Top 10 Releases Coming to and Leaving Netflix in September 2019
Top 10 Releases Coming to and Leaving Netflix in September 2019

Top 10 Releases Coming to and Leaving Netflix in September 2019

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Michael Wynands
Out with the old and in with the new! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we're counting down our picks for Top 10 Releases Coming to/Leaving Netflix in September 2019.

Top 10 Releases Coming to/Leaving Netflix in September 2019

Out with the old and in with the new! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for Top 10 Releases Coming to/Leaving Netflix in September 2019.

For this list, we’re looking at 5 of the best properties that Netflix will sadly be dropping come September 2019, as well as 5 of the best incoming titles for you to get excited about.

#5: “The Dark Knight” (2008)

Leaving: September 1st, 2019
With the success of films like “Shazam”, “Wonder Woman” and “Aquaman”, it seems that Warner Bros. has finally found their way in terms of DC adaptations. Of course, as the Dark Knight trilogy reminds us, they only really lost their way with the birth of the DCEU. Christopher Nolan’s grounded and cerebral take on Batman managed to be gritty without feeling relentlessly grim, making for one of the few truly great mainstream film trilogies - even if the last instalment stumbled a bit in sticking the landing. Of the three films, “The Dark Knight” is without a doubt the centerpiece, a true triumph of superhero cinema that we’re sad to see leaving Netflix - especially since it’s taking the excellent “Batman Begins” with it.

#5: “Between Two Ferns: The Movie” (2019)

Coming: September 20th, 2019
Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis isn’t your conventional talk show. The production value is awful, the interviews only last a few minutes, and they’re often interrupted by incredibly awkward sponsorship messages. Then there are the interviews themselves, which almost always turn ugly. Of course, it’s all in good fun, and the end result is pure comedy gold! Nonetheless, in 2016 Galifianakis expressed concern that he felt the show had run its course. Thankfully, in teaming up with Netflix, the creator and star has seemingly found a way to give the concept a new lease on life in the form of a feature length film that sees Galifianakis travelling to restore his fictionally tarnished reputation via high profile interviews. Consider us very interested.

#4: “Californication ” (2007-14) Season 1-7

Leaving: Sept. 1, 2019
To many fans, David Duchovny will always be Agent Fox Mulder from “The X-Files”. But while that iconic character may continue to burn bright in the collective pop culture consciousness, for most actors, Hank Moody would be considered the role of a lifetime. Duchovny played the alcoholic, drug-abusing, womanizing writer for seven seasons, earning himself an Emmy for Best Actor in the process. Steeped in rock culture, and unafraid to explore the seedier side of Los Angeles (not to mention addiction), “Californication” makes for riveting television. For the uninitiated, we’re sorry to say that you’ve likely missed your opportunity to binge watch it on Netflix; it’s gone September 1st.

#4: “Disenchantment” (2018-) Part 2

Coming: Sept. 20th, 2019
Many hopes that “Disenchantment” would mark a return to form for Groening, much as “Futurama” felt like a breath of fresh air when “The Simpsons” began to grow stale. The greater creative freedom generally offered by Netflix helped raise expectations. Unfortunately, most would agree that the show failed to live up to its potential. Upon its release, Part 1 was met with mixed to positive reviews, garnering praise for its charm and Groening’s trademark humor, and criticism for playing it too safe. Regardless, it showed enough promise to not only keep us interested, but hope for greater things on the horizon. With even more new episodes scheduled through 2021, the show’s got plenty of time to come into its own.

#3: “Parenthood” (2010-15) Season 1-6

Leaving: September 25th, 2019
Just as David Duchovny will always be Fox Mulder, Lauren Graham will always be Lorelai Gilmore. But with “Parenthood”, Graham proved that she refuses to be typecast or put in a box. Set in Berkeley, California, “Parenthood” follows the extended Braverman family, and the trials, tribulations, joys and pitfalls of being parents. Rather than focusing on one family unit, it follows three generations of Bravermans, including the four adult siblings, Adam, Sarah, Crosby, and Julia, and their respective households. It’s a heartwarming, often insightful look into the modern realities of family life, populated by believable characters you really come to care about. Better watch it fast though, as it leaves Netflix September 25th!

#3: “American Horror Story: Apocalypse (2018)

Coming: September 24th, 2019
Few shows have made a more significant impact on the modern horror landscape than this long-running anthology series. Sadly, it’s not a Netflix original, so there’s always a decent wait before a new season lands on the streaming service, but “Apocalypse” has finally arrived! The eighth season of “American Horror Story” was a crossover of sorts and brought back a staggering number of actors from previous seasons. Ominous, sexy, atmospheric and oh so mysterious, “Apocalypse” was classic “AHS”. Of course, for those of you who can’t get enough horror, we also recommend “We Have Always Lived in the Castle”, arriving September 14th, which stars recurring “AHS” actor Taissa Farmiga, and is based on a novel by the same author as “The Haunting of Hill House”.

#2: “Disney’s Mulan” (1998)

Leaving: September 1st, 2019
For young kids in the ‘90s, “Mulan” was a Disney princess the likes of which they’d never seen before. The Disney canon certainly has other strong female characters, but Mulan pushed back against traditional gender values in a big way. And cinemagoers loved it - young and old alike. Based on Chinese legend, the movie tells the story of how one young woman played a pivotal role in defeating invaders and their fearsome leader, armed with little more than her intelligence, quick thinking and determination. Sadly, Netflix is losing strong Disney heroines left, right and center in September. Not only will “Mulan” be leaving the streaming service September 1st, 2019, but “Pocahontas” is following close behind on September 14th.

#2: “The Politician” (2019-)

Coming: September 27th, 2019
“American Horror Story” isn’t a Netflix original, but the streaming service is finally getting its very own original series from the minds behind it, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. They’re both living TV legends, but adding to our interest is the fact that “The Politician” will also see them reuniting with Ian Brennan, their co-creator on “Glee” and “Scream Queens”. “The Politician” is a comedy series following the political efforts and ambitions of wealthy Santa Barbara resident Payton Hobart. Oozing with style, drama, dark humor and plenty of sass, this show looks like an instant hit. And considering Netflix had to beat out Hulu and Amazon in a bidding war to get it, we’re clearly not the only people who think so.

#1: “Portlandia” (2011-18) Season 1-5

Leaving: September 24th, 2019
Ever thought to yourself… “you know, I should really check out Portlandia”. Well, if your viewing habits are monogamous to Netflix, you better get around to it already! The critically acclaimed sketch comedy show, starring SNL alum Fred Armisen and multi-hyphenate Carrie Brownstein, is set to leave Netflix September 24th, 2019. For the uninitiated, allow us to fill you in on what you’ve been missing out on: Hilarious sketches that take hipster alternative culture to task in such a way that it actually appeals to the very demographic it’s lampooning. Plus, there are a whole bunch of amazing guest stars. Jerry Seinfeld once called it “the best comedy on TV right now”. Need we say more?

Before we unveil our top pick coming to Netflix, here are a few honorable mentions

“The Walking Dead” (2010-) Season 9
Coming: September 1st, 2019

“Hello, Privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea” (2019)
Coming: September 13th, 2019

“Élite” (2018-) Season 2
Coming: September 6th, 2019

“Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020” (2019)
Coming: September 10th, 2019

“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” (2013-) Season 6
Coming: September 1st, 2019

#1: “Surviving R. Kelly” (2019-) Season 1

Coming: September 14, 2019
True crime is obviously having a big pop culture moment, but this series is so much more than that. This six-part documentary series originally aired on Lifetime and was produced by award-winning music critic and filmmaker Dream Hampton. It explores the allegations of sexual abuse brought against singer, songwriter and producer R. Kelly. What could have been an incredibly opportunistic and exploitative series, has instead been critically-lauded for giving voice to survivors and shining a light on the realities of predatory behavior, particularly within celebrity circles. Given the current conversation being had about sexual abuse in the industry, this feels like an absolute must-watch and an important, high-profile contribution to the larger dialogue.