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VOICE OVER: Saraah Hicks WRITTEN BY: Tal Fox
A little drama goes a long way! Welcome to MsMojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the most unpredictable, chaotic, and wild talk show appearances and other interviews. Our countdown includes interviews involving Russell Brand, Joan Rivers, Geraldo Rivera and more!

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the most unpredictable, chaotic, and wild talk show appearances and other interviews. Do you recall an interview that went so off the rails that you’re still not sure where it was headed? Let us know in the comments.

#10: Ryan Gosling & Harrison Ford Get the Giggles

“This Morning” (1988-)
We don’t know if the cast had much chance to goof off on the “Blade Runner 2049” set. Perhaps that’s why actors Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford had to let it all out during their “This Morning” interview with Alison Hammond. She barely gets through their intro before the laughter starts rolling. And with a little booze to help things along, this interview derails pretty quickly. At one point, Gosling decides to join the crew, and Hammond later tries to recruit Ford for a potential “La La Land” sequel. Sure, the amount of time actually spent seriously discussing movie details is fairly minimal. But the interview could get any morning off to a great start.

#9: Bromance Hilarity

Rotten Tomatoes
Jason Segel and Paul Rudd are arguably some of the greatest comedic minds of their generation. We imagine this interview would’ve been hilarious no matter what. But before it even has a chance to take off, the guys are already going on tangents, making jokes, and discussing an imaginary friend – Gideon – who isn't afraid to get violent. There’s even some acting involved. And why is all this happening, you ask? Well, to borrow a phrase from another of Segel’s works, it seems to us that the pair had perhaps enjoyed some “sandwiches” earlier. Even if we learned practically nothing about “I Love You, Man”, their dynamic here convinced us to see it.

#8: Russell Brand Takes Charge of His Interview

“Morning Joe” (2007-)
The comedian went on the morning show to promote his then-upcoming worldwide comedy tour, "The Messiah Complex." The hosts seem unprepared, discuss their guest as if he’s not there, and at one point, even seem to call him by the wrong name. Still, Brand tries to make the best of it, using his signature humor to steer things back on track. But when he's had enough of his hosts' unprofessional behavior, he decides to make it the Russell Brand show. It’s a little awkward, but for much of it, he’s funny, charming, and eloquent, giving the presenters a masterclass on how this interview should have gone.

#7: Joan Rivers Fires Back

“CNN Newsroom” (2006-)
The late great Joan Rivers was famously never one to shy away from sharing her most candid opinions— no matter how brutal. CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield ends up in the firing line in this interview, when she takes shots at her famously savage brand of comedy and digs into her donning fur on the cover of her book. Rivers is quick to call out the anchor’s antagonist interview style, and berates her over her hypocrisy regarding animal welfare. Eventually, she tells her interviewer she’s not suited to speak to comedians and abruptly ends the interview. As Rivers storms off, she makes sure to get in the last word – though we don’t get to hear it.

#6: Don’t Tell Cara Delevingne She’s Tired

“Good Day Sacramento” (1995-)
The model and actress appeared on “Good Day Sacramento” to promote her flick, “Paper Towns.” But her interviewers don’t seem particularly familiar with her wry sense of humor. So, with every wince-inducing question, the conversation steers further and further off course before ultimately crashing altogether. Delevingne responds to their awkward questions with plenty of charm and grace, although it’s clear she’s a little thrown by them. Also, just some friendly interviewing 101: don’t tell your guests they seem tired or irritable. And definitely don’t tell them they need a nap or an energy drink. As the “Good Day Sacramento” team learned, it's a pretty surefire way to bring the conversation to a swift end.

#5: Burt Reynolds & Marc Summers Air Out Their Grievances

“The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” (1992-2009; 2010-14)
Sometimes, when a talk show has multiple guests on at once, they bring out the best in each other. Other times, it unleashes utter pandemonium, like when Burt Reynolds and Marc Summers shared the spotlight on “The Tonight Show.” It all starts when Summers takes an irreverent jab at Reynolds’ marital status— and that’s when the water starts flying. Now, as they might ask on Summers’ Nickelodeon show, “What would you do” next? Well, the team on “The Tonight Show” decided to take a page from the Nick show’s books and bring out pies. It’s chaotic as anything, but not a bad way to resolve conflict. Not to mention it’s pure late night show gold.

#4: Ye Pulls a Ye

“Jimmy Kimmel Live!” (2003-)
Over the years, we’ve become accustomed to hearing Ye’s train of thought in a plethora of televised situations. He left Ellen DeGeneres and her audience speechless with his “realness” monologue. And it didn’t take him long to take over “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” either. He agreed to appear on the show after settling a years-long beef with the host. But that doesn’t stop Kimmel from asking those hard-hitting questions we all wanted answers to. The rapper goes on about his support for then-President Trump, dealing with the fallout of his controversial comments, wanting to live free of judgment, and how essentially, no one’s a bigger fan of Ye than Ye.

#3: Geraldo Gets Caught in the Chaos

“Geraldo” (1987-98)
The late Black civil rights activist Roy Innis debates a group of white supremacists in this episode of Geraldo Rivera’s talk show. Sounds like a recipe for disaster? Well, yes, but no one could’ve predicted just how far it would go. After one of the supremacists, John Metzger, uses an offensive term, a fight breaks out. Everything descends into utter mayhem, and even audience members get entangled in the brawl. At one point, someone throws a chair, which hits Rivera. It’s hard to make out everything that happens but ultimately, the host ends up with a broken nose. You’d need a whole new word to describe just how rapidly and drastically this segment goes off the rails.

#2: Joaquin Phoenix’s Method Man Appearance

“Late Show with David Letterman” (1993-2015)
David Letterman is no stranger to the occasional left-field moment or interaction on his talk shows. Jerry Lawler vs. Andy Kaufman will forever remain one late night’s most infamous moments). And we’ll never forget how Crispin Glover’s unhinged act practically prompted the host to rage quit. However, we have to say that when we first saw this Joaquin Phoenix interview, we couldn’t believe our eyes and ears. He could barely string a sentence together and discussed a pretty wild career change he claimed to be undertaking. It all turned out to be part of a ‘bit’ for “I’m Still Here,” his then-upcoming mockumentary with Casey Affleck. Does that make it any less bonkers? Not really.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Mark Wahlberg Gets Friendly, “The Graham Norton Show” (2007-)

Someone Enjoyed Their Alcohol a Little Too Much

Harry Belafonte Dozes Off, KBAK-TV

Not a Morning Person, Perhaps?

Tony Danza Doesn’t Want to Be There, WJXX

This One Derailed Before It Had a Chance to Start

Don’t Call Jim Everett, Chris, “Talk2” (1993-98)

We Get His Frustration at Being Mis-Named, But We Can’t Necessarily Condone His Reaction

Tom Cruise’s Bouncy Declaration of Love, “The Oprah Winfrey Show” (1986-2011)

One of the Most Bizarre Things to Happen on a Talk Show So-Fa(r)

#1: Madonna Takes on Letterman (& His Censors)

“Late Show with David Letterman” (1993-2015)
We guess when you’ve been on the talk show circuit for as long as David Letterman, you’re bound to ruffle a few feathers. This was certainly true for Cher, who made her feelings about him abundantly clear. It’s also true for Madonna, who seemed to have some friction with the host. It takes off when Letterman tries to convince her to kiss a random audience member. Yet, amazingly, that’s not necessarily what this interview is best remembered for. Rather, it’s Madonna’s provocativeness, suggestiveness, and how she made the censors sweat. She also reportedly refused to leave after her segment, and was taunted off by the audience. This interview is so infamous it even has its own Wikipedia page.