment was difficult to watch - not just for fans of Wendy, but for anyone who’s ever struggled with their self-image. In “The Hobbit,” Wendy tries to show Butters that any female - no matter what they look like - can use Photoshop to create a misleading appearance. Her good intentions backfire horribly when all the girls start making Photoshopped images of themselves. Every time Wendy tries to point out how harmful this is, she’s shut down and accused of being “jelly” or “a hater.” The worst part? The episode ends with Wendy giving in to pressure and creating a Photoshopped picture of herself. After watching her work tirelessly to prove her point just for this to happen, seeing the tears in her eyes broke our hearts.