Top 10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Would Make a Controversial President
Top 10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Would Make a Controversial President

Top 10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Would Make a Controversial President

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His ignorance trumps his wealth. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 reasons why Donald Trump would make a terrible president. For this list, we're not looking to slander “The Donald,” but rather to present a few logical arguments based on fact.

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Top 10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Would Make a Controversial President

His ignorance trumps his wealth. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 reasons why Donald Trump would make a terrible president.

For this list, we’re not looking to slander “The Donald,” but rather to present a few logical arguments based on fact.

#10: He’s Not Well Spoken

As we’ve seen with George W. Bush, an American President need not be the most eloquent man of the land, but it’s always important not to speak like you’re breakin’ balls at the local five and dime. Donald Trump has an affinity to stumble with the English language, and he’s been known to label opponents as “bums” and “losers.” In other words, he’s not quite keen on the art of presidential tact, but rather more comfortable talking down to his foes when he can’t think of anything else to say.

#9: He Aligns Himself with Extreme People / Views

An American President will typically stay loyal to his or her own political party, however you won’t find them going off the deep end by aligning themselves with known extremists. While everyone has the freedom of speech, Trumpand the Tea Party have infamously embraced the “Birther Movement,” as they “pander to paranoia” with ill-conceived talking points. It’s safe to say that Americans don’t want a leader that continuously fuels conspiracy theories rather than focusing on the present.

#8: He’s Out of Touch with Science

When it comes to modern science, there are politicians who believe that actual scientists are magical wizards that concoct unlikely scenarios in which the world is experiencing global warming. Mr. Trump is one of the individuals, and while he’s been quick to note his general respect for someone like Al Gore, he stills likes to clown the concept that earned him a Nobel Prize award. Perhaps Donald would be taken more seriously if he focused more on the facts rather than strict partisan stances. We’re all in this together, right?

#7: He’s Completely Out of Touch with the Average American

Okay, it’s easy to joke about Donald Trump’s wealth, but the truth is that his extravagant lifestyle is a defining factor on how Americans perceive him. Voters don’t typically react well to someone that not only talks smack in general, but also puts himself on a pedestal in regard to his own personal wealth. Incidentally, American Presidents haven’t been known to have several wives, and while divorce is prominent in the United States, there’s still a big enough portion of the population that’d be unhappy with a multiple divorcee in the White House. America is comprised of 50 states, and Trump’s elitist persona alienates many.

#6: He’s Too Egotistical

Let’s be honest: there’s a difference between “swagger” and egocentric behavior. Trump falls in the latter category. We know that Donald Trump is a successful business man, mainly because he won’t shut up about it, and in today’s digital world, EVERYTHING is a part of your resume, including a hit television series that shows you as a domineering, egocentric boss. Trump’s at a 10.5 on the Ego scale…we need him at, like, an 8. It’s not hard to see through a self-serving attitude.

#5: Trump University Saga

Two words: Trump University. Technically, Donald’s online education company is called “The Trump Entrepreneur Initiative.” Well, at least now it is after a judge found him personally responsible for a violation of state education laws in 2014. What does this mean, you ask? Well, approximately 5,000 “students” paid up to 35 large to learn from the master; however, according to the law, it is not an accredited university that hands out, y’know, an actual degree. The NY Times editorial board declared Trump a master of the “bait-and-switch scheme” while Trump has called his main accuser, NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, “a lightweight.”

#4: Multiple Corporate Bankruptcies

It’s the elephant in the room. Four of Donald Trump’s businesses have declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and the average American likely isn’t thrilled with such a fact. Sure, big risks can often lead to big payoffs, but it’s not thepresident’s role to lead a collective “roll of the dice.” Americans want security. They don’t want a horse and pony show that ultimately robs them of their wealth. Is it possible that Trump WOULDN’T run the country into the ground? Well, sure it is. But who wants to play Russian roulette while grinding it out for the American dream?Trump even managed to bankrupt a casino for cryin’ out loud.

#3: For a Business Wiz, He’s Burned Bridges Right and Left

There’s the classy way, and there’s the Trump way. By that, we mean it’s not good business practice to publically shame entire groups of people and make your business associates say “HUH?,” AND most importantly “Goodbye.”Trump is being dumped by everybody these days after making derogatory remarks towards Mexican immigrants, which leads one to ask a rather important question: is this man suitable to run the United States? It’s one thing to have money; it’s another to talk trash BECAUSE you have money.

#2: He Says Things That Would Alienate Foreign Partners

To expand on Trump’s comments about Mexicans, why should anyone believe that he won’t do the same with international allies? He may have a vast amount of experience in American business, but the Presidency calls for someone that won’t make foreign partners vomit at the dinner table. Imagine: Trump is sent overseas and a foreign diplomat brings up his background of making ignorant comments. What happens next? It’s not about theTrump persona; it’s about the well being of an entire nation.

#1: Lack of Respect for the Presidency

Well, we’ve reached a critical issue. Given Donald Trump’s obsession over Barack Obama’s birth certificate, it seems evident that he not only doesn’t respect the man in power but also doesn’t respect the office of the president in general. Trump seems more concerned with the potential to pass go and collect two hundred bucks rather than taking a serious look at himself in the mirror as a potential leader of the free world. Then again, when you’re a man that sues someone after being called “a millionaire” and not “a billionaire,” perhaps “free” isn’t part of your vocabulary.

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Your not looking to "slander the Donald" but its been pretty obvious from the first time I saw the Hillary Clinton video and now the Bernie Sanders part of the trilogy that Watch Mojo is blatantly pushing hard for a Bernie Sanders presidency.
I think the Donald would make a great president!