Top 10 Times America's Next Top Model Judges Roasted Contestants
Top 10 Times America's Next Top Model Judges Roasted Contestants

Top 10 Times America's Next Top Model Judges Roasted Contestants

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Whever "America's Next Top Model" judges roasted contestants, it got ugly. Our countdown includes a problem with authority, don't point fingers, trick question, and more!

Top 10 Times America's Next Top Model Judges Roasted Contestants

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Times America’s Next Top Model Judges Roasted Contestants

For this list, we’ll be looking at the model moments when the judges made us laugh, cringe, or just feel glad we were safely at home on the couch.

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#10: Ooh, Burn
Jessica- Cycle 12

Sometimes the best roasts are more of a flash fry. Fan favorite judge J. Alexander is known for his quick wit and savage one-liners. Yet somehow cycle twelve’s Jessica was not prepared for a face to face with him. When the eighteen-year-old walked into her audition she was brimming with self-assurance. She shared with the panel that she’d never been called ugly in her entire life. This was more than Miss J. could resist. The moment came and went before Jessica even realized she’d been scorched, which only makes the entire thing feel that much more classic. It was short and sweet; much like Jessica’s time on the show.

#9: Make it Make Sense
Robin- Cycle 1

The nude photo shoot has become a staple of just about every season of America’s Next Top Model, and one of its most reliable sources of drama. Cycle One’s Robin could be credited as the woman who established this tradition. A devout Christian, Robin was very open about the role of faith in her life. When the time came to strip down, she was quick to refuse, citing her religious beliefs as the reason for her stand. Except things apparently went down a little differently off camera. During the panel Tyra called Robin out for her hypocrisy. Robin tried to defend herself, but it was clear that she couldn’t really justify her behavior. Her words and her actions simply didn’t match.

#8: A Problem With Authority
Louise- Cycle 18

More than good looks or long legs, a person needs a thick skin to be a model. Cycle eighteen’s Louise was drop dead gorgeous, but she just couldn’t seem to handle even the slightest criticism. When judge Kelly Cutrone checked her etiquette during a photoshoot, Louise reacted like a sulking teenager. Once she got up in front of the judges panel, though, she became downright hostile. When she was called out on her bad manners, Louise only doubled down. Eventually, she lost her cool entirely, storming off set and out of the competition. This is barely even a roast by the standards of ANTM, but Louise’s nuclear reaction makes it one of the most memorable critiques in series history.

#7: The Judges Have Spoken
Celia- Cycle 12

Another good rule for surviving the modeling industry? Just learn how to mind your own business. During a moment of stress, Tahlia shared with Celia that she was having second thoughts about the competition. Unfortunately, Celia decided to take that information and run with it. All the way to Tyra. In a stunning case of poor judgement, Celia jumped into the midst of an elimination ceremony to share Tahlia’s earlier confession in an effort to save Kortnie from the chopping block. Tyra was...less than impressed. She may not have roasted Celia with her words, but that tone of voice would make anyone start to sweat.

#6: Don't Point Fingers
Kelle- Cycle 3

A beautiful girl doesn’t always effortlessly translate into a great model. Cycle three’s Kelle struggled with this fact throughout her time on the show, but one panel was especially rough for her. It was bad enough that the judges called her photo bland. It got a million times worse, though, when Janice started mocking the unretouched version of the shot. Kelle made the classic rookie mistake of trying to defend herself, which went as well as it ever does on ANTM. Tyra and Nigel jumped in to remind her that accepting her shortcomings was the only way to improve. We heard similar criticism just about every season, but Janice’s insensitivity makes it sting a lot more this time around.

#5: Be a Professional
Brittani- Cycle 16

Audiences may be divided on their feelings for cycle sixteen villain Alexandria, but her fellow competitor Brittani was clearly not a fan. After butting heads throughout the season, tensions reached a tipping point when Alexandria won a chance to shoot a national campaign. Alexandria overheard Brittani commenting on her unfitness as a role model, and things got loud. Loud enough for Nigel to take notice. At the following panel he reprimanded Brittani for her unprofessional behavior in front of the clients. Tyra reiterated that modeling is an industry, and that petty feuds have to stop at the door. Brittani was no more ready to be a role model than Alexandria, and her reaction proves that she knew it.

#4: Trick Question
Gina- Cycle 6

It was like a scene right out of a horror movie. When Janice Dickinson called Gina over to her, everyone in the world was yelling, “Don’t go into the basement!” Poor, naive Gina. She actually thought Janice was trying to help resolve the issues she’d been having with Jade. Not so much. After Gina gave up Jade as a bully, Janice flipped the switch on her, taking the opportunity to deliver a key life lesson. As Gina tried to process what happened, Janice fired back with a response that was intense even by the standards we had come to expect from her. There had to be a better way to give this advice. We sympathize, Gina.

#3: What Possessed You?
Xiomara- Cycle 2

There’s more to a good runway walk than just putting one foot in front of another. Season after season we watch aspiring models stumble through their crash courses in strutting, sometimes literally. Meanwhile, expert coach J. Alexander has never held back on criticizing every quirk. With Xiomara, though, he cut right to the point in particularly memorable fashion. His devastating assessment was quickly backed up by Nigel, who said that she looked like she might be possessed. Xiomara seemed to take their comments in stride, and we can’t help but find the humor in this harsh critique. They’re just trying to make her a better model, right?

#2: Apologize to the Hat
Yaya- Cycle 3

Yaya was smart, strong, and proud of her heritage, but that often worked against her during her cycle. She was told several times to play down these aspects of herself in order to seem more approachable. In a challenge where the models were required to build an outfit around a hat, she ignored the traditional African piece, but not for the reasons she had been advised to. The judges did not appreciate her perspective. During deliberation they called her attitude ugly, and criticized what they considered to be her sense of superiority. Though Yaya later apologized for being defensive, Tyra told her that she owed that hat an apology as well. Frankly, we’re on Yaya’s side on this one.

#1: The Infamous Flip Out
Tiffany- Cycle 4

Fan favorite Tiffany went through a lot just to get on ANTM. Sadly, once she was there she struggled in the competition, and often felt uncomfortable with the various challenges. By the time she was cut she was a little relieved to be out of the game. That fact seemed to get under Tyra’s skin in a way that is almost baffling in hindsight. Tiffany tried to make her feelings clear, but that only made matters worse. Tyra lost it. We know that Tyra was invested in Tiffany’s potential, but it’s still hard to excuse her behavior here. Still, for better or worse, it gave us what is probably the most famous moments in the entire series.