Top 10 Most Ridiculous Donald Trump Tweets

Top 10 Most Ridiculous Donald Trump Tweets

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Script written by Nick McCallum.

There are a lot of ridiculous @realDonaldTrump tweets on his timelines. Whether he's reviewing Alec Baldwin's impression of him on “Saturday Night Live,” taking a stance against flag burning, saying the United States needs more nuclear weapons or trying to prove that Barack Obama was not born in America, there's no shortage of interesting Donald Trump quotes. WatchMojo counts down ten of the most controversial statements Donald Trump has made on Twitter… so far.

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Script written by Nick McCallum.

Top 10 Outrageous Donald Trump Tweets

It’s amazing what you can accomplish with 140 characters. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 most outrageous Donald Trump tweets.

For this list, we’re taking a look at the most extreme and illuminating things Donald Trump has said on Twitter since he first joined the social networking service in March 2009, as one of the most famously unapologetic critics of government and political correctness.

#10: Flag Burning
November 29, 2016

No one is quite as adept at simultaneously voicing discontent and riling up the masses quite like Donald J. Trump. Shortly after reports surfaced claiming students at Hampshire College were burning the American flag in response to the outcome of the presidential election, Trumped hopped on Twitter to express his disapproval. Considering the fact that flag burning is protected under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution as part of free speech, Trump’s stance seems pretty wild. Ironically, however, Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton actually co-sponsored the Flag Protection Act of 2005, which – while it did not pass – sought to punish those who destroyed the flag with a hefty fine, incarceration, or a combination of the two.

#9: Bill Clinton Attack
December 28, 2015

Throughout his presidential campaign, Donald Trump discredited rivals and critics by resorting to personal attacks on their character, a tactic which many of those same critics claimed shifted the focus away from his so-called vague – yet “tremendous” – campaign policies. So, it seemed par for the course when he dredged up Bill Clinton’s past indiscretions as a maneuver against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Trump denied this was an attempt to disparage Hillary or take attention away from his own misogynistic behaviors. But that denial became difficult to substantiate when a recording of Trump bragging about inappropriately touching females emerged in October 2016. Even so, Trump responded indignantly on Twitter before ultimately issuing an apology… that also attacked Bill Clinton.

#8: False Claims Against the New York Times
November 13, 2016

Some dissenters say that part of Trump’s MO during his time on the political stage has been to incite a strong sense of distrust in the media by dragging their reputation through the mud should anyone report negatively against him. He’s done this by directly attacking the intelligence or looks of certain presenters, complaining of unfair coverage, and even declaring that the New York Times was losing subscribers due to their negative treatment of his campaign. In actuality, the Times saw its largest increase in online subscriptions during a one-week period since their digital platform went live in 2011. However, factually questionable statements like this haven’t dissuaded Trump supporters who are immensely suspicious of the political establishment.

#7: Global Warming
November 6, 2012

With surveys saying that over 97% of scientists agree that climate change is caused by human influence, the world was beginning to see some progress being made on the issue. But the validity of fact-based, peer-reviewed studies by multiple universities and environmental agencies has still been called into question – notably by Donald Trump himself. His belief that climate change was manufactured by the Chinese, and the fact that many of his cabinet picks were known climate change deniers and oil tycoons, set what some called a dangerous precedent for a clean and sustainable future – and that was all encapsulated in one tweet from 2012.

#6: More False Claims
November 27, 2016

It appears that winning the presidency just wasn’t enough for Trump. Although he lost the popular vote by almost 3 million, the official Electoral College votes tallied at 306-232 for the Republican candidate, leading Trump to make this statement on Twitter. While the “landslide” comment is dubious to anyone who can do a quick mental calculation, it’s the unsubstantiated illegal voter accusation that critics found most troubling. In later tweets, he charged states that were won by Hillary Clinton – like California, New Hampshire and Virginia – with voter fraud – again, with no supporting evidence. But then again, he’d been saying the election was rigged since the beginning, so why should him winning change things?

#5: Hamilton Tirade
November 19, 2016

All the world’s a stage, and the men and women of “Hamilton” had a special act in store for Vice President-elect Mike Pence when he attended a performance of the hit Broadway musical shortly after the 2016 election. Following the show, actor Brandon Victor Dixon addressed Mr. Pence in front of the crowded theatre, delivering an impassioned speech on equality, voicing concerns for the communities feeling distressed and marginalized by the Trump/Pence campaign rhetoric. Although many praised Dixon’s courage, others – like Trump – felt his antics constituted harassment. The President-elect took to Twitter to defend his Vice Bro in a series of tweets, ultimately demanding an apology. Pence himself welcomed the exchange part of the democratic process, and the cast never did apologize.

#4: Beef with SNL
November 20, 2016

“Saturday Night Live” once again lampooned American politics during the 2016 election, with Alec Baldwin’s relentless portrayal of Donald Trump generating laughs and a few angry tweets. It all began in October 2016, when he accused SNL of being part of the media conspiracy to keep him out of the White House. After the billionaire bureaucrat was elected, the show continued its tradition of parodying its leaders – something Trump took issue with… On Twitter. The result was a bit of a war of words between Trump and Baldwin that ultimately led to another skit mocking the president-elect’s obsession with social media. Unsurprisingly, Trump gave it two thumbs down – ironically – by tweeting about it.

#3: Birtherism
August 6, 2012

The topic of Barack Obama’s heritage cropped up throughout his years as President of the United States, with conspiracy theorists suggesting he was not eligible to be Commander-in-Chief because he was not born in the United States. Labeled by many as a form of racism, these rumors didn’t necessarily start with Donald Trump, but he certainly renewed the discussion during Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012 – over a year after President Obama made his longform birth certificate public, proving he was – in fact – born in Hawaii and not Kenya. The fact that Trump credited an unnamed source for his proof became fairly ironic during his own presidential campaign, as he berated the media on Twitter for not disclosing their anonymous sources.

#2: Sexism
April 16, 2015

Trump claims to have deep respect for women, but there are dozens of readily available examples that fly directly in the face of that assertion. Take this gem that Trump retweeted in April 2015. Moments after this went live it was deleted, but not before actor Lenny Jacobson took a screenshot and reposted it to hold the Republican candidate accountable. It should also be emphasized that these are not Trump’s own words, but a quote from another user he chose to retweet. However, when you consider the similar posts actually made by Trump [Megyn Kelly, Ariana Huffington] that have belittled and bullied women through persistent objectification, Trump’s idea of respect is called into question.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Celeb Gossip
October 22, 2012

- Spill the Beans
March 22, 2016

- Anti-Vaxxing
March 28, 2014

#1: Sexual Assault in the Military
May 7, 2013

Trump’s tweets help you get to know the man, the myth, the legend: he can go from making perfect sense to outrageous – all in 140 characters or less. To wit, in 2013, Trump took to Twitter to address the topic of sexual misconduct in the U.S. armed forces – and his take caused a stir. Ignoring the typo on the word “assaults,” critics armed with the same Pentagon report Trump had seen explained that he was misunderstanding the issue: many sexual violations in the military are perpetrated by men AGAINST men. During a Commander-in-Chief forum hosted by NBC in September 2016, Trump defended the tweet, because he’s clearly not one to fall victim to verbal “assUlts.”

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