Top 10 The Big Bang Theory Moments That Made Us Happy Cry

Top 10 The Big Bang Theory Moments That Made Us Happy Cry

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There's a science to "The Big Bang Theory" moments that made us happy cry. Our countdown includes Sheldon tells Amy he loves her, Raj talks to Penny sober, Howard finds out Bernadette is pregnant, and more!

Top 10 The Big Bang Theory Moments That Made Us Happy Cry

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 The Big Bang Theory Moments That Made Us Happy Cry

For this list, we’ll be looking at the scenes that had us tearing up with a smile on our face.

We won’t cry if you leave a comment down below. But it would make us very happy.

#10: Penny Sits in the Bathroom with Sheldon
"The Celebration Experimentation"

Sheldon has always avoided celebrating his birthday because when he was a kid no one came to his parties and his sister and her friends would bully him. But when he finally agrees to have a party, he gets overwhelmed and retreats to the bathroom. Penny goes after him and the moment they share is quite touching. Penny points out that there was a time when she too would have bullied Sheldon, but now he’s one of her favorite people. It could be argued that the central relationship of the show is the loving friendship that develops between Penny and Sheldon. And this sweet scene is a wonderful encapsulation of that.

#9: Howard Finds Out Bernadette Is Pregnant
"The Positive Negative Reaction"

We, the audience, found out that Bernadette was pregnant at the end of the previous episode. However, she didn’t get a chance to tell Howard because he was bitten by a wild rabbit and went to the hospital to be safe. So, in a very cute gesture, Bernadette sets up a little kitchen scavenger hunt that leads Howard to the reveal that he’s going to be a dad. The moment of silence and absolute joy that we see on his face when he reads the word “pregnant” was definitely a happy cry moment.

#8: Amy's Meemaw Cookie Present
"The Clean Room Infiltration"

Sheldon and Amy had agreed not to exchange gifts at Christmas, but Sheldon decides to get her a present anyway. Not to be nice of course. But to get back at her for throwing a Victorian-era-themed party that he’s angry he has to go to. However, his plan backfires when Amy loves his gift and has gotten him something as well. This makes him even angrier, until he opens the gift and discovers that she’s made him cookies just like the ones his Meemaw used to make him. His shock and happiness left us all smiling too, while also wiping our eyes.

#7: Sheldon Tells Amy He Loves Her
“The Prom Equivalency"

In season three, fans experienced the disappointment of Leonard telling Penny that he loves her, without her replying in kind. So, when Amy was preparing to tell Sheldon how she felt, we were all nervous that the same fate might befall her – especially given that Sheldon had always been so emotionally closed off. At a prom night organized by Amy and Bernadette, Amy decides to tell Sheldon how she feels, but is nervous about how he’ll respond. So, not only did it make us happy to hear him say it, but for him to cut in and say it first, well that just added some tears of joy to our happiness.

#6: Bernadette Made Howard a Better Man
"The Stag Convergence"

At Howard’s stag party, Raj gets drunk and makes a speech that pretty much covers every sexual adventure Howard has had since they’ve known each other. Will Wheaton films the speech, puts it on YouTube and Bernadette watches it and finds out about a lot of things Howard never told her. So, where does this go from angry sad to happy sad? Well, that happens when Howard asks Penny to deliver a message to Bernadette about how she’s made him a better man. Sure, it was reminiscent of Jack Nicholson in “As Good as it Gets.” But it was heartfelt and revealing of just how much Howard had changed since the early years.

#5: Sheldon Sees Amy's Wedding Dress
"The Monetary Insufficiency"

This is yet another moment of happy tears that initially looked like it might just be tears without any of the happiness. When Amy falls in love with a wedding dress that both Bernadette and Penny dislike, she feels sad and starts to doubt her choice. However, that sadness and doubt vanish the moment Sheldon comes home and sees her in the dress. His reaction of pure joy and love at how amazing she looks is exactly what Amy needed. It’s just another indication of how perfect a match these two are.

#4: Penny's Box of Memories
"The Romance Resonance"

When Penny’s attempt at romance falls short, she shows Leonard a box of mementos that she’s saved from over all the years they’ve known each other. The box is filled with gifts from Leonard and mementos of the times they’ve had together. Seeing everything she’s held on to reinforces the fact that she’s loved him for longer than she might be willing to admit. However, the eye-watering, cherry on top of it all is what she says when Leonard can’t believe she’s saved all this stuff: SB [“Of course I did. It’s you.”]

#3: Raj Talks to Penny Sober
"The Bon Voyage Reaction"

For the first eight episodes of the series, Raj couldn’t talk to girls at all. Then he discovered that he could talk to the opposite sex if he was drinking alcohol. And Penny was the first girl he talked to. Five seasons later, and we’d become accustomed to Raj relying on alcohol. So, when Penny came over to console him after Lucy broke up with him, the assumption was that he was talking to her because he was drunk. However, in one of the biggest surprises of the entire series, Raj was completely sober – turning this moment of heartbroken tears into one filled with happy ones.

#2: The Multiple Versions of the Letter From Howard's Father
"The Closet Reconfiguration"

Before this episode, all we know about Howard’s father was that he left when Howard was a little kid. However, on Howard’s 18th birthday his dad sent him a letter – a letter he never opened. When Sheldon is organizing Howard and Bernadette’s closet he finds and reads the letter. Howard doesn't want to know what the letter says, but eventually everyone else does know. To provide Howard with some type of closure, Sheldon comes up with the idea of telling him six versions of the letter, with only one being the truth. The happiness that this brings Howard is so touching, and probably the first time the thought of his father has brought a smile to his face in a long while.

#1: Sheldon's Speech
"The Stockholm Syndrome"

Sheldon had dreamed his entire life of winning the Nobel Prize. And to expect a speech focused on anything but himself would have been absurd given how selfish and self-focused we know he can be. But when Amy finally opens his eyes to how his actions have truly hurt his friends, he makes his speech all about them. Each one of the main characters went through some kind of transformation and growth over the course of the show’s 12 seasons. But maybe none more than Sheldon Cooper. His Nobel Prize acceptance speech is the perfect culmination of that growth. And the most happy cry-worthy moment that the show gave us.