Top 10 Spring Break Disaster Stories
Top 10 Spring Break Disaster Stories

Top 10 Spring Break Disaster Stories

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Nathan Sharp
That's probably not the crazy spring break they had in mind. For this list, we'll be looking at the worst, most disastrous, and most embarrassing Spring Break stories that can be found on the internet. Our countdown includes kissing cousins, getting robbed, forgetting to go back to school, straight up disappearing, and more!

Script written by Nathan Sharp

Top 10 Spring Break Disaster Stories

That’s probably not what they had in mind. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Spring Break disaster stories.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the worst, most disastrous, and most embarrassing Spring Break stories that can be found on the internet. We’ll be trying to keep this relatively lighthearted, so darker stories involving murder and/or kidnapping will not be included.

#10: Kissing Your Cousin

In Cancun, 23 year old Trevor hooked up with a girl in a public pool. You know, being in a public pool and all. Trevor states that after they were finished, they began to hear cheers from people looking on, including a hotel employee. But that wasn’t the worst of it. Trevor later discovered, presumably after they had talked some more, that he and the woman were actually distant cousins. Hooking up on Spring Break is totally normal. But hooking up with your own cousin? Eh, not so much.

#9: Heineken Tat

Getting a drunken tattoo is also a regular occurrence at Spring Break. It’s basically a rite of passage. But ideally, these have SOME personal meaning . . . something that’s hard to say about the Heineken logo. After taking a tour of the Heineken Museum in Amsterdam and drinking obscene amounts of beer, 25 year old Elyssa had the genius idea of getting their red star logo permanently drawn onto her skin. So she went to a sketchy tattoo shop located near the Red Light District and got the Heineken star on each ankle. Imagine how many times she’ll have to answer the question, “So, you really like Heineken, huh?”

#8: Sleeping in the Car

People don’t tend to plan things out too much for Spring Break. It’s a giant party - who plans for that? Unfortunately, Larry found out the hard way that you should at least plan a little bit. Once in Florida, having spent all their money on beer, rather than accommodation, Larry and his friends were required to make new friends each night and crash in their hotel rooms. When their luck and the kindness of strangers ran out, they were forced to sleep in Larry’s car in a parking garage. Hey, sounds like a vacation they’ll never forget.

#7: Dirty Hot Tub

Despite their calm and relaxing nature, hot tubs are breeding grounds for bacteria. If a pool or hot tub isn’t properly maintained, they can host the parasite Crypto and the bacteria legionella and pseudomonas. The symptoms of these can vary and include severe diarrhea, pneumonia, “hot tub rash,” and various flu-like symptoms. During his stay in Acapulco when he was 25, Hugo was the victim of just such a bodily invasion. He regularly inhabited a poorly-maintained hot tub and contracted a “serious infection” that made him “extremely ill.” Seriously, watch out for those hot tubs. You could be literally swimming in bacteria and parasites.

#6: Forgetting to Go Back

Ever get that nightmare where you find a long-lost syllabus and realize, that you skipped an entire semester’s worth of classes? Yeah, this is kinda like that. Just, not as bad. Reddit user linux-boi posted a rather hilarious story in the subreddit r/college. The title simply read “I forgot Spring Break ended a week ago,” meaning he’d had missed an entire week’s worth of classes. He also claims to not have friends or acquaintances at the school, so no one inquired as to his whereabouts. When asked how he could forget such a thing, he stated, “I was actually under the impression that I had two weeks off for some reason.” No. No you don’t.

#5: Robbed in Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Including your money. Cassidy from Emerson College traveled to Vegas for Spring Break and was immediately robbed of her phone. Not wanting that to ruin her experience, Cassidy went out clubbing the next night and put in more of an effort to keep her purse and its contents secured. It didn’t work. Her entire purse was stolen at the club, which meant losing her ID, cash, credit cards, and passport. Now that’s just bad luck right there. Well, bad luck and a poorly secured purse. Seriously, watch your purses and wallets, people!

#4: Prophet of Doom Roommate

Wanting to forgo the typical party shenanigans, 23-year-old Alex and his two friends decided to travel the Pacific Northwest. They found accommodation in a four-person room at a hostel, but their roommate was . . . a little odd. She warned them against opening the windows, told them that something bad was going to happen to them, and asked them if their parents knew where they were. When she announced that she was going to sleep, she sat up in bed with the lights on instead. Feeling unsafe, Alex and his friends spoke to management, who asked the woman to leave. Alex said he felt bad for her, but also really wanted to feel safe.

#3: Rationing Food

Who knew a simple Spring Break could turn into a battle for survival? That’s what happened to 20 year old Catherine when she decided, for some reason, to travel to Panama City Beach without any money. Well, she DID have $10. $10 to last her seven days. Desperate for, you know, basic sustenance, she went to a local Walmart and bought a large bottle of water and a 90-pack of Totino’s pizza rolls. She then rationed this food for the next week, which equates to roughly thirteen pizza rolls a day . . . for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That’s four pizza rolls a meal. There’s poorly planned Spring Breaks and then there’s rationing food and water like you’re Aron Ralston.

#2: Tripping on Opium

Spring Break is a time for letting loose. But be VERY careful about what you put into your body. 18-year-old Alexandra was vacationing with a friend in Amsterdam when her hostel roommates invited them for a friendly smoke. Thinking it was weed, the two gladly partook. The thing is . . . it wasn’t weed . . . it was opium. They began freaking out and asked the hostel receptionist what to do. After being told to walk it off, Alex and her friend walked around in circles in their room and recorded their last will and testament on their phones. Bad trips are NOT fun!

#1: Losing a Friend in Spain

The following story is a case of serious miscommunication. While on a night out in Ibiza, Spain, Krista went home with a guy she’d met. Unfortunately, she failed to tell her friends she was leaving, and didn’t realize that her phone was dead. Her friends spent all night worried out of their minds, scouring the area for Krista, and thinking about how to tell Krista’s parents that she’d gone missing. We can only imagine what kinds of thoughts were going through their heads. And we can only imagine the relief they felt when Krista showed up safe and sound. People, please, tell your friends where you’re going!